Local woman killed in fiery crash

Four other people sustain serious injuries in three-vehicle accident.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Sep 18, 2013


The Norwalk post of the state Highway Patrol is investigating a three-vehicle fatal crash that occurred at 11:11 p.m. Tuesday in the city of Bellevue.

The crash reportedly happened after police began chasing a 1989 Mercury Grand Marquis being driven west on U.S. 20 by Morgan E. Jevec, 24, of Massillon. They were responding to a call about a reckless vehicle.

Tracy Albright, 36, of Bellevue, was driving a 2002 Chevrolet Blazer west on U.S. 20 when she stopped for a traffic signal at North Sandusky Street, troopers said. Jevec's vehicle then slammed into the back of Albright’s Chevrolet at a high rate of speed.

The collision sent the Chevrolet through the intersection and caused it to catch fire, troopers said.

Jevec’s Mercury also continued through the intersection and struck a 2008 Buick Lacrosse being driven by Travis Roach, 54, of Bellevue. Jevec’s Mercury also caught fire. The Buick was stopped in the turn lane eastbound on U.S. 20 at North Sandusky Street.

Albright was pronounced dead at the scene from injuries sustained in the crash, troopers said. Her body was transported by North Central EMS to Foos and Foos Funeral Home in Bellevue. It is unknown at this time if Albright was wearing her safety belt.

Jevec’s vehicle contained three passengers: Steven M. Gresser, 31, Christopher A. Watters, 48, and Ricky E. Treherne Jr., 32, all of Canton.

Jevec, Watters and Treherne all were flown from the scene by LifeFlight to Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center in Toledo. Gresser was flown to Toledo Hospital. All four occupants, none of whom was wearing a seat belt, sustained serious injuries as a result of the crash, troopers said.

Roach was treated and released at the scene by North Central EMS.

Troopers were assisted on scene by the Ohio Department of Transportation, Bellevue Police Department, Bellevue Fire Department, North Central EMS, Huron County Coroner’s Office, LifeFlight and Dendinger Brothers.

U.S. 20 was closed for about three hours as a result of the crash.

Alcohol and drug use is unknown at this time, and the crash remains under investigation, troopers said.



This is so sad..My heart goes out to her family..Lives are forever changed :(


This wasn't just an accident. This was a group of men out and not caring what happened to anyone else! My deepest sympaties go to the family of Ms. Albright.


sad and senseless!


I hope the driver that caused this accident is charged with murder! Prayers for the Albright family.


My sincere heart of prayers for Tracy's boys and family!! Such a tragic nonsense accident <3


I just drove thru that intersection 5 mins. before this happened.

so sick of stup...

This is so sad..bets are that it had something to do with drugs or alcohol..prayer to the Albright family


Why does this have to happen all the time? The innocent person has to die, and the pieces of crap all lived? I hope they die, too.


I wonder that myself...it always happens that way. Same with DUI's it seems. The innocent pay the price.


I've wondered this myself and I came up with only one solution. It keeps me sane. This is not our home like we think. Jesus calls us home during these times where we belong. The people that live, they have to stay here. That's God's first punishment of many. His last punishment is their judgment day.


You're right. I agree with everything you said.


I used to think something like that. Then someone showed me something in the Bible that makes much more sense. First, God does not cause suffering; he only permits it to happen. James 1:13 says that God doesn't use evil things to try or test people. There's a reason why he permits suffering for the time being. Second, the Bible gives three main reasons why evil things happen: the devil, sinful mankind and what Ecclesiastes refers to as "time and chance" -- being at the wrong place at the wrong time. Revelation 21:3-4 give me comfort, knowing that death, mourning, suffering and pain will be eliminated in heaven and earth under God's Kingdom in the hands of his son, Jesus Christ.


I am curious about the "hometowns" of the criminals. What were they doing on this side of the state? Why were they so far from home driving like idiots? Seems a bit far for a joy ride.


Running drugs. I bet.


Why were the cops chasing them?


THE COPS WERE NOT CHASING THEM!!! They passed me at 11:05 headed west just east of Monroeville going so fast they almost lost control and I called 911. The crashed happened at 11:11. That means they made a 15-20 drive in 6. The police were trying to stop them not chase them.


Everyone always blames the cops. Never the drivers faults. Why don't we question what they were doing driving thru Bellevue at a HIGH rate of speed at 11:00 at night 70 some miles from home?

tired of stupidy

and they say the war on drugs is not worth fighting ?! bulls****! they were running from the 100 person drug round up in Cleveland. God be with her family.


Ladydye_5 nobody is BLAMING a cop , Lordy no since bringing an argument to this column!!! They were simply doing there job at trying to stop them , it was the car load whos responsible we all know that :) prayers to her family!!


On the Register posts , someone else asked why the cops didn't put down spikes.

That's why the reference.

Simply put there just wasn't enough time. At the rate he was going it probably took him less than ONE minute to get from the edge of town to that intersection.


Just above your comment a few lines...Happyfeet asked "why were the cops chasing them?". I was not looking to start an argument. I know they are doing a job. I am married to one. I get tired of people always blaming them for everything. Either they are blamed for doing too much or not enough. They were to fast to react or to slow to get there. That age old saying "Damned if you do, damned if you don't". This is a case that happened WAY TOO fast for them to do anything. My thoughts and prayers are with EVERYONES families. Her family and the first responders who were there to help. God bless them all.


A perfect example of why high speed police pursuits are dangerous, preventable and in most cases unnecessary.


Once again have you read the article or comments AT ALL? These men(i use the term loosely) were driving in speeds of excess of 100 mph MILES before reaching Bellevue! This DID NOT START BECAUSE OF A POLICE PURSUIT!!!! Please stop blaming the police. The only people to blame were the 4 in the car!!!


People read the headlines and think they know the entire story. If people would actually read the article, then half the comments wouldn't come off so dumb.


Many people just look for reasons to blame cops. They are just born cop haters. After they have one bad experience with a cop they hate ALL cops. NO matter the reason. And many have NO reading comprehension skills. Like you said they do not read the whole story before making comments.