Officials continue response to looming loss of Janesville

Company's move will cost the community nearly 300 jobs.
Scott Seitz2
Sep 21, 2013


Local officials continue to respond to the recent announcement that Janesville Acoustics will phase out its Norwalk facility by the end of 2014.

Mayor Rob Duncan told city council at Tuesday night's meeting the response team met for a second time regarding Janesville. The company's move will cost the community nearly 300 jobs.

A story about this subject was published Wednesday in the Norwalk Reflector.



And what can you do now? Shouldn't something be done before these places decide to leave? How does Willard keep all of there large companies happy? Maybe Norwalk should ask them.
Has "Jobs" Duncan brought anything to Norwalk? Any jobs at all???

Dr. Information

I think Willard keeps all of its companies because they are pretty large companies in relation to other plants around the nation. RRD has downsized and recently let go of 500 workers but because Willards plant is so large and can add lines if needed, they were not on the chopping block. Matter of fact, it was in the paper they are currently adding new lines from the other plant that went under to Willards plant. MTD, same thing. Pepperidge, well as long as people keep buying gold fish crackers, they will continue to grow.


And many of you will be pleased to know that 'ol "Jobs, jobs, jobs" Duncan loves his job and has decided to run for re-election in '15!!!


Better do all you can to keep Epic up and running.

Cliff Cannon

@starryeyes83 : Amen. For sure another 'surprised' reaction to the loss of an industry, at this critical time, is simply not acceptable, is it ?

P.S. I read before, you are a Fanny Farmer veteran. That's cool, I am too.


@ CC:

BTW: I enjoyed reading your NR column. IMO, I believe that you're becoming a better writer.

Keep the faith.

Also: Decades ago, my mother "sent me off to college" with a FF cookbook in hand. It still sits on my shelf and is occasionally referenced.

Cliff Cannon

@ Contango : Thank-you for your kind thoughts. For sure, I will keep trying to get better ( had a double word in one sentence, which drives me crazy. But..)

As well as I will " keep the faith " and hopefully, anyone who cares about anything other then themselves will too. Because, let's face it if the ----heart of the heartland, Iowa---- is getting challenged mightily. Who else wouldn't be ?

Still, that doesn't excuse being 'surprised ' at the loss of an industry as vital to us as Janesville. Having " bloggers curse " ( lack of information) I am not sure just what all could've been offered locally in an effort to save Janesville or even if Janesville could've been saved.

What I do know is, I knew there were serious problems there. And if a Joe Citizen like myself knows. Then,one would expect our leaders to know too, wouldn't they ?

Here's hoping ( praying, really ) better diligence is paid to every business endeavor in our community. Because, obviously , keeping our own business' rather than wooing others is THE guaranteed way to start rebuilding our beloved town.

P.S. Your mom was a smart women :)


Hope the company will stay.Good Company,Good employer.Mr.Jobs this one needs your attention.

Now The Rest of...

This mayor seems good at having meetings, press releases and forming teams, but lacks positive results. What new good paying jobs has he brought to the community? What has he done in a proactive manner to save the many good paying jobs we have lost during his term? The next election for mayor, it will be about the economy, because that is what he ran on and won the last time with.


Since the Mayor took Office this company came to town.

Now The Rest of...

How many minimum wage and part-time jobs with this one pizza business? That equal Janesville?


In his NR interview, while referring to former safety service director, Mark Schloemer, Mayor Duncan is quoted as saying:

“I would hire him back in a minute if the position were open.”

Since Bob Patusky currently holds the position, is that a matter of “damning with faint praise?”


Cliff- Your observations are correct-something should have been done long ago, and yes, I do believe earlier action would have made the difference. What good does it do to form a "response team" now? While not a fan of the last mayor...I will say she did do more than talk the talk..she walked the walk. I disagreed with nearly all she stood for- and did, but at least she stood.


Re: "she did do more than talk the talk,"

IMO, if nothing else AT LEAST she often presented a semblance of action.

Those "studies" are undoubtedly sitting on a shelf collecting dust.

Cliff Cannon

@ Thomas Jefferson: Hopefully, the 'response team' will offer idea's that can be shared by every community leader at every level for preventing this type of disaster.

So that if a massive loss ever hits again anywhere in our area, it shall not be a 'surprise' to the leaders in that community.

Further, and I am dreaming here. I pray a miracle will come from this team,that makes it worth it for Janesville to stay. ( Of course, Janesville officials are not stupid, they already knew they could get a ton from Norwalk & the state and still choose to leave. So...)

Also, as a citizen, there are many things we can do. For one shop locally ---as much as possible. Then choose business' that really need your business.

Further, I for one have developed a love of Pepperidge Farm crackers, will buy only an MTD mower,when I need one and for a washer or dryer--- Whirlpool is my choice. In short, we must all help protect local industry's as well.

Obviously, there will be many setbacks on the road to recovery ( stabilization ? ) here. Still, what will help turn the tide is leaders, as well as citizens, not being 'surprised' by events, rather let them be " prepared " for those events instead. Then at least we will have a fighting chance to win.


Re: "Pepperidge Farm crackers, ...MTD mower,... washer or dryer--- Whirlpool,"

In economics it's called an incentive trap.

Though your loyalty is commendable, your purchases or lack thereof will make little-to-no difference in the overall local economy.

I owned a Yardman snow blower - not impressed.

Cliff Cannon

@ Contango :" your purchases or lack thereof will make little-to-no difference in the overall local economy." So. One does not bite the hand that feeds them, do they ?

Why do I also have this vision of you as a little boy running around telling the other kids; " You know, there's no Santa Claus " :)


i have no skin in the game and am not defending mayor. But business does things that make them money. . from what ive seen they will save lots being closer to their suppliers and customers. Stinks but better than going out of business


Re: "am not defending mayor."

Ya lose one, ya gain one right?

If not, then I SERIOUSLY gotta ask:

Why is Norwalk wasting hard earned taxpayer money on an economic development corp. with a payroll and budget that's probably $100K a yr.???

Really are you ...

This is a little off topic, but. It is that time of the year again, with the National Debt budget talks again. Obama was on the television the other day, talking about raising the debt ceiling again. Give me a debt ceiling, and I would create the needed jobs for Norwalk. Being able to bypass collegiate level testing for two years with company based engineers would be a tremendous loop hole, and start those jobs immediately. After a month there would only be positive cash flow.


Yea, and who did he threaten first but the poor making and average of 12k a year on SS.Never mentioned the 150k and up idiots in D.C. not getting their checks !What a jerk !

Really are you ...

If you do what you love, or believe in, money will follow.


@ CC:

Off-topic, but who GAS?

This is COOL. You'll like it.

Cliff Cannon

@ Contango : " GAS " You got me. The map is very cool.

whatever you say

It's a done deal folks. Instead of feeding the public hope that they may stay, we now need to focus on retraining and taking care of our community brothers and sisters that are standing on the edge just waiting for that push. Where is all the support that the NF people received when they closed?!