Woman, live-in boyfriend arrested on heroin charges after nighttime raid

Deputy: Suspects admitted to saving up their heroin so they could "take it before custody hearing so they would not show withdrawal symptoms in front of the judge."
Scott Seitz
Sep 18, 2013


A pair of rural Wakeman residents were arrested on drug-related charges late Monday.

Deputies from the Huron County Sheriff's Office, along with officers from the Monroeville and New London police departments executed a nighttime search warrant at 4475 Seminary St.

Huron County Sheriff's Detective Sgt. Josh Querin said concerned citizens had informed police that a pair of Seminary Street residents had traveled to Cleveland on Monday to purchase heroin.

"When we executed the search warrant, two individuals were located at the residence," Querin said, adding Seminary Street is located off Fitchville-River Road.

Arrested at the residence and charged with possession of heroin and tampering with evidence were Rick J. Yoder, 41, and Marjorie L. Carroll, 33.

Seized from the residence were several balloons of heroin, syringes and spoons with suspected drug residue.

Querin said deputies along with members of Huron County Children's Services were just at the home Sunday evening.

"On Sunday, an 11-year-old boy was placed in the care of a family member due to heroin abuse at the residence," Querin said, adding the parents of the boy, Yoder and Carroll, agreed to placing their son with a family member for his safety.

"Both Marjorie and Rick were due in court Wednesday (today) for a custody hearing involving their son," Querin said. "Both admitted to saving up their supply of heroin so they could take it before the custody hearing so they would not show withdrawal symptoms in front of the judge."

Querin said Sheriff Dane Howard reported Carroll made admissions to destroying evidence before the search warrant was executed.

Deputies seized a 2000 GMC Yukon from the residence which was used for the pickup of the heroin.

"We will file for forfeiture of the vehicle through the court," Querin said.

"I'd really like to compliment Detective Kayla Zander for her work on the investigation," he added. "This led to the removal of these individuals from possibly selling heroin in the community."



What a surprise! Someone from the Carroll family selling drugs

tired of stupidy

can I help them off the roof?


Vehicle forfeiture for a few balloons? That's not going to stick. Quit wasting my money raiding houses for three dime bags and a spoon and acting like you are accomplishing something other then wasting money and time following a junckie around all week to bust him buying his 30 dollars worth of dope... make a real bust and do something to stop this heroin epidemic... I am sorry but putting these stories of arrest in the paper day after day about we found three more balloons, or .1 of a gram is getting really old.. add it all up and hey we got a quarter ounce this year.... whet a joke


AEversole your just a dick.3 BAGS OF HEROIN IS ENOUGH TO KILL ONE OF THOSE KIDS.Any amount of heroin in the home where kids are present is too much.Are you just a pissed off doper and the heat they are putting out getting to you,
And your math is WRONG if you want ball busting do it with facts not your stupid fantasy.3 balloons =.3 of a gram of heroin.
You don't want these guys to succeed you are a doper or a political rivaled to The Sheriff.GOOD JOB DEPUTIES KEEP IT UP .


AEversole likes to tell us all the hard truth on how the law states the low life small time dealers will get out on these small deals and not do hard time. They don't need to do time and it is a waste of money to put them in jail. We all listen to it every time they are in the paper. It is a broken record. I am of the mind to put them 20 to a cell with a mat, pillow and a blanket. I do not care if they are over crowded. I do not care if they have no tv, no cable, no books, no college classes. I do not care if they eat bologna or PB and J. I do not care if they are in the same uniform for a week without being cleaned. I do not care if they have a gym or even see the light of day. They are in JAIL. Make them do HARD time. Teach them a LESSON. Maybe if it was actually HARD TIME...they would learn a lesson and NOT DO IT AGAIN. How many repeat offenders are there? This Club Rehab and Teen Challenge crap is for the birds and DOES NOT WORK..oh ok, let me rephrase, works .5% of the time. I agree ANY amount of heroin that is near a child is TOO MUCH. 1 balloon, 2 balloons, 1/2 of a balloon....TOO MUCH. And then to admit they were saving it up to use before a custody hearing so the judge would not see them tweaking???? Put them away and throw away the key!!! Never give them custody back, they do not deserve it.


He must be a druggie or something. I have to deal with a p.o.s. like this in my family, and most people who have had to have people like this in their life, hate them. Maybe if they get busted good early, they can get clean in jail or prison. Most users of heroin end up selling it for people to get their fix. That's how it works. And maybe someday it will be Eversole's kid. I have a guess what that "A" stands for.


do these junkies ever realy look at their self? they look like the walking dead and they dont even need makeup.


My sister does. She's 22 and I'm 36, and she looks a lot older than I do. It's sad, but they choose to do it. They're slowly killing themselves.


I mean she does look like the Walking Dead...lol


it did a double post :/