Suspected burglar arrested after getting into bed with sleeping child

Norwalk police: Man wanders into bedroom just before 5 a.m., startling the child.
Cary Ashby
Sep 17, 2013


A Norwalk family got quite a shock early Sunday morning when they found a strange man in their house.

In fact, the man crawled into a child’s bed, covered up and went to sleep.

When confronted, the man appeared intoxicated and not sure where he was.

The man was charged with burglary.

James M. Clarke, 24 of 151A Benedict Ave., was arrested just north of the victims’ South Linwood Avenue residence. At 4:53 a.m., the Norwalk Police Department responded to the report of an unknown male suspect who was sleeping in a child’s bedroom where the child, an eighth-grader, also was asleep.

The home owner talked to the man while his wife called the police.

While police were on the way, the complainant reported Clarke was walking northbound away from the home and was wearing a yellow hooded sweatshirt. Two officers arrested Clarke shortly afterward and charged him with burglary.

“Mr. Clarke advised he believed he was in a friend’s residence,” Officer Dave Daniels said in his report.

The suspect was transported to the Huron County Jail. If convicted of burglary, Clarke faces six to 18 months behind bars.



The story doesn't state if the door was locked or not. Do you KNOW if it was or wasn't? This drunken idiot might or might not have stopped at a locked door.


Ferball- so the guy is ignorant and a holy roller because he doesn't want to act like Clint Eastwood and blow pieces of some person out the back door dead. He has the right idea,his material possessions can be replaced,his family cannot. He said he would defend his family. Just cuz he's respectful and values a human's life, makes him a good person.The gung ho attitude of shoot first,etc. is a little psychotic,to say the least. It's not like ya'll are living in South Central LA,with a bunch of Bloods and Crips running up in your house. Geez,statistics show the majority of molestions occur with someone the child knows,not a Norwalk drunk who wandered in the door by accident.You're the ones who needs to face reality,not somescrewyname.


ok I am lost here, was the doors not locked? he thought he was at a friends house? hello I lock my doors even with a guard dog! not saying he was not in the wrong, but how did he get in?? something just doesn't fit. LOCK your doors! and I wonder also where was he at 5am? do not the bars close at 2:30?


If it was my house, he'd have baseball bat marks on that face. Promise.