VIDEO: Sofios Family Park dedication ceremony

Soccer complex, boardwalk dedicated Saturday.
Joe Centers
Sep 15, 2013


Norwalk Mayor Rob Duncan helps dedicate park.



It was former Mayor Lesch's belief that parks were a part of economic development which in turn encourages business creation and attraction.

Let's hope that with Sofios Park, that the phones will be "ringing off the hook" at the NEDC.


RRRRRRight...economic growth...for the city parks department who has to maintain em all. All these parks didn't do much to entice Janesville or any of the other industry we have lost in the last 8 years. Parks don't encourage business-tax incentives, lucrative financing packages, and more money in the pocket is what encourages business.


Re: "RRRRRRight...economic growth..."

Sure, don't you know?

Rich entrepreneurs "just happen" to drive through Norwalk and see all the parks and say to themselves: This looks like a great place to start our multi-million-dollar operation that'll produce hundreds of jobs for this fine community.

Happens ALL the time.

Go to the NEDC website – "parks" are a major selling point.


Hey JANESVILLE....wait..don't go...look, we have another park...yes, CONTANGO, the former mayor pretty much sealed her fate-and ours, with her "vision".