Husband and wife charged in Plymouth prostitution bust

House raided by six area law enforcement agencies after report of girl running massage parlor.
Joe Centers
Sep 15, 2013


A husband and wife have been charged following the raid of a suspected massage parlor and prostitution house in Plymouth.

Charged were David Endicott and Xiaomin Endicott-Feng, of 132 W. Broadway St.

Both posted bond Thursday night. Their next court date is scheduled for Monday morning.

(EDITOR'S NOTE: To see pictures of the raid, click HERE.)

"The female was charged with prostitution and the male was charged with complicity to prostitution," said Huron County Sheriff's Detective Sgt. Josh Querin. "Both are misdemeanors. We do have some evidence that needs to be processed and there may be more charges filed later once we get that evidence processed."

Querin said there is plenty of evidence to pour through.

"We have some computers that need to be processed and we are not sure at this time what those computers will contain," he said.

If names of customers are found, could that lead to additional charges?

"Absolutely," Querin said.

"We just have to wait on that evidence. It is going to take several weeks. It's been taken to the technicians and they are working on it as we speak."

Querin said it was a successful operation with positive results. He said the house has been in operation "a few months."

"I think the community in Plymouth, the neighbors specifically, are grateful they have been removed and the operation shut down," he said about the arrests.

A raid by six area law enforcement agencies Thursday led to the arrests.

Involved were the Plymouth Police Department, Huron and Richland county sheriff's offices, Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation, ATF and ICE.

"All of us hit it at the same time," Huron County Sheriff Dane Howard said at the scene. "No one entity had the lead."

Authorities arrived just before 1 p.m. Howard said investigators searched for evidence of sex-related violations and "the proceeds of all possible activities that are sexual in nature."

"The early information is the girl was running a massage parlor," Howard said about an adult female Chinese "national."

Erie County Children Services took custody of the Chinese woman's daughter.

Huron County Juvenile and Probate Court Administrator Chris Mushett said his office had not received any information on the girl as of Friday afternoon.

Chief Deputy Ted Patrick said his department has been involved since receiving a request for assistance from the Plymouth Police Department.

"We have interviewed a couple of the patrons and learned along with the massages they were getting some sexual favors, as well," Patrick said.




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Scranton Tibbs

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The address is 132... not 123. The house is for sale and the listing says that the owner is very anxious to sell. Maybe they wanted to skip town before the bust!

Scranton Tibbs

I would not let her love me long time. Looks like she got hit in the face with a bag of nickles.


Oh c'mon Mr. Tibbs ! You would hit that with more than a bag of nickels !


Six law enforcement agencies for a couple of misdemeanors?

Richard Russell

My thoughts exactly -- probably had the SWAT gear out and everything. All to overpower a 95 pound woman and her husband. But, what a great publicity show for all six agencies.



Alot of law for a lil' family business?? I could think of alot more important illegal activities to go after. My opinion. WHO CARES, someone wants cash upfront for sex or receive it thru meal and a movie, same diff.


I care - her daughter lived there! How horrible for her! And if I were a neighbor, I would care, too. Who wants that in their neighborhood. Ick.


I care - her daughter lived there! How horrible for her! And if I were a neighbor, I would care, too. Who wants that in their neighborhood. Ick.


Were they doing it on the front lawn ?


He is a little young for this, but she looks like she was brought back from Yong Dong Poh .


Agree truckin, who cares? If adults want to exchange cash for sex, who is anyone to say they can't? There is no victim if its done by consenting adults.


The morals of a common garden slug.

thinkagain's picture

You just described 44846GWP to a tee.


He who is without sin can stfu.


I know this is a different county, but its pretty sad that there was more time and work spent on this than the Ottawa Sheriff spent investigating the Limberios case.


Seeing show it was Sandusky County Sheriff.


Truth - that was Sandusky County that investigated Limberios.


What do we get for 10 dollars?.. every ting you want.. every thing? every ting. Bing dang wong.. too booku.


See, once you get the drug problem cleaned up on the southwest corner of Huron county cleaned up, the police can focus on the REAL criminals.......
Oh wait...


Was wondering why he was living soooo close to a school when he is on esorn sex offender list? Then living with a child in the house. From what I read he had a charge in South Carolina with a 16 year old. The paper should of told that he is a sex offender....look it up.

hor mone

I'm pretty sure they have misidentified these 2. Her name is Rhoda Dyck and his name is oddly enough Si Mai Wang.

hit the road jack

Nope,her name is Sharon Peters.


Prostitution is illegal for those who want to make excuses.


Drugs are illegal too. But people complain when the police "waste" time arresting pot growers, pot smokers, pot sellers, pot dealers. Say it is not a "true" crime and they are not hurting anyone. Same thing here. A law is a law. But some people see them differently.


This ain't the only thing these scum bags do!


What a disgrace to his entire family. They are great people. His parents would roll over in their graves, they were fine people. We all know the rest of the family is nothing like him. And let's get something straight the neighbor that commented yesterday in the paper did not move out of this guys house because he was a sex offender it was because the guy never paid his rent. I would not take Endicot's side because he is a sick person, but lets get all facts straight. He gets evicted from every house he has lived in for not paying rent. And as far as this Chinese woman just send her back to China she is not only a worthless piece of crap but she is crazy to boot. Send him with her as far as I'm concerned. We don't need trash like them in our country. I bet they were not getting rich on her sales, I mean come on look at her.


Wow all the newbie chosen few detectives from the sheriff's office front and center.

The cartoon network's Scooby-Doo marathon must have ended early.