Boy, 14, charged with rape

Arrest takes place at Norwalk High School.
Cary Ashby
Sep 12, 2013


A Sandusky boy accused of rape was arrested in Norwalk on Tuesday.

Norwalk Police Sgt. Tom Cook arrested the 14-year-old boy on an Erie County Juvenile Court rape warrant about 10:30 a.m. on Shady Lane Drive.

"He was at the high school," said Sgt. Seth Fry, who had no information on why the suspect was at Norwalk High School. "My assumption is he goes there."

Norwalk City Schools Superintendent Dennis Doughty said the district doesn't have an open enrollment agreement with Sandusky. He had no further information about the boy. NHS Principal Brad Cooley couldn't be reached for comment Wednesday.

After his arrest, the boy was released to the Sandusky Police Department.

Detective Ken Nixon said the suspected rape happened "this past summer." Detectives started their investigation in June.

"We got a call from the (victims') parents," Nixon said.

"The victim also was a young juvenile," the detective said about a 12-year-old boy from the same neighborhood as the suspect.

"He'll be fine. (He's) embarrassed more than anything," Nixon added.

Erie County prosecutors couldn't be reached for comment Wednesday.



the victim is 12 ears old. He will be FINE. He's embarrassed more than anything. What kind of a cop makes that statement about a rape VICTIM. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?


Crazy, story. My heart is with the families involved...




Ken Nixon is a Sandusky PD detective.


I believe the cop was from Sandusky PD. Our Chief would never have his officers make a comment like that to the media or anyone else for that matter. Please take back your statement about our officers and our Chief.


Doesn't look like they said anything about our cops. This will affect that 12 year old for the rest of his life.

Yall Make Me Sick

Reread the statement it NEVER said anything about the Norwalk pd.... Check your facts before trying to act big & bad.


I think he was referring to the suspect.

Seen it All

I am glad I am not the only one who gasped when reading that statement from the officer. That officer definitely needs some sensitivity training, and perhaps a few days off to learn to THINK before we speak.


The crime of rape can include a lot of different sexual activity. There may be more to this story than just a brutal forcible type of rape. Sometimes young kids do things not actually knowing what they were doing was criminal. The fact that it happened a while ago suggests just that. I don't think the officer was out of line. He probably just described the situation as it is!


deertracker: You are correct. Rape is now a word that is trown out there in many circumstances. It used to mean "violent, forcible", now its used all the time for anything sexual.


In this article; the less said the better. I can't believe those are actual quotes from the cops and could have been taken out of context.

Strange. I wonder if the two boys are fooling around and were caught?


I wondered the same thing. I wondered if they got caught experimenting. If the kid is embarrassed, it could possibly be because he may be having feelings of being gay and is denying it causing the embarrassment. Of course he is embarrassed, this could lead to teasing by others. I'm not trying to say he wasnt raped because I was not there, but this is a charge that will haunt the other child for the rest of his life. Kids experiment and get busted and do cry rape to avoid being punished. It happens. I just hope all parties involved are ok.


This article couldn't be any more vague. Poorly written.


So who got raped? a 12 year old boy ? by another boy? and he is only embarrassed?


The boy was willing, this is not a rape case. If anything it was fooling around. Why would a cop have a statement like this?


Following the paragraphs, it appears Mr. Nixon is saying the victim will "be fine".

Hopefully tomorrow's paper will include an apology for making such a stupid statement.


Wtf was the 14 year old doing in NHS if he doesn't go there? You would think someone would have noticed a wondering teen......well done Cooley....


He actually went to NHS. Just some people did not get their info straight