Wife, husband arrested after bar fight at Hunters Brew

Wife tells police trouble started after she was 'dancing with a couple guys' and her husband got mad.
Cary Ashby
Sep 11, 2013


A prosecutor is considering filing charges against a Greenwich husband and wife in connection with a fight behind the Hunters Brew Bar.

Alexander M. Hopkins, 22, and Tabitha B. Hopkins, 21, both of 5 Seminary St., were transported to the Huron County Jail. Someone notified Greenwich Police Officer Aaron Smith about a fight at 3:08 a.m. Saturday.

"(Law director) Steve Palmer is reviewing the case. They posted bond," Chief Steve Dorsey said Tuesday.

Smith, the responding officer, was in a cruiser at the intersection of South Railroad and Main streets when he was called. He said he drove about 65 feet to the alley behind Hunters Brew and saw Alexander Hopkins "walk behind the bar in the grass towards the road" when the suspect saw him.

When the man didn't stop upon request, the officer drove about 1 1/2 blocks to the suspect's house. He said he arrived about the same time as Hopkins, who stopped running when he saw the officer.

The suspect denied being involved in a fight or running from him.

"I advised I called him by name and told him to stop and he started to run. Alex advised, 'No, I just walked home.' I advised Alex that after he started running, I jumped back in my car. I drove very quickly to his residence and arrived at the same time he did. A walk would have made me wait another 10 minutes," Smith said in his report.

About the time the officer was arresting Hopkins, a male subject walked to the scene with Tabitha Hopkins and accused her of fighting. Smith transported both suspects to the station to be interviewed.

Alexander Hopkins again denied fighting anyone.

"Alex had a big bump on his forehead, blood on his hand and blood on his ripped shirt. I then took Alex in the hall and (sat) him in a chair. I brought Tabitha into the interview room and asked her what had happened and she stated they were at the bar. She started dancing with a couple guys and Alex got mad. They started arguing and he hit her first, but she hit him back and they punched each other several times," Smith said.

The woman showed the officer a large knot on her forehead and red marks on her arm.

"(She) stated one set which was freshly bleeding was from work," said Smith, who photographed the injuries.

The husband, after hearing his wife's statements, said he wanted to tell his side, but again reportedly said he didn't understand his Miranda rights. The officer informed him he planned on charging him with obstruction of official business in connection with running from him, "pretending he had fought with his sister instead of his wife," violating a protection order and domestic violence.

"I advised Tabitha she was being arrested for domestic violence as well and possible violating a protection order. I would have to speak with my law director," Smith also said.

In January, Alexander Hopkins was sentenced to five years of probation Jan. 10 for being the look-out in a burglary and break-in spree. His convictions for one count of burglary and two charges of breaking and entering were for two Aug. 10 incidents in New London. The crimes happened in New London, Plymouth, Greenwich and Celeryville, and there were 16 victims.

Authorities have said the three men stole GPS units, cash, cameras, watches, compact discs, DVDs, iPods, MP3 players, extension cords and tools from attached and unattached garages. Huron County sheriff's deputies recovered most, but not all, of the items

The two co-defendants were sent to prison. William R. Barnett Jr., 21, of Shelby, and Kyle S. Weiner, 23, of Willard, each received a two-year sentence.



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I swear they need to shut that bar down. There are always fights and other stuff going on there that I'm sure is illegal in 50 states! It's nothing but an embarrassment to Greenwich. We never had as much fighting and crap as we have since this dump opened. I say close it down and say goodbye to the drunks and other undesirables who hang there!

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How many times does an establishment have to appear in police reports before it comes under disciplinary review by the liquor control board? It seems likely that they could have their license to serve alcohol suspended or revoked if these headlines persist.