Greenwich man locks ex-girlfriend in shed

Female captive found after suspect called police to report vandalism and an officer heard her faint cries for help.
Cary Ashby
Sep 12, 2013


A village man was arrested early Monday after the suspect called police and an officer heard a woman -- the man's ex-girlfriend -- faintly calling for help from inside a wooden shed.

Greenwich Police Officer Aaron Gibson responded to the report of broken windows at two Pierce Street mobile homes. The officer had received a call from the suspect, Jamie L. Stateler, 41, of 27 Center St., Greenwich, at 12:15 a.m.

Upon arrival, Stateler showed the officer several windows on the north side of a woman's mobile home and a neighbor's trailer and broken glass on the ground nearby.

"While taking photos of the windows for evidence, I asked Stateler where (the woman) was ... because I observed all of the lights off inside her residence," Gibson said in his report.

Stateler said the woman was in Florida and as Gibson obtained the man's information, he reported hearing "a faint 'help' coming from the west side of (the woman's) residence."

"I asked Stateler if he heard what I had heard and he stated, 'I think it was one of the cats.'

"A few seconds later, I heard what sounded like a female yelling 'help.' This was louder and more clear. I began to walk toward the west end of the home, where there was a separate wooden shed with a secured padlock on the entrance door. I shined my flashlight at the door and observed (the woman) pull back a curtain that was covering the inside of the large pane of glass on the entrance door," Gibson said in his report.

"She immediately yelled, 'Help me. Get him out of here.' At this point, Stateler quietly chuckled and stated, "Oh, (she's) in there,'" the officer continued.

Gibson had the suspect escort him inside the house to obtain a key for the padlock on the shed. Stateler waited by the officer's cruiser while Gibson unlocked the shed.

"When (the woman) came out, she immediately stated in an excited manner, 'He locked me inside there and busted out my windows,'" Gibson said in his report.

As the victim returned home, the officer patted down Stateler. Gibson handcuffed the suspect, placed him in the back of the cruiser and then interviewed the woman.

The victim accused Stateler of becoming upset "a few hours earlier because she wanted to get back with her ex-husband."

"He left, then came back later and smashed out the windows to her and her son's home.

"When she asked him if he broke the windows he stated, 'It wasn't me.' He (Stateler) then asked her if she had any aluminum cans in her shed that he could turn in for money. She escorted him back to the shed and as she walked in, he shut the door behind her and locked it with a padlock. He then stated, 'If I can't have you, then nobody can,'" Gibson said in his report.

Gibson transported Stateler to the station for an interview after the suspect was advised of his Miranda rights.

"After several minutes, Stateler admitted to breaking out the windows with a knife that had a wooden handle and locking (the victim) inside the shed because he was upset that (she) was trying to go back with her ex-husband," Gibson said.

Stateler was charged with unlawful restraint and criminal damaging.

He was transported to the Huron County Jail and released later Monday after posting bond. Stateler's Norwalk Municipal Court trial is scheduled for Sept. 18.





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Wow...released?? The next we hear of these two is going to be her obituary and him being brought up on charges! Their lax attitudes in the justice system is a JOKE! Even after this she will have to jump through hoops to even get an order of protection. So sickening..And look at this guy for Christ sakes! His expression screams I'm going to shoot everybody because you wont be my friend anymore, lol! I don't normally judge people based on looks....but COME ON!!