Willard drug den raided

'Significant heroin trafficker and user' among three arrested.
Scott Seitz2
Sep 11, 2013


A pair of Willard residents were arrested on drug-related charges after a law-enforcement raid Monday afternoon.

Members of the Huron County Sheriff's Office, Willard and Monroeville police departments executed the no-knock search warrant at 2:40 p.m.

"The no-knock search warrant was obtained due to the propensity for violence at the house, based on the individuals who were there," Huron County Sheriff's Detective Sgt. Josh Querin said.

"Prior to entering the residence at 716 Park St. in Willard, due to the number of individuals there who were either on parole, wanted on warrants or known to be heroin abusers, a distraction device was used prior to gaining entry," Querin said.

Officers used a "flash bang" which created a loud noise outside the residence.

"This was done for safety reasons," Querin said.

Once inside, officers noted six individuals.

Arrested on drug charges were Matthew Sweet Sr., 56, of 716 Park St., and Brandi Thornton, 22, of 1005 Myrtle Ave.

Sweet is being held on possession of heroin and tampering with evidence charges.

"Sweet was hiding from authorities behind a shelving unit," Querin said. "Sheriff (Dane) Howard encountered Sweet behind that shelving unit.

"Sweet also allegedly tried to hide the evidence (heroin)," Querin added.

Thornton is being held on a possession of heroin charge.

"We had received complaints from concerned citizens about suspected drug activity and drug use at the residence," Querin said. "With the help of the citizens, we executed the search warrant and removed the people from the community. We continue to encourage people to contact the sheriff's office with drug information."

Also arrested at the Park Street residence was Scott A. Bivens, 44, of 694 Townline Road 131, North Fairfield, on child-support related warrants.

"Matthew Sweet was a significant heroin trafficker and user in the Willard area," Querin said.

"Matthew Sweet was also on parole from when authorities executed a 2012 search warrant for heroin at the house," Querin said. "He was convicted on that charge and ordered to start treatment which would have begun today. That was a program to help him with his addiction."

Querin said a significant amount of heroin, 24 suspected ecstasy pills, suspected crack cocaine pipes, numerous syringes and $675 in cash was seized from the residence.

"We will continue to step up the enforcement," Querin said about getting drugs off the street.

"It was a good effort by all the officers involved," he added. "We do expect to make more arrests in this case in the near future."


Scranton Tibbs

Well so much for starting treatment today Matthew Sweet. Another career criminal. He needs to do some serious time. As far as the other two, they will be out in a matter of days.


Drugs, WTF?! What is happening to our society?


Brandi used to be stunningly beautiful, like an exotic looking Barbie doll.... Now, well we can see from the photo what drugs do for your looks.

Dr. Information

You could tell a long time ago that this girl was heading down the wrong path. Her attitude has always stunk from the get go. This does not surprise me at all.

Scranton Tibbs

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To the good people that still care about our county.....this is just another example that "parole" and "treatment" does not work. Start locking these people away for good.

Scranton Tibbs

Thats the truth if I have ever heard it. Norwalk Muni court alone shows Matthew Sweet has over 40 cases, including fraud and multiple drug convictions. More than 20 in the county court. It's obvious that at his age he CAN NOT behave and conform to the rules of normal society. Hotel Holy Ghost isn't gonna help this worthless sack of human waste. The system just keeps letting him back out to sell more drugs. He should be locked up and left in jail until he leaves in a coffin.