Dead dog found in Dumpster

Animal had been abused
Aaron Krause
Sep 7, 2013


Bellevue firefighters reported finding a deceased dog Thursday in their Dumpster without a collar, bloodied and previously beated.

An officer responded and found "what appeared to be a medium-sized dog," the officer wrote in his report. "The dog was tan with short to medium length fur. Blood could be seen around the mouth and ear. ... I observed two other injuries to the dog. The tip of the dog's left ear was cut off and laying in the Dumpster and the dog had a laceration or puncture wound to the right side of the chest."

Patrolman Steve Nunez said the Sandusky County Dog Warden was contacted for assistance.

"I was advised the dog warden would not be investigating and stated that they normally throw deceased dogs in their Dumpster," Nunez wrote in a police report.

Gina Halbesen, Sandusky County deputy dog warden, said she'd not received much information regarding the description of the dog. A breed is not listed on a Bellevue Police Department report.

When a reporter told her that it was tan with short to medium length fur, Halbesen said she'd look through her lost dog reports. "It's hard to say what county it came from," Halbesen said about the dog. She said it might have been hit by a vehicle and somebody placed it in the Dumpster.

Halbesen said the county's humane society also could investigate the case, since it was apparently abused. The deputy said it the fact the dog didn't have a collar, and one wasn't found in the Dumpster, won't help matters.

An official from the office later called back and said there's no match for the dog in question on a list of missing area dogs.

The Bellevue Fire Department doesn't have security cameras around the area where the dog was placed, a firefighter said.

"It's just sickening," Huron County Humane Society investigator Kathleen Hampton said when informed about the case. She added such cases are "very hard" to prosecute.

"How do you find out whose dog it is" without a tag? she asked rhetorically.

If you have any information about this case, call the Sandusky County Dog Warden's office at (419) 334-2372.



Hmmm... medium sized... tan... medium length hair... no collar... any chance somebody shot or hit a coyote and then decided to dispose of it in a dumpster?


The dog was last seen in Norwalk drunk, breaking into other peoples houses that he thought was his own...


This is disgusting! How can people be so cruel? This poor defenseless animal didn't deserve to die like this. I hope whoever did this gets caught and prosecuted. It's time to stop animal cruelty!


Pretty sure firemen and police officers can tell the difference between a dog and a coyote. This animal was tortured, and only a dangerous sadistic person would cut the ear of an animal off ..there is nothing funny about this subject.

swiss family

I agree with Thomas J. nothing about animal cruelty is funny.. It is time that we see the connection between animal torturers and more homicidal crimes... . If a person has no problem , in fact get joy , out of torturing animals, they will have no problem harming other innocent creatures , like children...We need tougher laws against animal cruelty..we are their voice, and I don't think we are demanding change, loud enough


whoever is sick enough to hurt an animal would do the same to a human. they don't deserve to live in society with the rest of us. EFF YOU DOG KILLER.