Deputy shoots dog on Old State

A Huron County sheriff's deputy was ordered to shoot and kill one of two aggressive Rottweiler dogs that attacked and bit an Old State Road man Monday afternoon. "I hated the idea of killing that dog. I didn't have a choice,' Detective Sgt. Dane Howard said.
Cary Ashby
Jul 25, 2010


A Huron County sheriff’s deputy was ordered to shoot and kill one of two aggressive Rottweiler dogs that attacked and bit an Old State Road man Monday afternoon.

“I hated the idea of killing that dog. I didn’t have a choice,” Detective Sgt. Dane Howard said.

The second dog is being held and quarantined at the Huron County Dog Pound.

“The dog is being held for evidence,” said Deputy Dog Warden Gary Ousley, who responded to the Bronson Township incident. “We’re not sure which dog committed the bite.”

Ousley said he wasn’t at liberty to discuss what citations the dog owner was given because of the ongoing investigation. The probe is expected to be concluded by next Tuesday or Wednesday.

No charges had been filed in Norwalk Municipal Court as of this morning. A message at the dog owner’s telephone number said it had either been disconnected or was no longer in service.

Howard was on the way home when he received an animal complaint report about 2:45 p.m.

“The man ran inside his home … and the dogs tried to get into the patio,” the detective said.

The victim, who declined to comment, sustained puncture wounds to his hand. He went to Fisher-Titus Medical Center, where he was treated and released. The victim lives on the south side of the dog owner.

“He was on his own property,” Howard said. “He reported the dogs came over and attacked him.”

When he arrived in the 100 block of Old State Road, Howard said one of the dogs charged at him, but he was able to get back into his vehicle.

“Major (Greg) Englund arrived a few seconds after that,” he continued. “The dogs charged after the major.”

Englund fired his pistol at one of the dogs, but didn’t hit it. Howard said the dogs returned to the porch.

Since the animals were still being aggressive, deputies decided to use their Tasers. Howard said he and Englund fired their weapons at the same time, but they weren’t effective because one of the dogs rolled into the other one, tearing the Taser cable loose.

“The Taser reactivates after five seconds,” Howard explained.

One of the dogs fled. Englund reloaded his Taser cartridge and fired the weapon again at the remaining dog. Englund then ordered Howard to “dispatch the animal” with his service pistol, the detective said, which killed it.

Troopers with the state Highway Patrol saw the fleeing dog in the front of the victim’s home near a van. Ousley found and secured the animal.

Neighbor Steve Rospert had two goats killed by the same two Rottweilers in May 2006. He recalled his 14-year-old son was doing chores outside that morning when “he actually saw the dogs in the pen with the goats.”

One of the dogs also bit the lip of a sheep kept in the same pen, Rospert said. His family told his neighbor’s wife about the killed goats.

“She saw them (the dogs) in there, too. She said they’d put them down, but that didn’t happen,” Rospert said.

In November, he spent about $6,000 to put up a fence to keep the dogs out of his property. Rospert said their presence has caused his family emotional distress.

Ousley said it would be up to Norwalk Municipal Judge John Ridge to determine if the dog being quarantined might be destroyed.


They should hav...

called Cesar Millan...he's not going to be happy when I e-mail him this article. There is no dog that he can't rehabilitate.

Shame on you (A...

I think the dog owners are at fault. Why don't you go shoot them. The owners are the ones that created that situation. Don't cops carry mace. No excuse to shoot the dog. If that dog jumped at the officer and he had no other means of defending himself then yes shoot the dog but it seems to be after the fact. If you were going to put the dog down because it was aggressive then do it humanely. If this animal has killed goats before then the owners knew it was aggressive to that point. Then the owners need locked up. They should have taken the dog to be properly trained. NO EXCUSES!!!! I still think the owners are the ones that need shot.

This story is d...

Shame on the police department of Norwalk. Just proves what a trashy little town you really are.....


My main question here, from a legal standpoint: Was that dog read it's rights before the shooting? Because if not, we could have grounds for a lawsuit here. Seriously folks, don't blame the dogs OR the police, go after the piece-of-crap owners who obviously made those dogs vicious. No puppy is born mean...dogs get mean from the way they are trained and/or treated. --just ask Micheal Vick as he's getting raped in prison. C'mon, the police have a job to do, they aren't the enemy in this story.

Nonhunter (Anon...

I don't think dogs are naturally carnivorious. They should have given the dogs veggies.

Uncle Ted (Anon...

Way to go Dane!!!!!! Major Englund, you need to spend some time at the range!!!!!!!!

earth to owners...

This should have never happened, I would like to know if this dog was ill because it just sounds like it was unsocialized. The owners need to be fined majoring for allowing this to happen!!!

Thats CrAzY (An...

My first question is why in gods name would anyone get out of the cars? I have never heard of dogs breaking into home's and attacking someone. I check the Reflector high and low, Not one story like that! They should have just waited for the dog warden to get there and take care of it. That's what his job is. The only danger I saw in that story were the bullets flying around out there from the deputy's! And using taster on a dog? I can already feel the heat coming on!! I guess Howard's looking to do away with the dog warden and just shooting dogs! Barking dog? Call Howard, BANG....BANG, BANG, BANG Problem solved! As the story reads this was handled very unprofessionally. I hope the Sheriff and Commissioners take a closer look at this incident. Something should have been done with the dogs before it got to this. I don't know who dropped the ball there, But this was not handled properly!!

Six Shooter (An...

Exactly how many shot's were fired by these "cowboys"?

Super Troopers ...

I'm sure the Troopers with the state Highway Patrol saw the fleeing dog in the front of the victim’s home near a van from the safety of there cars!!

I'm wondering.....

What is the policy at the Sheriffs office for use of deadly force?

timmy (Anonymous)

I'll get lassie she's a good dog . Help lassie!! Girl help me!! Ridge, Ousely, Howard!! Help!! HElp!!

Disrespect (Ano...

Animal owners have no respect for other people or their property.

When I visit someone's home, Im there to see the human that lives in the house, not to be jumped on and licked by their dang pets.

I cant stand dog hair and cat hair on me then I see pets on people's counters and tables, thats down right nasty!
I have seen animals eat off people's dishes that they eat off and thats nasty also.


SOhio (Anonymous)

Unbeleivable. If they knew what they were doing with the tazers the animals would of been taken care of the right way and still be alive. Do they even know how to shoot? Scary I would not want either one protecting me. Are these two people qualified?

Six Shooter (An...

From what I hear Dane Howard would NOT have been my first choice to Dispatch the animal. Looks like he loosing his PETA endorsement for Sheriff.

Fang (Anonymous)

Little hard to rehab a dog when he's chewing on you. Blame the owners, they let it get to this point.

Deer Fang, (Ano...

I like that name, Fang. It's cool. Good name for a ferret.

nl resident (An...

Have half of you people even read this article? Like my grandma used to say "You are making a mountain out of a mole hill". It's the owners responsibility to make sure there pets are not becoming a nuisance to others or there property. The police get a bad name any way you slice it. They were doing there jobs, what they were trained to do. You try working a thankless job when your damned if you do or damned if you don't.

Newt (Anonymous)

If a dog comes on to my property and bites me or a family memeber and then chases us into our own house, those are some dead dogs! Either the police will shoot them or I will. I know they'll never bite anyone again after that.

to newt (Anonymous)

what if it was a friendly dog that came on your property? And he just happen to get loose? I don't know of any dog that can read a sign or know where the property line is. Do you ?

Re: Newt (Anonymous)

Why would you not just call the Dog Catcher? I'd be more worried about all those bullets flying around on there than the dogs. If you shot the dogs you'd surely be sited for something trust me!! If you think I'm kidding try shooting a dog and see what happens.



Newt (Anonymous)

I never said anything about a "friendly" dog. I'm talking about an animal that has just attacked or bitten me or a family member. Would you honestly stand inside your house for fear of being bitten again and wait around for the dog catcher to show up before you would go to the hospital? My kid is playing on my property and gets bitten by a dog, we're going to the hospital as quickly as we can for treatment! If that dog decides to stick around and hamper my efforts, he'll meet Mister Winchester pretty quickly!

Dave Rimmer, Li...

Suppose Sgt Dane Howards nick name is now "Deputy Dog"
Seriously though, you may of seen my other posts and know my opposition to hunting. However in the case of an attacking dog, especially a Rottweiler with the power they have, I do believe any means should be used to stop it, tazer, lead, batton, who cares when a victim is being or has been attacked. A Rottweiler or the like could very easily kill a child(and have done here in the UK) so any signs of aggression, call in Deputy Dog
Ta Ta for now

Deer Dave, (Ano...

Do you know Mick Jagger? Ever been to to 10 Downing Street?

Dave Rimmer (An...

No and No but I have been to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, could do with a lick of paint though
Ta Ta for now

I agree, not th...

The dog could have killed someone and once they attack they are very likely to attack again. I'm willing to bet that those of you griping about the way the police handled the situation would STILL have a problem if they didn't shoot the dog and it attacked them or someone else while they waited for the Dog Warden. Either way the dog would have been put down. At least this way no one else was hurt. What if it were your child attacked? I'm sure you wouldn't care who or how the dog was disposed. And furthermore, if you are going to flame someone flame the owners and the owners only. They are the only ones at fault in this situation.

Buba (Anonymous)

always heard lots of dogs look like thier owners and now it seems they also can act like thier owners. STUPID

Ha HA HA (Anonymous)

Oh come on!! What were they going to do? Hand cuff and read the dog his rights? That's laughable!! Thoses "Cowboys" messed up! Now were the laughing stack of Ohio agian!!

Re Newt (Anonymous)

And what would be your reaction if your child was hit by a stray bullet? I'm so glad we're reading about a dead dog as apposed to a dead child. There's a lot of facts we just don't know from the story. How bad was the bite? How many shots were fired? What direction were they fired? I would think a shot but would have been a better weapon to dispatch the dog if in fact it should have been done. I'm sure emotions were running high after something like this happens, I understand that. But sitting back looking at this after the fact. I think it was not handled properly.