Giant Eagle closing Feb. 2

Giant Eagle will be closing its supermarket in Norwalk Feb. 2. The on-site GetGo fuel and convenience store will also close on that date.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Jul 25, 2010


Giant Eagle will be closing its supermarket in Norwalk Feb. 2.

The on-site GetGo fuel and convenience store will also close on that date.

“The decision to close the Norwalk Giant Eagle and on-site GetGo was difficult, but necessary for financial reasons,” said Rob Borella, Senior Director of Marketing and Corporate Communications. “This location was unable to reach and maintain sales volumes for profitability.”

A press release said Giant Eagle is working closely with UFCW Local 880 to ensure that the about 60 displaced Norwalk Giant Eagle and GetGo employees receive compensation for their time and service beyond what is included in the labor agreement.

Giant Eagle will also be working with the property owner to identify a replacement tenant for the vacant space.

With Giant Eagle leaving in February, speculation about the future for the property is spreading through Norwalk.

One suggestion is that the city acquire the property for a new fire station.

“As the city is going through the process of doing their investigations, people have mentioned that it would be a good location,” Economic Development Director Bethany Dentler said.

But Dentler said the building might also be the perfect site for a retail business. “It might be appropriate for some of the people we’ve been working with,” she said. “Actually there have been some retail kinds of businesses that do need a significant amount of space. It’s great to have a nice, large, open space like that in our downtown area.”

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Later GE (Anonymous)

Too many grocery stores for one town and we all knew one had to close.

to later g.e. (...

then they should have closed apples. what a dump.

I want to know?...

Anyone on this thread heard anything about Friendly Corners being purchased and re-opening? If so, please share.

re: I want to k...

don't know, don't care. that place was a dump too.

Hmmm...... (Ano...

I do feel bad for the people that were employed with GE and lost there jobs. But this notion of bringing back the Maple Tree is insane, Thats exactly what Norwalk needs is .... another BAR!!!!!!!!!!. I'm relieved that our local government is investigating possible replacements. I would be so excited to bring a business here seeing how the last two went so well. Oh wait I could just make GE one enormous bar, we know Norwalk loves them. I might of come off a little harsh but this is frustrating.

Re; Hello (Anon...

Helloooo, it's not the cities officials job to secure a retailers employees jobs. It's the cities peoples job to do that by patronizing that business and even at that there's no guarantee. Big bizz, small town, do the math or maybe the math wasn't done correctly in the first place.

Re: Hmmmmmmmmmm...

Get a sense of humor and relax.

EUREKA! (Anonymous)

That's it! I think Hmmm has great idea and doesn't know it. A bar in a grocery store. I need a quart of milk, a loaf of bread and a Long Island Iced Tea. Get Bethany on the phone.

Up for sale (An...

Bring on Chicken Shack

Giant Pizza (An...

Maybe they should use the building for a "Giant Pizza" place, or another pharmacy, or another bar? They could serve Giant pizzas, and wash it down with a Giant beer,then
take some GIANT Vicoden for the belly and headaches.
Sounds great to me...

re Eureka (Anon...

Hang on she is getting her hair done.

Hmmm (Anonymous)

I have a sense of humor.......... see Eureka when you first walk in they give everyone one of those motorized carts of course with cup holders ha ha ha ha ha, I'm just glad to see theres some decent people still left in this town THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!! And RE Hello your right but when theres no jobs but we wont go there but remember where all in this together

fixed income, s...

I am one of those that rarely shopped Gaint Eagle. I did give it a ty when they 1st opened, but as has been said here many times, their prices were high. We live on a fixed UNION retirement income, every penny in todays dollar shrinking market has to be pinched until Lincoln cries uncles. They did carry items that could not be found at other stores in Norwalk. Try buying foods for a highly restricted diet. Gaint Eagle filled in that gap. But we still found ourselves driving to Cleveland to get the items we needed because it was cheater, even figuring in the cost of gas. We do have to many grocery stores in town. If we were to get another one we could use a good unique grocory store. How about a store that focuses on diabetic, GFCF & other special diet needs. A store that offers a wide selection of local grown and raised foods, Gosh I so miss the taste of a good tomato that was allowed to rippen on the vine. What am I going to miss about Gaint Eagle closing, the pharmacy and the bank. They were delivered the news Monday. How about turning the building in to a collection of specialty shops, many small towns across the country have developed this business type and have made names for themself. How about a hair salon that specalizes people of color hair, local art studio that sells and offer monthly art shoews featuring local artist ( we have mnay VERY talentd people in Huron county) a bakery that specializes in fresh made baked goods daily, not stuff taken out of a box and poped int he oven, one that makes everything on site, and can offer local brides and events that something special for dessert. Something that Norwalk seems to have lost in the last 10 years is someplace that you can go have a drink and dance to a live band. Now I am not thinking a drunken fight, nightly PD calling bar. Someplace local bands can be featured and a good night can be had. Eagle Club used to offer this and that went by by when they built their new building.

enough for now, have to go take my daily walk and enoy that wonderful views of Norwalk

sally boniva......

i don't tink that any grocery store will do well there, or anywhere else in town... there are only so many patrons who will support it, and already too many grocery stores... but a new fire station at that location .. that is stellar!!!! the property is big enough, and accessable from the front and back, so putting the huge trucks back into the bays would be much easier.. and the location is centralized!!! it's a win, win situation.. it's interesting that the city will fight like crazy to get a few parking spaces away from Aldi's but here is a perfect oppertunity for the city, and they appear to be willing to pass on it?? does that make any sense???? oh , by the way, isn't it ironic that in the picture that the paper uses of Giant Eagle, there is a firetruck in the picture???? just an observation!!!

annoyed (Anonymous)

Well, they can always put in a new tanning salon, since we don't have enough of those in our town already!

We really need something different around here.

Chris (Anonymous)

Giant Eagle Corp. gave up on its Norwalk store. They claim that the reason why they are closing is because it wasn't profitable. There are few companies / stores that make money in the first year of operation.

Something else to think about is that this could be another testament that you can't move a business like this into a community where there is a Wal-Mart Supercenter. IGA, Apples, Gardner's, and Aldi all have been around for years and have their established clientel. They had to split that clientel with the Supercenter, THEN Tops/Giant Eagle moved in and they found out that they were too late.

TINA (Anonymous)

didn't norwalk give tops some type of tax break to build here what happened to all of that

re:I want to kn...

i heard bader might buy it

I'd like to kno...

if ANYBODY in this town can spell!!! And to annoyed, "we need something different in this town." Sure, but will you and 1,000's of Norwalkian's SUPPORT it? NOOOOOOO! Giant Eagle WAS something different in this town! They're leaving because Norwalk is so stuck on dirty, filthy, unfriendly and no variety stores. Last time I looked under the meat case at Apple's, I almost hurled. It stinks and I wouldn't eat their meat if it was free. Half of you who say the reason you didn't like Giant Eagle because of their "high prices" obviously didn't dare to compare. You're the type that gets all 'gussied up' to go to Wal-Mart. Well, I personally would rather pay a few cents more and receive a clean shopping environment, a ton of variety, friendly service and fuel perks. I can't find that in Norwalk, after Eagle leaves. Oh, and one more thing, sally boniva is an idiot. Good day.

Humanoid (Anonymous)

Maybe Rupp's could buy the building and move there. Too bad 'Topp's' sign still isn't up there it would be cheap to change the first two letters to 'RU' instead of 'TO'. Every city in Huron County should have a Rupp's!