Giant Eagle closing Feb. 2

Giant Eagle will be closing its supermarket in Norwalk Feb. 2. The on-site GetGo fuel and convenience store will also close on that date.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Jul 25, 2010


Giant Eagle will be closing its supermarket in Norwalk Feb. 2.

The on-site GetGo fuel and convenience store will also close on that date.

“The decision to close the Norwalk Giant Eagle and on-site GetGo was difficult, but necessary for financial reasons,” said Rob Borella, Senior Director of Marketing and Corporate Communications. “This location was unable to reach and maintain sales volumes for profitability.”

A press release said Giant Eagle is working closely with UFCW Local 880 to ensure that the about 60 displaced Norwalk Giant Eagle and GetGo employees receive compensation for their time and service beyond what is included in the labor agreement.

Giant Eagle will also be working with the property owner to identify a replacement tenant for the vacant space.

With Giant Eagle leaving in February, speculation about the future for the property is spreading through Norwalk.

One suggestion is that the city acquire the property for a new fire station.

“As the city is going through the process of doing their investigations, people have mentioned that it would be a good location,” Economic Development Director Bethany Dentler said.

But Dentler said the building might also be the perfect site for a retail business. “It might be appropriate for some of the people we’ve been working with,” she said. “Actually there have been some retail kinds of businesses that do need a significant amount of space. It’s great to have a nice, large, open space like that in our downtown area.”

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unfortunate (An...

This is unfortunate, but something most anyone could see coming. We finally got a decent grocery store that sold some nicer types of foods and it can't get supported. There was never anyone there, which would have been the first clue it wouldn't last. Norwalkians will just have to go back to buying their Doritos, Hamburger Helper, and Busch Light at Super Wally World (Wal-Mart)

... (Anonymous)

they should have built it uptown, it would have revitalized the whole area

Saddened (Anonymous)

Yes, this is not good news for those of who prefer to eat organic and/or ethnic dishes. But one would hope that other market owners would be responsive to requests for more varied items. Make specific requests to store managers and you might just be surprised.

carole (Anonymous)

Too bad the grocery store didn't make it. I think it is a sign that the city needs to get that property and make it the home of the new fire station. It is the perfect location and alway has been.


What a shame! I love Giant Eagle -- they always have that hard-to-find speciality item and the Fuel Perks are a fantastic added bonus.

What a waste (A...

I have no idea why Giant Eagle bought that Tops. If one supermarket chain couldn't make it work, why did this one think it could. Nothing changed about the Norwalk market. Mark my words, this store will sit empty for years. I just hope the city remembers this the next time some big chain with its "market research" asks the city to change zoning codes just for it, cough Walgreens cough. And right before Christmas too, happy Holiday Holidays.

. (Anonymous)

what a shame they tore down a bowling alley for 2 supermarkets that both have flopped

Retail (Anonymous)

I would like to rent that building. To sell outdoor furnaces.I think it would be perfect location.Or put a bowling alley with bar too.All tho the city could really use the building???Fire station,Bingo hall you know with games of chance.I know sell it to the indians for a caseno

To retail: (Ano...

Learn how to spell!!

Beth (Anonymous)

It's their own doing. Their prices are crappy. I personally don't like to bother with that card to get good deals. I'd rather go to Gardner's where the prices are always decent...and you don't even need a card.

me (Anonymous)

Such a shame. I loved both Tops and Giant Eagle. I feel bad for the employees. They probably had to read it in the paper today to find out. And you can't tell me Giant Eagle wasn't busy. Their parking lot always seemed pretty full to me.

Beth (Anonymous)

They had people there for their deals, but there regular prices are high. That's why they need those really good get people in the store. And of course, they pick up other things to save a trip to another store. It is a good store for rich people who like to eat lots of lobster and other expensive entrees.

To Beth (Anonymous)

If you were a frequent shopper, like I was, you would have seen the same at or below pricing as Wal-Mart. Plus, Giant Eagle would match any competitions ad. I really like that store, it's so clean and pretty. What a shame. And just to clear the air, IGA has MUCH higher prices on 'regular' stuff than Eagle. Norwalk is such a dump town, stuck on dumpy stores.(ie, Apples, Gardner's, Aldi's) We get a store like no other in the tri-county area, and folks would rather eat German imported spam crap that Aldi's sells. At least Giant Eagle gave us the option to have unique items, you get what you pay for. And I know people who work there, I hope that they didn't find out via the newspaper, either. Bad enough when Tops pulled out.

concerned shopp...

i think that we need to put a supermarket on the other side of town across from the hospital for the people that live on that side of town..................

thank you

Re: Concerned S...

If you remember correctly, there was a Food Town there that couldn't survive.

Another quality...

How is it this place goes out of business? They actually carried decent food, had halfway decent service, and it was CLEAN!!!!!! I guess that's why all you people thought it was for us "Rich People", because it was clean. You'd rather go to a dirty dumpy store so you feel more at home.

Barry (Anonymous)

The prices were higher at Giant Eagle on everyday items. I have to watch my pennies and I'm very aware of these things. If you think they were less expensive, you just weren't paying attention. They were selling convenience and a fancy store.

me again (Anonymous)

I absolutely agree 100% with the "To Beth" person. Schilds is way too high and the other stores are so dirty.

Giant Eagle Jun...

Before Giant Eagle was in Norwalk, I would occasionally drive to Amherst to shop at that Giant Eagle location. The selection is SO MUCH BETTER at Giant Eagle than any other store in this town! I am a terrific cook that likes quality selections and plenty of choices when purchasing food. I am VERY sad that I will now have to revert to Norwalk's "other" stores that don't offer the same quality and options. Not to mention Fuel Perks, great meat, yellow beans, fresh SEAFOOD and premium cheese. I have already emailed Giant Eagle corporate headquarters to complain.

What's wrong wi...

Bethany is quoted for saying this : "“Actually there have been some retail kinds of businesses that do need a significant amount of space. It’s great to have a nice, large, open space like that in our downtown area.”"
It’s great to have a nice, large, open space like that in our downtown area??????????????? No, it's a WASTE of space! You act as if you are GLAD people are losing their jobs at CHRISTMAS- you like the wide open space! Hard to wrap that up and give it to your mom for a present!!! Typical idiot NORWALKIAN, as long as you have all that empty space...get real.

Sunnie (Anonymous)

I really liked Giant Eagle. I liked the gas perks. Lots of variety. I don't think the city supported the store like it should have. IGA is nice also. I would like to have a grocery store near the hospital also. Foodtown was not that nice of a store and you had to have a card to get the specials. I don't like stores that require a card to get specials.

To Barry and ev...

I think you would be wrong, dude. People in this town shop for the bargains. It's pretty sad when a grocery store has to keep soda pop prices at a competetive price to get people to shop there. Norwalk's main 5 food groups are pop, sugar, donuts, cookies and beer. Says a lot about our community. Just look at what the community leaders are saying about having great wide open space in the downtown area. That was just wrong of Betthany to say that.

Beth (Anonymous)

I said Gardner's, not Schild's. Though I would shop there before Giant Eagle. I am not poor, and my house is spotless, but I'm not stupid enough to pay extra money just because I have it. I am not rich, and I'm glad because I would never want to feel like you do about people who have less than me. You really have a lot of nerve treating people who have less than you like you are better. I can tell by what you wrote that you aren't. Not every person who isn't rich is a scum.

Emily (Anonymous)

I also agree with Beth. Not everyone in this town is rich but we are also shoppers who like to save our money and not waste it on useless groceries that are not necessary. If you really want to waste your money, then go to a bigger community or city for that matter. Norwalk is actually a very nice town filled with caring individual people. Sorry if thats not good enough for "your taste." if you dont like it, you can always leave.


I'll admit I don't usually shop at Giant Eagle. It seems like their prices are higher, but I suppose each store has higher prices on something, and lower prices on others.
I thought it was strange when Giant Eagle announced they were taking over an unsuccessful Tops store.
I feel very bad for Giant Eagle's employees. The store isn't closing until February, but why do these things always seem to happen, or get announced around the holidays?
It's not like there's a good time for something like this to happen, but there's definitely times that are the worst.

To People With ...

Let's see, should I go to Walmart for wilted lettuce and dried up beans or Gardner's for 3 choices of meat and brown floors...?

to Beth and Emi...

what are you two talking about? neither one of your comments make any sense pertaining to this. some people like to cook, and G.E. carried a lot of stuff that you just can't find anywhere else. and their prices were competetive, they would match any sales ad. and Emily, if Norwalk is such a nice caring town, those are your own words, why would you make such a harsh statement as to leave it if you don't like it here. where is the compassion and 'caring' in that?

Diane (Anonymous)

I am so sorry to hear that Giant Eagle will close. I will especially miss the salmon feta cheese and spinach burgers and the fresh fish. They also have great specials and produce and every one I have encountered there is so nice. It will be a loss to the community. I will very much miss the fuel perks program...

re:To People Wi...

exactly. those brown floors...that crappy produce...and let's not forget the great quality of Aldi's superior GERMAN IMPORTED products!

Beth (Anonymous)

I was talking to the person who said scummy people can go to scummy stores to feel at home. That's just not right to say to people. And what I said about their prices is right. They are too high. They shouldn't have to try to match other stores prices if they want to stay in business. They should just have good prices all the time. Yes, they do have a good selection of things there, and when my husband goes shopping, that's where we end up. It's also the only store I've had to spend $250 on my shopping trip. It doesn't appeal to me to do that every week. So I don't go there unless I have to. Also, if Giant Eagle/Tops could stay in business long enough, their store would be dirty-looking as well. If something was wrong with the other stores, I'm sure the inspector would have cited them.