Bus driver arrested

A Berlin-Milan school bus driver was arrested on a felony warrant Tuesday morning after being pulled over for speeding. Catherine M. Richards, 44, of 1214 Strucker Road, Milan, was charged with one count of passing bad checks on the Norwalk Municipal Court warrant after the traffic stop. Norwalk police took her to court for a bond hearing and she was released on her own recognizance.
Cary Ashby
Jul 25, 2010


A Berlin-Milan school bus driver was arrested on a felony warrant Tuesday morning after being pulled over for speeding.

Catherine M. Richards, 44, of 1214 Strucker Road, Milan, was charged with one count of passing bad checks on the Norwalk Municipal Court warrant after the traffic stop. Norwalk police took her to court for a bond hearing and she was released on her own recognizance.

The original charge was filed Nov. 15 in connection with a Dec. 27, 2006 incident, court records show.

Officers James Montana and Vincent Beebe were running radar at an East League Street driveway Tuesday morning when they clocked Richards going 37 mph in the 20 mph zone between Pleasant and Foster streets, Montana wrote in his report.

“We caught up with the bus on League (Street) at Milan Avenue, but waited until we got near the VFW to stop it to make room for the stop on the roadway. The bus continued northbound at about 40 mph, disregarding our emergency lights and siren. The bus finally pulled over near Pizza Hut,” Montana continued.

“Catherine had no idea she was speeding through a school zone, nor was she aware I was trying to stop her,” said Montana, who discovered the warrant after checking Richards’ driver’s license in the LEADS database. Richards also was charged with speeding.

When Richards was taken into custody, police had the bus parked at Pizza Hut and contacted the school district to retrieve it.

Berlin-Milan Local Schools Superintendent David Snook couldn’t be reached for comment.


smalltowner (An...

Yea, thats really the kind of bus drivers we need driving our kids around. How could she not know about the speeding thru a school zone? PLEASE! If my kids went to this school I can promise you they would not be on her bus, EVER AGAIN!

Hmmm (Anonymous)

I bet Snook is beaming right now. Now he can harp on yet another employee of Berlin Milan Schools. Ready Aim Fire!

ms.crabtree (An...

sounds just like the bus driver on south park. SIT DOWN AND SHUUUUUUUUUT UUUUUUUUUUUUP!

Hey Ms Crabtree...

HAHAHAHA...you beat me to that line...cracking me up here!!

2 sides (Anonymous)

There are 2 sides to every story. While there are no excuses for speeding in a school zone (esp. when driving a bus!), she could possibly be a new driver-a little nervous maybe? Typical reporter article, putting out the bad news without getting some of the facts. I guess I wouldn't expect much more!

Nonhunter (Anon...

I don't think she should have eaten that meat.

Bud (Anonymous)

It really would be bad if she were writing checks while she was driving.

One ? (Anonymous)

What was she doing driving a berlin milan bus in Norwalk? Please give us some info?

maybe the same ...

when a bus driver from Sandusky pulls into Bellevue to eat at ParkertownII. On a school day no less. and leaves the bus run while they are inside. Wasting gas. Mind you this was about 9:30 in the morning.

Otto (Anonymous)

Wow, man...I expected to see the name Otto or Ms. Crabtree attached to this story...not Catherine M. Richards. Maybe it was like the movie Speed, and she just couldn't keep it under 55....btw, one of the worst films ever...

Was this a Paro...

Berlin-Milan sends a bus to Norwalk to take the kids from Berlin-Heights and Milan to St. Paul. That would explain why she was in Norwalk ... or she had just gone to the State Liquor Agency at Gardners.

or Christie Lan...

THey could have been in Norwalk to take students to Christie Lane. were there students on the bus at the time?

smalltowner 2 (...

Smalltown-I hate to tell you this but almost every school district has people driving buses that should not be. My kids come home a few times a week with horror stories about the bus drivers lack of driving ability and bad behavior. Their bus driver speeds and has a habit of slamming the breaks on and throwing them foward when she is mad. Don't get me wrong there are some Great bus drivers out there that take care of our kids but there are a few that have no business behind the wheel of a school bus.

Dave Rimmer, Li...

As a bus and coach driving instructor in the UK can anyone tell me what you have to do in the USA to get a bus/coach driving license. In the UK you first have to have and pass a stringent medical, You then have to study and take a 60 question theory test (55 answer pass rate) and at the same venue also take a computerised hazard perception test. Then finally you have to do a practical bus/coach driving test which lasts for about 1 hour and 10 minutes. You must not make any serious or dangerous mistake but you are allowed to accrue 15 minor mistakes. Whilst doing the practical training you must be accompanied by a qualified driver. Would be very interested in your system for gaining a PCV (passenger carrying vehicle) licence.
Beware the dangerous right hand turn...oops, sorry its the left hand turn over there isnt it!

I can overlook ...

SPEEDING through a school zone in a SCHOOL BUS?! That is just plain stupid. As far as 2 sides to the story, if it were my kid I wouldn't care if she were nervous or not, either way she is endangering children.

Spotted Dick (A...

Not too many of them two story buses over here Dave. We do have people that don't know which side of the road to be on sometimes though.

Dave Rimmer, Li...

Deer Dave....Ah, yes the famous old "double decker". Our company dont use them. We only have single deckers. You do find a number of, what we call, "open top" double deckers after drivers have NOT checked the height of the vehicle to the height of a bridge, and as a consequence, removed the roof.All bridges over her have to be marked with a height warning sign if they are under 16 foot 6 inches and double deckers are about 15 foot.
Would you believe it happens quite regularly.Occasionally get peolple trying to drive on the right here but that is usually near shipping ports when visitors have just arrived, You have some good ideas over there that I think we should adopt. Your right hand turn at a red trafic light. We cant do that and over taking on the off side and near side, we are only allowed to overtake on the off side. From my visits to the US I have never seen a roundabout. They are a good idea instead of traffic lights on certain junctions. If they are used properly they do speed up traffic flow although when driving abroad on the other side of the road, roundabouts are the most akward hazard to negotiate.
Catch U L8ER
Beware of buses, they are bigger than you car

Deer Dave, (Ano...

Do you know Thomas Cook?

Dave Rimmer,Liv...

No, but I do know Mr.M.Mouse, Mr P.Parker and Mr C.Kent
Tell me why is it no one over there uses their real name. Do you have something to hide or are you frightened of the IRS, CIA, FBI, MI5, MOSAD, COSA NOSTRA, DOGS, DEER, SPEEDING BUS DRIVERS, SUBWAYS, DEPUTY DOG or what?
Catch U L8ER

bigd says..... ...

lol dave rimmer....good one there!!!!!

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