Are you looking for a job?

Hiring fair planned for Thursday in Norwalk.
Aaron Krause
Sep 10, 2013


The Department of Job and Family Services in partnership with local businesses are sponsoring a Hiring Fair on Thursday.

A variety of employers will be present looking to fill the following positions: Assemblers, CDL Drivers, Clerical / Office workers, CNAs, Entry Level Factory workers, Fabricators, General Laborers, Home Health Aides, Human Resources generalists, LPN's, Machine Operators, Quality Control, RN's, Sales Reps, STNA's, Warehouse workers, Welders, Occupational Therapy Assistants, Law Enforcement Officers and more. Arrive with updated resumes and be dressed and ready to interview.

The hiring fair will take place at the Expo Building at the Huron County Fairgrounds from 1 to 4 p.m. If you need assistance to prepare for this hiring event, please call or stop by the Job Store at 185 Shady Lane Drive. Assistance in preparing your resume is also available at the Job Store. Transportation will be available from the Huron County Job Store to the Expo Building, with the last van leaving the Job Store at 3 p.m.

If you have questions, would like more information or if you are an employer or vendor and would like to have a presence at the Hiring Fair, please contact the Huron County Job and Family Services at (419) 668-8126 ext. 3100 for Robin Hunt or ext. 3200 for Jeff Felton.


Scranton Tibbs

Should be standing room only on Thursday by looking at the numbers for Huron County....but I bet it won't be. Most of the people in this county can't pass a simple drug screen, and the rest of them are happy receiving handouts. But I'll hope for the best.

Cliff Cannon

@ Scranton Tibbs : May I offer an apology as well as a thank-you to you here ?

You made me realize, my own personal tribute to Fanny Farmer, has no place in 'blogville' as capitalizing " F's " here is a distraction. While doing it in real life on paper is not a problem as it is less intrusive. So I no longer pay tribute to Fanny Farmer here in blogville.

Of course, you had to insult me,to teach me, which ticked me off. Then I insulted you back, which is the totally wrong thing in debate or real life to do. So I apologize for that insult, as well as thank-you for teaching me how to blog in a better less distracting manner.


@ CC:

Keep writing about Fannys.

Illegitimi non carborundum.

Scranton Tibbs


RE: "Illegitimi non cartorundum."

-I never bothered learning Latin, as I'm doubtful of running into any conquering Romans that I needed to communicate, nor establish trade with.

IMO, I have alas figured out your true identity.


Cliff Cannon

@ Contango : " Keep writing about Fannys." I will. Simply because in our travels we learn so much. Then like Charles Kuralt when those memories are properly shared, others enjoy as well as learn from them.

To wit: Your 1970's trip to Thibodeaux, La. Of all our exchanges that one ranks as one of my favorites. As we both got to enjoy trips down memory lane and hopefully in discussing Louisiana others got to 'see' sides of La. they didn't know about.

One Fanny Farmer story, I've always wanted to use, yet have never found a vehicle for. Is a personal observation why liberalism is so huge in Madison, Wisconsin, while the rest of the state is devoutly conservative.

So there is just one story, I am itching to use. So trust me " Fanny's " is not leaving my life. Just not going to capitalize the " F's " in blogville ( As I haven't for some time now) in an effort to become a better more clear debater.

P.S. My home is filled with written maxims in the hope, that my children or their friends will find something useful for their lives. Only one is in latin " Veritas Vincit " ( truth conquers ) ain't that the truth ?

Scranton Tibbs

I apologize as well CliFF. Please know I was only messing with you. No need to change blogging styles of me. Everyone has their own style. Contango's style is "unique" (gonna try being nice for a change). BTW, I loved Fanny Farmer. Good stuff, reminds me of my childhood. Good stuFF!

Cliff Cannon

@ Scranton Tibbs : Thank-you for your graciousness. To put it mildly, ' Fanny Farmer ' like you " reminds me of my childhood ". It also remains ( thanks to decorating my home 'museum' style) an integral part of my life.

I wish not only for the sake of tasting once again their delicious candy's, but even more importantly for the job opportunity's they offered, that they were still with us.

However, given the lack of interest by so many folks in today's world in having a job.( We really need to reform welfare benefits, don't we ? ) Let alone, in creating or appreciating products of matchless quality.I am not sure they could survive.

Certainly, one of my great complaints in todays America is we seem to have lost the ability or else don't have the time, to savor great things. And like sunsets, romance or Grandma's cooking, savoring was what Fanny Farmer's was all about.


agree Scranton.

Cliff Cannon

@ Scranton Tibbs : Amen

believe it

Yeah too bad no one will show up, why get a job when you can get free money from the government?


Good effort. Hope it's positive for some.


The ones who have self pride and want to work, not only to be a contributing factor to their family and community will show up. The rest (the majority) will continue to sit and home and collect from John P Taxpayer.


Re: "will continue to sit and home and collect from John P Taxpayer."

IMO, one must recall Newton's First Law of Motion (The Law of Inertia).

A possible foretaste of the future:

"Malfunction Causes Food Stamp Debit Cards to Fail"


For those of you interested in continuing your education, there will also be representatives from local colleges at the event. This is a great opportunity to discuss your options. Many times you can work and go to school at the same time. Go to the event and see what positive changes you can make!

Cliff Cannon

@ NotAboutMe : Here's hoping your timely information, of those " great opportunity's " offered. Lead many to some of those "positive changes " you refer to.

Because, I for one believe the ancient Greeks defined " happiness " best when they described it as " the full use of your powers along the lines of excellence" .

And sitting on one's rump making excuse's for doing nothing with your life,is a great way to end up extremely depressed, isn't it ? Because, after all, no one can lie to the person in the mirror about their effort's, can they ?