Council considering outdoor furnace ban

City council will vote next week on an ordinance banning any more exterior furnaces from being installed in the city. Then they will take some time to decide what to do with the ones already here. Dale Sheppard, safety/service director, urged council to ultimately ban all exterior furnaces. "Banning these things is the appropriate thing to do because they are nasty devices," he said.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Jul 25, 2010


City council will vote next week on an ordinance banning any more exterior furnaces from being installed in the city. Then they will take some time to decide what to do with the ones already here.

Dale Sheppard, safety/service director, urged council to ultimately ban all exterior furnaces. "Banning these things is the appropriate thing to do because they are nasty devices," he said.

Linda Hebert, zoning officer for the city, also told council that regulating exterior furnaces would be difficult. She said four or five exterior furnaces are in the city now. She does not have records showing how many complaint calls she has received, but she said at least half of the complaints were about an exterior furnace on Henry Street that has been removed.

Henry Street residents came to complain about that furnace. "It affects the quality of life of many people," Jay Lukasko said. "I want my kids to be able to play outside."

Bryan Brown agreed. "A lot of times you don't see the smoke, but you smell the smoke," he said. He said the smoke triggered off migraines for his wife and asthma attacks for his daughter.

Tod Wise said regulations aren't enough. "We all know that people will do stuff and get away with it. The police department has better things to do" than check what people are burning in exterior furnaces, he said.

Kelly Beck, who has an exterior furnace, said the problem with the Henry Street furnace was that the owner burned green wood and didn't have a tall enough stack to get the smoke high enough into the air. He suggested council consider regulations about stack heights and what can be burned in exterior furnaces.

Beck also said the size of his lot would make possible setback requirements impossible.

Greg Dauch, another exterior furnace owner, said he has extended his stack by four feet since council first considered the issue and he will extend it further if his neighbors say the smoke is a problem.

Mike Hemenway, who sells exterior furnaces, urged council to consider the technological advances that have been made in the units.

Council members aren't ready to make a decision. "We're going to have to take some more time," Steve Euton said. "We're going to have to do some research."

Robert Carleton urged his fellow council members to consider a grandfather clause that would allow people with exterior furnaces to keep them. "We can't tell these people to take their investment and shove it," he said.

Mayor Sue Lesch said council should make residents their top priority. "I have great concerns about the health of the neighbors," she said. "Our first responsibility is to err on the side of caution. This isn't just a nuisance it's affecting people's quality of life and, perhaps, their health."

In other business:

Council approved the purchase of new playground equipment for Bishman Park. Thanks to a special deal from the company, the city will pay only $23,000 for a unit worth twice that amount.

Council approved a community reinvestment zone in the uptown area. Any businesses or residences in the approved area will be given tax abatements for remodeling, additions and new construction. Bethany Dentler, economic development director, estimated that the program will spur up to $500,000 worth of improvements in the area.


pope ottomus (A...

i really don't see the difference between these wood burners and a regular fireplace, as far as emmission is concerned, although, the 2 dealers of these burners are Norwalk own version of our own "Mr Hainey' from Green don't know which of the 2 dealers are going to screw you over more...

pope ottomus (A...

aka swiss go away you alternate names do not hide your ignorant posts.

Done Deal (Anon...

mark my words, they will be banned and the existing ones will have to jump through so many hoops that they will end up being ripped out of service. go back to gas people

spanky (Anonymous)

Let's see...All but one city official quoted has favored a ban on the outdoor furnaces. What facts have they presented to support their position. "Don't know how many complaints have been filed?"
"Half of some unknown total have come from one location?".
I hear emotional/unprofessional comments like "they are nasty"???? with out stating any facts to support???? Can someone in the administration step up and show some professionalism and expertise that indicates they have done their homework. PLEASE!
I don't pay too much attention to politics in Norwalk but if this issue is typical of how decisions are being made it is no wonder the once tranquil, civilized Norwalk is now catering to yahoos and lowlife. Perhaps Norwalk is now run by the same undesirable element. Administration, wake up, show some class, some vision, and some wisdom and think your way through this issue, present your facts, and make a rational decision.

yahoo (Anonymous)

Yes, yahoos and lowlifes don't like woodburners. That extra smoke in the air interferes with them inhaling their cigarette and pot smoke. Hey, maybe the sheriff could donate all those pot plants they've pulled up for fuel.

Right on Spanky...

So one location had a bunch of complaints. Don't let one person ruin it for the rest. And for "done deal", you pay my gas bill and I'll switch back. How's that for a deal?

How about burn ...

done deal for heat then we dont have to hear from the idiot anymore.

Done Deal (Anon...

outdoor furnace users = poor bastards. can't afford to heat your home then move into a little apartment!

re done deal (A...

spending more on gas then you have too + dumb@ss
Done Deal + dumb@ss

opps meant (Ano...


RE: Done Deal (...

Poor b*stards? Now you just sound jealous. A poor person could never afford the cost of an outdoor burner, plus any duct work and installation. Maybe you are a dumb b*stard for paying for gas. Or maybe you are a lazy b*stard for not cutting wood. Perhaps a whiney b*astard too? Either way, I think you're the b*stard.

smokey / DONE D...

Done deal can heat ALL of Norwalk with his hot air. Done deal is mildly ** -tarded.

Dear Smokey (An...

You may want to choose your words more carefully on here. Some people may find your '**tarded' humor offensive.

Gvt waste (Anon...

So big Dale Sheppard thinks these devices are "nasty?" Who died and made this large man god? We all don't get paid like you do Dale with your gubmint job sitting around damn day.

the law (Anonymous)

Hey-what gets me ticked is people that burn their trash in burnbarrels or on the ground! It is illegal to burn your garbage in this state!These idiots that are burning their trash stink up their whole neighborhoods.I'm taking a chance when I hang laundry out to dry on the line!And I live in the city limits!Monroeville is very bad for this!I walked on the new trail several times & each time I walked, one or two homes were burning trash in the city limits!Why isn't this enforced?

re smokey (Anon...

How smart is it when someone like done deal runs his mouth the way he does? This man IS offensive & lacks consideration of others by calling them fools.

Re: the law (An...

its not against the STATE LAW to burn your trash. its all in the ordiances or local laws of your city. if you dont like the way Monroeville smells then dont come back. thanks

EPA?? (Anonymous)

Norwalk councel should contact the EPA and make an A*s of themselves by asking them if these furnaces are harmful to others. Only to really find out that they are fine. DO YOU HOMEWORK. THANKS

BPB (Anonymous)

it is against Ohio EPA starndard 3745-19-04 to burn trash but i don't beleive that is why monroeville stinks if you know waht i mean - - and i think norwalk should get Ohio EPA involved if there is wood smoke lingering new the ground and you have to breath it EPA would not approve of it - - these smoke bellowing stink shacks might be approved by EPA but not in neighbor unless the house is 1000 ft away

woodburning cou...

I live in a rural area right now so the woodburning does not effect my neighbors. But lets understand the desire to reduce our heating expenses. With every passing day fuel costs rise but not our pay. Regulation is a far more agreeable solution than an outright ban.

The Law (Anonymous)

This is to the idiot that posted "don't come back".I never do name calling on here, but I'm going to make an exception this time!Your an idiot, do you really believe that I posted this on here with not doing my homework?Well I have done my homework!I have contacted the E.P.A.,the Police, the Fire Dept.,the Health Dept.,& the St.of Ohio Re.,the Sheriff dept.& other venues.They all state that burning your trash is ILLEGAL here!!!!!So if you disagree with my findings, perhaps you should speak to these people that I spoke to!You see, I took the time to LEARN something that is an important issue with me,as my children have to breathe this air also!Drive by some houses sometime,& look in their back yards.The burn barrels are usually put in the far back corner of someones propertyline,only because they don't want to have to smell the stink themselves.So they send it their neighbors way!There's a couple of guys that burn their garbage a few feet away from a barn of their neighbors.The barnowner restores cars& such inside.So he has stuff that probably would cause quite a stir.But these fools burn there anyway.What happens when you get uneducated people like this burning trash?Their neighbors & the enviroement suffer because of it!

re:BPB (Anonymous)

hello!What do you mean when you say,Monroeville stinks?Just wondering.

BPB (Anonymous)

i was refering to comment on nov29th 7:18pm

rancid (Anonymous)

Listen, I had it up to here with the Monroeville smells stuff.
The stench in Monroeville comes from being a rural community as in the smell of manure from farm animals that are close by. It is cruel to post funny little comments that infer the community malodorousness is related to our bathing habits or perhaps even that we sit around in our own excretion. The animals reek not the people. The current residents can not help it that the Monroeville was originally named Manureville. So just shut the hell up.

smalltowner (An...

Okay if you all want to know the laws according to the state of Ohiothen go to the Ohio EA website and read the Division of Air Polution Control pamplet it is all right there.The website is
Try reading to regulations, before you run your mouths or should I say (let your fingers do your talking.)

Done Deal (Anon...

back on topic fools. Moratorium coming for nasty outdoor wood furnaces and then total banning of the damn stink sheds. make arrangements now to switch back over to natural gas and prepare for some hefty retrofit costs. that is all, now back to the hillbilly monroville bashing.

Re Done Deal: (...

Sad to say it won't work like that. If these people can't use their wood burners that were bought AND APPROVED, I am sure there will be some attornies eating up some cases. So they will stay, or in a round about way YOU will pay. Now, follow these instructions carefully before spreading the diarrhea of your mouth... 1. Bend over, 2. Remove your head from your bunghole.

kiwi/re done de...

You must be related some of the saddest & dumbest people around - why so mean? Why all the name calling?

BPB (Anonymous)

if there is smoke in the neighborhood or if you can smell smoke for blocks around it don't matter if they where approved or not you are affecting the quility of life of your neighbor. there are some people that can not tolerate smoke or if not smoke just the smell so why don't we be good neighbors and stop burning trash and if you out door furnace leaves the smell of wood in the blocks around than lets fix that too i have seen smoke stack 100 feet tall to solve something like this

RE BPB: (Anonymous)

It DOES matter if they were approved or not. If they were not approved these people wouldn't have spent THOUSANDS of dollars on the unit alone just to lose that money. Regulate it, don't ban it. If they have to intall bigger smoke stacks, so be it. But let's be good neighbors and not screw these people out of their hard earned money. I agree, trash should not be burned, wood only, but this BS about banning something that was indeed approved and much money invested should NOT be tolerated.

Those of you who want this banned, you just wait. This free country is turning into a dictatorship and soon something you need or want will be banned. It's just a matter of time if we allow it to happen now.