Willard hunter injured, released from Toledo hospital

A Willard man has been released from a Toledo hospital after being injured in a hunting mishap Tuesday morning in Greenfield Township. Floyd Hicks, 41, of 1835 Thomas Road, had been listed in critical condition in the intensive care unit of St. Vincent Mercy Medical Center. However, Hicks had been discharged as of this morning, hospital spokeswoman Jana Zervos said.
Cary Ashby
Jul 25, 2010


A Willard man has been released from a Toledo hospital after being injured in a hunting mishap Tuesday morning in Greenfield Township.

Floyd Hicks, 41, of 1835 Thomas Road, had been listed in critical condition in the intensive care unit of St. Vincent Mercy Medical Center. However, Hicks had been discharged as of this morning, hospital spokeswoman Jana Zervos said.

"It was reported the gun blew up," Capt. Jamey Bracken of the Huron County Sheriff's Office said about the incident, which occurred between 10:30 and 11 a.m. near Hansville Corners Road in rural Monroeville.

Hicks first was taken to Mercy Hospital of Willard, then flown by helicopter to St. Vincent.

A Mercy Hospital emergency room employee called deputies, a requirement when shooting victims are treated. Deputies then notified Jeff Collingwood of the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, the wildlife officer for the county.

"My investigation is still ongoing. I can't release any information," Collingwood said.

Collingwood referred further questions to wildlife investigative supervisor Paul Kurfis, who was unavailable for comment this morning.


Sportsman (Anon...

It just amazes me how ignorant some people really are!?!?! If it were not for hunting, deer & all other wildlife would become overpopulated, disease stricken & a potential threat in many ways. Hunting is regulated for the preservation of the species, read up on the diseases to the south due to overpopulation! A few bad apples can ruin any type of activity, educate yourself before throwing stones!

sally boniva......

i know that hunters don't physically chase deer through the woods... they couldn't do that , they are usually too drunk to stand, let alone run... but they can sure pull that trigger!!and no i have never had one come through my windsheild, i have just hit one this year as a matter of fact , with my car.. and i don't blame the deer.. i blame the people that hunt them ... and as far as saying that they need to be control populated... you are doing them a favor, otherwise they would starve.. on behalf of all of the animals everywhere.. i would like to express our most sincere gratitude for killing us, so we don't starve to death.... THANK-YOU .. there are you happy now??? get real, and get a life .. i would like to see things from your point of view.. but i don't think i could fit my head that far up my butt

Sportsman (Anon...

Spoken like a true mental midget! I would rather eat a steak that came from an animal I hunted & processed myself, and I bet you don't mind getting meat from an animal that has been penned up its whole life & pumped with growth hormones then mass slaughtered, poor defenseless cattle, hogs, chickens etc. etc. Get a clue moron!

Colt (Anonymous)

Well, you know, it does seem we are overrun with deer, in spite of hunting them. Or maybe because of hunting them.
"Sportsman?" Bring down that buck with a buck knife and I'll let you call yourself a sportsman.

Sportsman (Anon...

Well, Colt, you seem as bright as another person here! Lets add a little more danger to the hunt & do it with a knife, genious! I do in fact hunt them with a bow & arrow though, try that once. Narrow minded people need to wake up & realize what it is all about.

Dave Rimmer, Li...

Try tackling a grizly without a weapon on equal terms, thats what I would call sport.

Deer Dave (Anon...

There are six species of deer in the UK: red deer, roe deer, fallow deer, Sika deer, muntjac deer, and Chinese water deer, as well as hybrids of these deer. All are hunted to a degree reflecting their relative population. It is illegal to use bows to hunt any wild animal in the UK under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981. The vast majority of deer hunted in the UK are stalked. The phrase deer hunting also refers (in England and Wales) to the traditional practice of chasing deer with packs of hounds, now illegal under the Hunting Act 2004. Two people have been convicted for breaking the new law. Many different weapons are permitted in various states of the USA during certain times of deer season. These include bows, crossbows, rifles, shotguns, pistols, and muzzleloaders.

Archery season usually opens weeks or months before a state or locality's gun season and usually is permitted for several weeks or months afterwards. Modern compound bows and recurve bows are used, as well as some primitive recurve and longbows by historical enthusiasts when permitted. Crossbows are often reserved for disabled hunters who are unable to draw a bow. Most bows and crossbows offer an effective accurate range of 30-40 yards. Compound bows are the most popular archery method.

Rifles, shotguns, and pistols are all commonly used for hunting deer. Most regions place limits on the minimum caliber or gauge to be used; rimfire rifles and centerfires under .22 caliber are often prohibited due to ethical concerns, although they have been used to hunt deer and larger game in some cases. Some areas of the United States prohibit rifle hunting altogether; most firearms hunters in these areas use 10, 12, or 20 gauge shotguns with buckshot or slug loads. Handguns are also prohibited in many deer hunting situations, but hunters in some areas have success with .357 magnum, .41 Magnum, and .44 Magnum revolvers and larger calibers such as the .500 S&W Magnum and .454 Casull. Specialty hunting handguns like the Thompson Center Arms Contender and Encore are capable of firing many big game cartridges like the .30-06 Springfield and .45-70. Large caliber semiautomatics (such as the Desert Eagle, LAR Grizzly, and many 10mm Auto pistols) also deliver enough power to take deer.

Muzzleloader hunting is also a common practice. Modern muzzleloading rifles equipped with synthetic stocks, telescopic and fiber optic sights, in-line ignition systems, advanced conical or sabot bullet designs, and black powder substitutes such as Pyrodex are much more effective than the muskets of generations past. However, many traditionalists still use wood stocked, iron sighted rifles with round lead balls and traditional black powder charges.

Hunting deer with edged weapons, such as the lance or sword, is still practiced in continental Europe, primarily in France. In such hunts, the hunters are mounted on horseback, and use packs of deerhound or greyhound dogs to track and drive deer. Only the hunt masters have the right to deliver the death blow, while other mounted hunters simply ride to the chase.

Alabama permits spear hunting of deer during its archery season.

Colt (Anonymous)

Hey, a little danger wouldn't bother a sportsman.

Dave Rimmer, Li...

Sir, your knowledge of hunting matters and weapons both inside and outside of the USA is exemplary. The fact still remains that in my humble opinion, to kill a defenceless animal in the name of sport is unnecessary and degrading to the human being that commits the act. Relentless hunting has brought many of the worlds most magnificent species to extinction. We therefor have vastly differing opinions on the subject so I suppose we will have to agree to differ but I defend anyones right to voice their opinion.
Nice having an open discussion with you.
Catch U L8ER
Beware of Teddy Bears caleed Mohamed

Deer Dave (Anon...

Animals are not totally defenseless, they come through the windshield and kick the crap outta ya. Those damn dirty deer with their razor sharp hooves.

Dave Rimmer, Li...

Deer Dave, Although we have totally differing opinions on the subject of hunting I like to think we have discussed the matter without slagging each other off and using bad language as some people have done on this thread. Dont suppose you will ever change my mind or indeed I change yours, but as I have said before I would defend anyone`s right to have a differing opinion. It is such a shame that politicians (on both side of the Atlantic) didnt behave in the same manner and listen to both sides of an argument.
I`m gone now....catch U L8ER

LOLOAQIC, I82QB4IP (think about it?)

Deer Dave, (Ano...

Yes, while our opinions do differ, that is just what they are, opinions. Who really cares what we think? At least people can see that we can have our differences and still get along! pip-pip, my friend!

thousands of jo...

The white-tailed deer is the most popular game animal in Ohio, frequently pursued by generations of hunters. Deer hunting contributes an estimated $266 million to the state's economy each year and helps to support thousands of jobs.

Reality Check (...

Now that everyone has cast their opinion, let's look at some facts. Hunting is legal as well as necessary. I understand the compassion that non hunters have but you also must understand the compassion that hunters have. Hunting is conservation, without it there would be chaos.I would like to have a one year moratorium on hunting to show you what would happen. First of all the quality of the animals life would diminish severely as well as yours. You would not be able to enjoy your own yard because of all the animals, their waste and the disease. Do you know what Lyme Disease is? You will when your kids contract it from playing outside in your own yard, it's not pretty and it's deadly. You think there is roadkill now, you ain't seen nothing yet. A raccoon in the garbage is one thing but raccoons along with other animals fighting over it is another thing. You wouldn't need a trash can, you'd open the door, throw it as far as you can and close the door as fast as you can. Blasting away at animals for no reason but to kill them is illegal and you will go to jail if caught. Killing for food and pest control is necessary. If you don't like it, fine, but understand it before casting an opinion based on ignorance.

Colt (Anonymous)

Sorry Reality Check, your "facts" are really only opinions.
When animals are stressed, such as by hunting, they breed more. It's a defense mechanism to ensure their survival. If you hunters were really doing it for conservation, you would support some type of birth control program for deer.
If you didn't feel guilty you wouldn't make excuses like you do. How about a five year moratorium on hunting and let nature take care of itself?

Dave Rimmer, Li...

Mr Reality Check.....you have some very valid point and indeed very eloquently put. Can I pose a question to you. If we go back in time when we were cavemen, how come the population of these animals did not explode and devastate the world then. How come the population is likely to explode now....sorry i`m just a thick Brit so I dont understand your logic....perhaps I am missing something.
You say wanton killing for no reason is illegal and yet you state that culling is necessary to avoid disease and pestulance. So I assume the hunter is culling and not killing for no reason....once again my friend, I am sorry but I dont understand your logic. Farmers in this country are always complaining about foxes and the damage they do particularly livestock and and in particular poultry and consequently the majority of them support fox hunting. I can show anyone two farms in the south of the UK were the farmers deliberately encourage and allow foxes to breed just so they can be hunted by the Tally Ho regiment of Hurray Henrys (terminology for the rich aristocratic types who clap and cheer when a fox is caught by the hound and ripped to shreds).Is this the action of logical people who think these animals cause so much damage. Yes there are different circumstances between the UK and the US but it dont matter which country you belong to there will always be the fors and againsts. Incidentally UK government has banned hunting with hounds
Catch UL8ER
Ducks and Deer, beware men with shot guns

Deer Colt, (Ano...

Birth control for deer?? Are you kidding?? Sorry. I have to side with Reality Check. Your reasoning is somewhat stupid as well as undoable.

pip pip (Anonymous)

The white-tailed deer is the most popular game animal in Ohio, frequently pursued by generations of hunters. Deer hunting contributes an estimated $266 million to the state's economy each year and helps to support thousands of jobs.

RE: Colt (Anonymous)

Sorry Colt, my facts are facts and your mother should have used birth control. Did you know that I have a gun with your name on it? It's a great conservation piece.

Re: Mr Rimmer (...

I don't know about you but I'm not old enough to remember dinosaurs. But what I have learned about them from my great, great uncle Thag is that there were many of them and they were huge. My great great aunt Zog was eaten by one.

You know it, Co...

You are sooooo right. I know when I'm being chased by someone with a gun I get a bone on and want to get 'er done.

Could I get a d...

maybe a Corona, with a twist of lyme disease?

confused (Anonymous)

on how killing an ignorant animal is a sport? I 've never hunted, nor anyone I know...but I can't seem to figure it out? I see deer everyday, how hard is it to shoot one? Where is the competition? and then not to mention people actually eat the stuff? We all know it's a hillbilly sport I guess shooting at something else would be more exciting...and for the over population theroies, then why are'nt we shooting at people to stop the crowding and over population? Can name a few of Norwalk's finest in-breeds to shoot at!

Colt (Anonymous)

You're not confused, it isn't sport. If you think it's hard to shoot a deer then you haven't practiced enough.
I have several guns with this name on them and I use them instead of talking about them.