Norwalk school board ponders new building construction

State money could be used to fund majority of construction.
Cary Ashby
Sep 10, 2013


Could Norwalk City Schools be considering using state money to fund the construction of a new building?

Superintendent Dennis Doughty said the district owes it to the community to at least consider the possibility. He said now is the first time it makes sense for Norwalk to do so because "the community wouldn't have to pay for the bulk of that."

Doughty brought up the issue during the school board's finance committee meeting Wednesday. A story about this subject was published in Thursday's issue of the Norwalk Reflector.




build just because the money is there,thats what i would expect,after all its free money,nobodys tax dollars involved,by the way where does this free money come from,they print it in columbus?


Well, if the money will be allocated else where anyways,I would say yes. But how much will it cost us, nothing is free .

Scranton Tibbs

If the state funds the "majority" of the money...who funds the rest? Earlduck, thats a good point. Ditto for Jackel. People are on to this scam of building these new "free" schools.


Attn. Dennis - State $$ are our $$. Another valid reason we are broke.


"State $$ are our $$." New teachers and new buildings, apparently.


This is what I have been saying all along. If you think about it, this is the right thing to do to save our money. Look at how much money is wasted on these old buildings repairing them and the electricity costs. Hundreds of thousands of dollars a year on all of the different buildings. Not to mention the cost savings in bussing to ONE school. This should have been done LONG ago but the schools board has been to busy making stupid decisions like changing the dates for kindergarten and giving days off of school for the district for a team sporting event. Centralize the school to one location and sell the properties to recoup more money. Common sense.


old schools sell for a penny on the dollar,I didn't know we were actually spending real money on buildings we don't need