Huron County Airport's future in jeopardy?

Dunlap says he and fellow commissioners are working to sell airport
Scott Seitz2
Sep 9, 2013


Huron County Commissioner Tom Dunlap said, in his opinion, the board is currently taking the necessary steps to ultimately sell the airport.

How the county can actually get to the point where it can sell the facility is a tangled web, Dunlap said.

Supporters of selling the airport say it can be done.

Local pilots and the group Friends of the Huron County Airport say it's nearly impossible to sell.

A story about this subject was published recently in the Norwalk Reflector.



I predict that this will reach 235 comments... LET THE GAMES BEGIN!


Sell it to Bader

citizenof hc

We should thank Mr Dunlap for finally bringing the "PLAN", and their intent to close and sell the airport facility out of the shadows and into the public's eye. Note that Hintz and Bauer are still standing in the shadows. Hintz, who will be up for re-election in 2014 is sitting in Essex's right pocket. And so the battle begins!!! We actually thought Dunlap had more intellect than to listen to Essex's directions.


They can run the sportsman classes on the Airport runway and the Pro classes on the track. That way they could maybe get done before 4 am.


Ive followed the airport topics over the last few years and its seems like there is always a lot of talk, but no action to resolve the issues at hand. If they can sell it and free up the yearly expense, then I think most of Huron County would support that option.


Arm - What yearly expense are you talking about. The airport hasn't received any county support since 2010, while all other county depts have received their fair share for operating expenses. The commissioners have intentionally refused to take grant funds to repair or improve the facility. Don't you think if Silcox and his stooges could have sold the facility when he was a commissioner they would have done it already. Essex, who is at the center of this conspiracy has convinced those of lesser intellect that his plan to bankrupt the facility, and allow it to deteriorate, will help convince the poweres to be to allow the requested closure and sale. All Essex and Frankenfield have to do is the same nothing they have done since they were appointed to the airport board. We never claimed we had politicians with any smarts.

An Aerial Agricultural spraying operation just completed about 6+ weeks of work at the airport, employed by the local Sunrise Agronomy facility. How much of an economical impact do you think spraying local corn fields will have on future yields and our local economy. What about all the business and recreational air traffic that has used the facility, including those customers, racers, promoters who attended Bader's summer events, renting vehicles locally, using local lodging, and eating at local restaurants. Even IHRA's recent business use of the airport should make you think about the potential use of the facility. The airport's problem stems from county commissioners, and economic development officials not doing their job of advertising or promoting our area. It's easy to blame a runway, or our roads for not bringing growth, when it's really the fault of those pointing the fingers for not doing their own jobs.


Your reasons for keeping this airport are redundant as all can be done with/at the WILLARD airport!



American - you must be a local politician, and sorry to critique your statement, because your intellect is only exceeded here by your ignorance of the topic. Williard is a small city owned airport in the far southwestern portion of the county with a shorter runway, no hangars to secure aircraft, and fuel for sale on cash basis, subject to availability. I'm sure Sunrise will be happy transporting their chemicals 25 miles vs 1 mile. I'm sure Sunrise, the local farmers and the aerial sprayer will be willing to absorb the extra fuel costs, extra aircraft time, and extra labor cost travelling the extra distances you suggest to spray local crop fields. I'm sure those people who do business in and around Norwalk and southern Erie county will jump at the chance to use infrastructure on the southern Huron County line. You can always accomplish more when you discuss issues with people who have at least a shred of intelligence.


Making personal insults is what I expect from the tiny few that support this decades old albatross.
The county doesn't receive a large benefit from hangars and fuel sales. Sunrise will survive just fine using other alternatives, it will not break their bank. Business owners are very few and far between with some or most not from Huron County.
An incredible small percentage of people that gain personally from the Huron County airport have only succeeded in shouting the loudest. It may not happen overnight, but I have no doubt eventually this airport will be closed.


I guarantee it will not be in your lifetime bozo. The county doesn't receive any benefit from the hangar and fuel sales. They aren't suppose to. What they benefit from are the businesses and people to use air travel to fly in to our airport, and spend their dollars here. The grant funds come from avaition fuel so it is not funded by people like you, but by pilot, and people who fly. While other county depts are getting federal grant funds, including the highway dept, people like you want to punish the airport and allow it (county property)to deteriorate. Bader can also survive using other alternatives. Sunrise's impact is a hell of lot more signifuicant than Bader could ever be. As far as outside businesses coming and spending money in our county - that my friend is how a local economy works and flourishs. It's because of people like you with your backward moronic ideals that this county has an 11% unemployment rate. You don't have to be an einstein to understand the importance of bringing money from the outside to your area. Look at the influx of people who come to places like Kalihari (year round) and Cedar Point which opens in April - the end of October, and don't even think of trying to compare either to Billy's weekend motorhome operation. But we both know that anology is well beyond your capability to reason.


"bozo", "moronic", "Einstein".

When you have no valid argument name call and deflect; exactly what has been airport supporters' present and history of blogs.


an american, you need to review the information about where grant funds come from.


The majority of all grant money comes from the tax payer !


Jackel, the majority of the airport grant funds come from the pilots who use the system, and pay taxes on aviation fuel. There st comes from taxes on air cargo and airline tickets. The money collected is going to be used whether it is here or at another airport. You expect your road system to be maintained with tax money, you draw the line at using funds collected from the aviation community to repair your airport infrastructure. Not a very logical position.


Jackle seems to have the reasoning ability of Wile E Coyote.

Ralph Wiggum

You are incorrect, the smallest amount of tax money paid into this fund comes from the pilots who use the system.


This is unbelievable,I was just saying yesterday, things have sure been quiet at the airport since Larry left.Welcome back to the Daily comics !


The search for the REAL truth begins! I'm tired of politicians claiming that the airport is a drain on county finances. Just go to the Huron County Auditor's page, click on "Forms" and read the audited financial statements for 2011 and 2012, the two most recent years where the airport received ZERO financial support. In 2011, the airport earned a surplus of $11,657, and in 2012, the airport earned a surplus of $15,299. If the county commissioners would credit the money earned from airport farm rental to the airport as is required by federal law, the 2012 earnings would have been even greater.


How about the 40 or 50 years previous to 11 and 12? Not counting federal taxpayer funds Norwalk City and the county have paid several hundred thousand dollars over these decades only to have a select few benefit with no profit going back to the taxpayer.


The $20,000 a year "subsidy" was not subsidy at all but pass through of rent paid on the large business complex hangar. The pass through came to an end when the building was signed over to the Airport Authority and county due to the non-payment of this rent.



Now The Rest of...

During the election wasn't Dunlap going to be the savior of the airport? What changed, being elected and now forced to make difficult decisions not campaign promises, typical politician. Maybe his buddy the sheriff could have his own air force based at the airport, I am sure Dunlap would fund and support that.


If the airport can make it without our tax $$ good.


So KURTJe, why then have the commissioners not approved the grant applications then?
Why were you against the grants yourself
Those grants would not have cost the county a dime and would have infused a lot of cash into the county's economy.
The only reason that comes to mind is you and they do not want the airport to succede and thus give a reason to justify selling it
Seems interesting that once again Essex's name has apeared in conection with a misappropiation of funds besides at the airport. Look at the article about North Fairfield last week.
Here is the article title.
Resident accuses plumbing company of stealing from village


I didn't know Norwalk still had an airport but I live in Kansas anyway.


Cute ! Now you can fly here !


I think Essex is partly responsible for the billing problem in North Fairfield. After all, he should have seen that certain utility bills were not being paid, and customers should have noticed that they were getting bills with unpaid balances. A shortage of utility revenue at the village should have been apparent.

Fibber Mcgee

If the 3 ( insert own word here) sell the airport is it possible that someone else could buy the property other than (again insert own word)??
How do the 3 know that the other guy will be highest bidder?


IF, the commissioner's did get it to sale. Watch the winning bid if at an open auction would not match the amount that shows up in the county accounts.
Should they do it with sealed bids then they'd only have to say it was Bader's bid and then not record all the bids (any that were higher came in after the dead line)


Propman grant money is tax dollars. That goes counter to independent thinking. Some lead, many follow, few walk independent. Again - if the airport can exist as a private operation so be it.