ONLINE EXCLUSIVE - Man gets 11 years in prison for stealing cigarettes

A 35-year-old man will serve a local 11-month prison term for stealing about 240 cartons of cigarettes from a New London grocery store last year. But before being punished for this crime, he must finish his sentence for a conviction in Medina County. James R. Samkas II made a written confession in March about the Sept. 15, 2007 burglary at the West Main Street business. New London Police Chief Mark Holden, at the time, said the defendant admitted to being with "someone else, but he would not disclose who his accomplice was."
Cary Ashby
Jul 25, 2010


A 35-year-old man will serve a local 11-month prison term for stealing about 240 cartons of cigarettes from a New London grocery store last year. But before being punished for this crime, he must finish his sentence for a conviction in Medina County.

James R. Samkas II made a written confession in March about the Sept. 15, 2007 burglary at the West Main Street business. New London Police Chief Mark Holden, at the time, said the defendant admitted to being with "someone else, but he would not disclose who his accomplice was."

"I'm not sure we caught the others, but we caught this guy," Huron County Prosecutor Russell Leffler said.

A Huron County grand jury indicted Samkas on theft as well as breaking and entering.

On Nov. 20, he was sentenced to 11 months in prison. Leffler said the culprits stole between $5,000 and $6,000 worth of cigarettes and did about $800 worth of damage to the business front door.

The business surveillance system showed two suspects who were wearing hoods. Holden has estimated the two men were in the store only two minutes after breaking the glass on the front door.

Investigators suspect Samkas worked with four people who have committed similar "smash and grab" incidents from as far north as Cleveland to as far south as Muskingum County, Holden said in March. Leffler described Samkas as a "long-time criminal (who has made) several trips to prison."

Samkas will serve his local sentence after he finishes a five -year term from Medina County, also for stealing cigarettes. He was convicted of 17 counts of breaking and entering.

In other court news, Clabe Taylor, 35, of Sandusky, was sentenced to three years in prison Nov. 20 for trafficking in cocaine. The conviction stems from a May incident at a north side Norwalk motel involving METRICH, a multi-county drug task force.

"Norwalk police basically ran the operation," Leffler said, mentioning that officers put a camera in the motel room to videotape the drug deal with a confidential informant.



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hello (Anonymous)

lets not forget why we are all here,to hate on wpd!!
(not each other) inless wakeman pd has something else to say! watch the times josh comes in at 11;15! lol yes he is supposed to start at 1100 but hell hes sgt he can come in whenever he wants! i would pay to know what josh has on tim!!


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hate on each other for a change. you keep repeating the same stuff. us new londoners would love to hear how this wakeman fired excop cancel gets to take a unmarked "police"car back and forth to work 40miles one way. I told a family member of mine who works for Key and she could not believe it. She said she was going to ask around downtown cleveland at Key Tower. I will post whatever she finds out...onward and upward!

hunker (Anonymous)

How is hunker doing with his cancer? he has a new suv! he must not be going to die inless he is leaving it for his wife.
i heard she went blind. she woke up one moring and couldnt see out of one of her eyes.
did anyone ever hear what kind of cancer he has?
is it testical cancer? that would explain alot! hes missing most of his balls now!! lol

re cancel (Anon...

fyi he is sgt at keybank and closes a branch that has classes at night so thats one of the perks for working 90 hours a weeks.
thanks for caring! lol
and get real new london? how would you know whats going on at the cancel house at midnight inless your josh! wpd can do better!! josh does one drive around and goes back to sleep!
try and make it sound goo! you mean you drive by cancel house everynight to see what hes driving home? i think thats called stalking!! weirdos we have working the pd!
the real proble is there mad at larry because he wouldnt join the red thong club like josh,hunker and duesenberry!
when you keep your nose clean wpd you dont have anything to hide.
"those who have nothing to hide hide nothing!" another thing,wpd keeps coming up with more bs when are you going to spit some facts out? you make up lies and cant remember what your talking about,us on the other hand remember what the deal is and that is josh is a fool that cheats on his wife and has hunker by the balls or whats left of them,wpd get over larry is better than you,move on! the guy leaves wakeman and get sgt within 4 mos !! and it pays real money too!! stop crying joshy,go back to sleep

one more though...

if cancel was fired what was he fired for? lol
yes thats why council is waiting for his resignation letter so they can pay him vac and sick time! freaks! small minds of wpd!

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just because your "family member" works outside key towers on the corner doesnt make her a key bank employee thats called being a hooker!

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how is stacy doing anyway! i heard she just got married again!(to a man ) i didnt think same sex marriage were legal in ohio?

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ohhh...sorry (A...

I forgot to clarify for you. didn't know that working as a personal assistant for one of the vice presidents for 8 years was being a hooker. grow up you small Minded people.

new londoner ak...

now we all understand why your the sgt of a one horse town! someone should give milchen back his bullets!
i guess thats why he drew down on himself on video at the station!! i understand why he cheats on his wife he feels like a man that hell never be!!
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oh why are you afraid of the dark? you like to sleep! is that why you washed out of the service? like the movie baby blue marine! if josh couldnt protect our country how can he protect or town? did they kick you out because your were scared of the dark or just scared?????

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With the cold weather ahead, you might want to check the tire psi in your trailer. Just a quick FYI.

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do you stalk the trailor park too????

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Wait a min. (An...

ok so first cancels wife booted him out,then hes living in the barn,then he was laid off from key,now hes driving a car home,so why dont you write it all down and then you can remember it! facts that havent changed,hunker is a ball less wonder,no backbone and slimmy,josh is a piece of crap who cheats on his wife and sleeps on station.

Scoop on Cancel...

He never got kicked out or lived in the barn. He still works at Key Bank and is ALLOWED to drive their car home. Sounds like you people are a little jealous of him. He isn't going behind their backs and driving the car home. It's like a "PERK" for the All these WPD people can't handle that Larry isn't running back to WPD for his job back. He wasn't fired, he left on his own. Get it through your heads people! Wakeman doesn't pay enough to keep good officers here and then take away their medical insurance, it's not worth it. If a certain officer on PD now didn't have his grandfather giving him things, he couldn't afford to work here either. But, where else can you get paid to sleep? Also, his wife probably works to make up for his slacking! There again is a 'perk' for him, while she's out working to help make ends meet, he's sleeping with the neighbor!! So, whomever is worried about Larry doing wrong by Key Bank, needs to stop and give it a rest. The man doesn't bother any of you. He works, takes care of his family and works some more! He was a GREAT OFFICER for Wakeman and the PD should have had enough sence to keep him. But, then again, Hunker didn't like Larry very much unless he wanted him to do something for him. I think Hunker felt competition to who was the better officer. Also, if Larry was still on WPD half the things that go on would be reported and no more secrets. So, you see, cutting Larry's hours and taking his medical was a way to get him to look for another job. WPD got what they wanted and you see the bullsh*t thats going on now!!

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Knock, knock, who’s there? Madison Construction. Madison Construction who? Madison Construction I'm going to buy your lot and you will be living in a van down by the river!

tims on (Anonymous)

guess we all know who wrote that! wpd isnt very bright! lol

MaBarker says (...

At least I have a place to live that I paid for and don't live in a place that my grandfather bought or my spouse had in the ghetto before they were married! And, Madison Construction tried to buy this place, didn't like the price. This 'troll' will still be here to watch as you get fired from your job, both of you!! Keep running your mouths, this all adds up. I was told by a cop once to make a 'paper trail' and thats what I'm doing. Council meetings are going to be so much better when Chris Hipp gets in office. The attendance rate of council meetings is going to sky rocket!!, you keep up your posts and we'll work this end. Hope you look pretty for Candid Camera!!

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