ONLINE EXCLUSIVE - Man gets 11 years in prison for stealing cigarettes

A 35-year-old man will serve a local 11-month prison term for stealing about 240 cartons of cigarettes from a New London grocery store last year. But before being punished for this crime, he must finish his sentence for a conviction in Medina County. James R. Samkas II made a written confession in March about the Sept. 15, 2007 burglary at the West Main Street business. New London Police Chief Mark Holden, at the time, said the defendant admitted to being with "someone else, but he would not disclose who his accomplice was."
Cary Ashby
Jul 25, 2010


A 35-year-old man will serve a local 11-month prison term for stealing about 240 cartons of cigarettes from a New London grocery store last year. But before being punished for this crime, he must finish his sentence for a conviction in Medina County.

James R. Samkas II made a written confession in March about the Sept. 15, 2007 burglary at the West Main Street business. New London Police Chief Mark Holden, at the time, said the defendant admitted to being with "someone else, but he would not disclose who his accomplice was."

"I'm not sure we caught the others, but we caught this guy," Huron County Prosecutor Russell Leffler said.

A Huron County grand jury indicted Samkas on theft as well as breaking and entering.

On Nov. 20, he was sentenced to 11 months in prison. Leffler said the culprits stole between $5,000 and $6,000 worth of cigarettes and did about $800 worth of damage to the business front door.

The business surveillance system showed two suspects who were wearing hoods. Holden has estimated the two men were in the store only two minutes after breaking the glass on the front door.

Investigators suspect Samkas worked with four people who have committed similar "smash and grab" incidents from as far north as Cleveland to as far south as Muskingum County, Holden said in March. Leffler described Samkas as a "long-time criminal (who has made) several trips to prison."

Samkas will serve his local sentence after he finishes a five -year term from Medina County, also for stealing cigarettes. He was convicted of 17 counts of breaking and entering.

In other court news, Clabe Taylor, 35, of Sandusky, was sentenced to three years in prison Nov. 20 for trafficking in cocaine. The conviction stems from a May incident at a north side Norwalk motel involving METRICH, a multi-county drug task force.

"Norwalk police basically ran the operation," Leffler said, mentioning that officers put a camera in the motel room to videotape the drug deal with a confidential informant.


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this is our blog, we took it over!!

swiss family......

i don't think that the punishment is severe enough!! if you take the 240 cartons of cigarettes, and times that by roughly $35.00 per carton.. that comes out to a major amount of money.. wouldn't that amount make this a felony?? i say , put him away for years, not months!!!

Hey swiss famil...

why dont you take your concealed weapon you claim to carry without a permit and go show him some real justice. Start a lynch mob with all your tooly friends! While your at it go round up those kids from New London and show them some justice too since you know better than the courts do.

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looks like the obnoxious and annoying wakeman complainers are gone...good job guys.

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i just saw on the news that Key bank was going to be laying off a bunch of people. didnt those wakeman people say that fired officer larry cancel works there and drives a key bank police car back and forth from cleveland to wakeman? Wonder what the employees getting fired will think about that or the major stock holders. its to bad they are gone now...they could have answered that for us...NOT!

re: too bad (An...

SHUT UP! U have no cue what your talking about. Running your mouth again! This has to be WPD officer, probably Josh or Stacy! Neither of them are all there in the brains dept. Uu know those pc's are going to be checked for internet use and both u are getting fired? Right? Look for a job now, your gonna need it!

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and here we all thought u crazy wakeman people were done. we had just got back on topic. I say the idiot gets whatever jail time he deserves and more. smokes aint

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you can tell its the same wakeman people...they can't"cue". are u kidding me. did you mean "clue"? we all like word games but damn girl make it a little harder on us New

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your such a little person with a little brain. Looking over a typo is part of being human, something I guess you aren't!! Wakeman people aren't stupid, only human and you pointing out a simple typo makes you ignorant!

swiss family......

i say, put some of those cigarettes on his lap, and when they flip the switch on him , it might light some of them.. and they can pass them out as keepsakes to all of the witnesses...was this kid, one of the derelicks that ruined the war monument too??? what a great guy !!!!!

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I think we can all look over a typo but looking back at all the wakeman blog crap that you guys write there are tons of a proof read wouldn't hurt. Swiss is right...good idea...hope that kid didn't hang out with these wakeman complainers

wpd (Anonymous)

im copying all the blogs,you better tell your officers not to writhing from station because those will be checked~!!!!
it will cost your dept.its new police car!!!
hey josh ,did you every get your balls back you lost??
maybe you never had any!

re josh (Anonymous)

Comment deleted because of content.

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WPD (Anonymous)

Maybe they should put Josh on day shift, then he can sleep at home or neighbors at night. I know the streets of Wakeman would be safer with another officer on duty.

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To my understandings, all posts were not removed for any reason other than they made a mistake on the time of 11 years instead of 11 months in the article. It seems as tho some people don't have the power to have them removed like they wished they did! LOL......laughing at UUUUUUUUUUUUU

facts (Anonymous)


Chief Tim hunker
Lives in Lorain
Has 2 children with first wife and 1 with current wife
Has been married twice
Date numerous woman mostly black or Hispanic.
He tried to get on Wellington pd part time but they shoot him down asking why would he want to leave a place where he is chief.
He worked at drug mart but was fired due to sexual comments to a co worker ,which was a woman.

Sgt josh milchen
Live in a house his grandpa bought him in Huron.
He has 2 children ,one with his first wife one with second.
He tries to date any color or age of woman.
He has tried to get on every dept. but as of now no luck.
He has been caught sleeping on duty 3 times on tape and numerous other times by village employees. Even our new mayor has seen him sleeping.(Chris hipp)

Officer Stacy Warner mcgruff . Aka the crime dog/b*tch.
Lives in the ghetto in Cleveland
Has 3 daughters.
Been married numerous times.
She has been caught writing false reports has had numerous complaints about her.
She is as worthless as josh.
Officer jullieanne
She has two kids one of which is handicapped
She is married but takes her wedding ring off when she sees a guy she might want to take to bed.
She also lives in the ghetto of Cleveland.
She has no skills as a police officers and really needs more training.

Officer josh rice
Has one girl has been married once.
He tries to be a woman chaser like hunker and milchen but hasn’t yet He asked hunker for the new girls picture(officer Shannon) he wanted to”check her out”.
He likes younger woman as well.

Officer Joe kukler
He was/is dating Stacy Warner and that’s how he got hired on wakeman twice ,yes he was fired the first time but hunker took him back. He is a jerk to say the least.
He goes around and asks woman of wakeman for there numbers and gives them a hard time. Many people went to complain about him and hunker told them not to write a written complain the would handle it!

Officer mike court
This guy takes the cake.
He has had so many people of wakman call and complain he got fired.
He was told he couldn’t work alone. Guess what folks hes back! And working alone!! He also tries and pick up woman on duty,stands outside of his vehicle and shoots his radar guns at little old lady almost causing them to run off the road.

Any other facts you all need?

did you notice how wpd officers staemnets change? well stories change not the facts!

YEP! (Anonymous)

Thems the FACTS alright!

facts (Anonymous)

heres some facts. You people keep posting the same crap as you have for months. I say crap because not all of it is a fact, but its not as fun to tell the truth is it? The people posting this crap have their own problems in their life, some even worse than what they write about. That is why they don't post their real name. They prefer to malign others anonymously from their "glass house". They aren't going to show up at a council meeting with the usual lame "retaliation" excuse, when the fact is that the overwhelming majority of people (including our elected officials) in town think the police is doing a fine job and if they did show up then their identity would be known. I say that because if someone actually did show up and spoke against Hunker no one would believe that they were not part of the crap that was posted here. They have realized that people aren't reading or paying attention to them so they have to post their crap on news articles that have nothing to do with Wakeman. Like a little kid thats not getting enough attention.

Facts NOT Crap ...

It's all true and you know it. If no one is listening or reading any of this then why are you bothering? We'll all be at council meetings. Don't worry about that one! You have no clue who some of these people are posting. I, myself, don't give a damn if you know. Your no doubt are a nobody that is a brown noser for WPD!

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Whom ever it may be, an officer of WPD, no doubt. Loves to use the word crap...gee ya'll I'm fo-sho all us hick-a-billy trailor park trash can figur that out...can't we maw????

ITS FUNNY (Anon...

people dont like it when we speak the truth about wpd officers but when they run their mouths off about your neighbors in wakeman you never say a word! you must be mr morman or hunker himself! we have it all on paper and hunker knows it! all the times he wrote down time for days he didnt even work! theft in office buddy! and you say no one is reading this?
you are fool!!

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The fact that you have no job, an you site your fat A-- in front of the computer all day posting on this page.

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i have a job! whats funny is wpd have jobs but sit on there fat a** all shift answering these! go find a drug dealer in the trailor park or have some sex offenders come to our town hunker! youre so slick! no one will ever guess its you!!you time as chief are number! hipp is coming to town right after santa!! lol

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A welfare check mailed to your trailer, does not count as a job!

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MaBarker says: ...

Only Trailer Park in Wakeman is Sheefel's and NO Welfare here! Ford workers, truck drivers, ex cops thrown off the police force, retired railroad workers, retired Ford workers, Insurance agents,concrete workers,waitresses, home health care workers, secretaries ect. NO WELFARE!! Must not be from trailer park dunbas*!! Talk what you know not what you think you know!

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Hey, Emmy why don't you get a job and help LSD Larry out with the bills... your a waste of skin. It's Kort.... what did those Officer do to you??? To bad you never earned your badge! Larry was a great guy until you came along.

Ok (Anonymous)

Will if you did work at Ford, you must have pisse* all your money away. Why is someone giving you $400 a month??
so you can stay afloat? Most people I know that work at Ford Motor CO. Don't make their house a trailer!

lol 2 (Anonymous)

why do you all have to pick on the cancel family?
i know for a fact none of them have time to write things on here.
emmy has a job and 5 kids to boot! you all need to grow up!
wpd has been told over and over to stop and the want to keep it going! AS PER THE MAYOR! sticks and stone,but the facts will hurt wpd!!!