Suspected crime duo arrested in Huron County

Helicopter used to spot suspected marijuana growing in the backyard.
Scott Seitz2
Sep 6, 2013


A pair of Clarksfield Township residents were recently arrested on marijuana charges.

Brittany Cory (Cox), 25, and Bevan Dietrich, 34, both of 1743 Ox Road, are facing charges of cultivation of marijuana and possession of criminal tools.

Members of the Huron County drug task force, which included officers from New London, Bellevue, Monroeville, Huron County Sheriff's Office and Bureau of Criminal Investigation arrested the suspects late last week.

Huron County Sheriff's Detective Sgt. Josh Querin said the task force was using a helicopter from Butler County and spotted the suspected marijuana growing in the backyard of the Ox Road residence.

"As part of this marijuana eradication, the helicopter pilots observed marijuana growing in the buckets in the back yard of Miss Cory's home," Huron County Sheriff's Chief Deputy Ted Patrick said previously.

"Our ground crew went to the property and they located buckets with 5-feet high marijuana plants in them. There were four buckets containing six marijuana plants that were 5 feet high. They were confiscated. She (Cox aka Cory) was placed under arrest," Patrick continued.

The bust was part of the sheriff's office's marijuana eradication program which has removed 600 pot plants this summer. The plants are valued at $1,000 each.

Once on the scene at Ox Road, Cory (Cox) refused to allow officers to search the residence.

"She (Cory-Cox) blamed the marijuana on her boyfriend," Querin said.

"We then obtained a search warrant signed by Judge (Timothy) Cardwell," Querin said. "We processed the residence and discovered more marijuana, prescription pills, numerous pieces of drug paraphernalia, an AK-47 assault rifle and other numerous firearms."

Querin said prescription pills, heroin and cocaine still are the main focuses of the HCSO, but deputies will continue to make marijuana busts as well, utilizing the resources made available to officers.


Scranton Tibbs

This ought to be good.


Ummm... I need to think on this one for a bit.


Two of the most honest, caring and trustworthy people I know - painted in the same portrait as heroin slingers and pill burglars! I see that "suspected" was added to the headline of the digital edition... Bah, Reflector, Bah!!!!!!

Scranton Tibbs


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Woop-dee-doo so they had four buckets of plants that still had a month to flower before being cut down. I don't know where you come up with this thousand dollars a plant crap either ....


I don't like pot, but in my opinion we should legalize it and tax more levies to support our schools. Let those that do drugs support our schools... :)


Let's GO-GO-GO haha. I can't help but get upset with your typical media portrayal. I'd be willing to bet the farm that anyone with personal experience with this guy kind of scoffed at the headline- if you run into him on the street, know that he's the best. A genius and an asset. Now let's move on to something that will still be illegal in 10 years. Thanks for listening!

Scranton Tibbs

I hate when fine upstanding, honest, and trustworthy citizens get framed up by the liberal media and corrupt law enforcement. I'm writing my congressman immediately.


Lmfao sadly I get your sarcasm. ;)


Ox Road. Cox. Say that a few times...

Yall Make Me Sick

Shouldn't have done anything wrong & they wouldn't be going through this. This makes me LOL why because I love how people try to blame the newspaper for others wrong doings... For ex.. I bet the reflector goes around picking on innocent people to just have something to do. When in reality man or woman up. Own your mistakes don't try & blame others. You did the crime now pay your time.


The courts barely take heroin serious,why bother with pot? The judge don't care. Even though it is illegal.Thanks for trying to keep drugs off the streets.It's just a joint until you find it in your kids room. Then it's a problem.


I often thought that authorities should focus on eradicating rag weed since it causes so many such discomfort.

OR & CO legalized - the times they are-a-changing.


Of course they're going to own up to what they did... and you can't blame law enforcement, the newspaper, or any other entity, for the events thus unfolded. But you can sure expect more for your paid subscription!


Both these people work full time jobs, pay taxes and are upstanding citizens. You the people of this county should be furious over this misuse of your tax dollars. Using a helecopter to get 6 5ft tall plants, come on people. If this isn't blatant abuse of our legal system I don't know what is. Don't you want your tax dollars spent on fighting the heroin problem, or busting meth labs?


I am personally more concerned about anyone owning an AK 47 ASSAULT RIFLE. Did he plan to shoot his way out of this "crime" scene? I am against gun control but can't justify an AK 47. I would rather see someone grow some pot than break in to steal for heroin. Have we ever seen a pot related assault? It is not like alcohol or opiates. Legalize it and settle this is no worse than alcohol. Alcohol destroys whole families yet it is legal. Most all of the population have been subjected to someone somewhere and alcohol issues. I think owning a weapon such as an AK 47 killing machine is much more dangerous than a little pot but that is legal too. This story is screwed up on so many levels. Let them have a little pot but not an AK 47. I know the gun is only as dangerous as the person holding it but an AK 47 is just way too much potential for mass destruction!


I totally agree, the gun and prescription pills are my concern.....I'm sorry but "upstanding" citizens don't have unregistered AK47's and perscription pills laying around their home! People that are defending this couple are insane, pot is ILLEGAL, bottom line!!!


First of all where did you hear that it was an uregistered gun? I know for a fact that all weapons there were 100% legal. And maybe if it was a semi-auto ranch rifle that fired 7.62x39 you'd feel differently, but the media likes to sensationalise the AK47. Oh and you know this paper always gets its facts right. Notice that it didn't say illegal perscription pills? Some allergy pills are nothing to be concered over. You should be concered when the cops can just come in your house and take your guns away for growing a plant on your own property. You really think they were protcting 6 plants with an AK??


Like I said before.....Good upstanding citizens don't grow pot! It's illegal!!! Personally I feel it should be legalized, but it's not, so therefor it's against the law and I won't touch it! And I doubt they were growing it all for "personal" use, they had every intention of selling! Is that why you're so upset Jan....did your supplier get busted? Great Job HCSO keep busting theses non law abiding citizens!!


No firearms have to registered unless it is a class III which you need a tax stamp. Plenty of upstanding citizens have "unregistered" weapons. Learn the laws and constitution regarding firearms

Señor Clown

Isn't it disappointing how many people that feel strongly about firearms don't know anything about the laws that pertain to them?

Worse yet, most who pick up an AK, law-enforcement included, wouldn't be able to differentiate between an 'Assault Rifle' by NFA definition, and a commercial variant built for civilian ownership.

Señor Clown

Double post. Nothing to see here, move along.


"The only power any government has is the power to crack down on criminals. Well, when there aren't enough criminals, one makes them. One declares so many things to be a crime that it becomes impossible for men to live without breaking laws."

- "Atlas Shrugged"

'Someday,' authorities may just knock on your door and "ask" to take a look around. Wanna bet that they won't find SOMETHING 'illegal'?

There are an estimated 100 SWAT raids in the US every day!

Watch the following footage of how an innocent family was treated during a search of the Boston Marathon Bombers:

Remember: Government can't 'give' rights, they can only take them away.


Bunch of pot busts at great expense to the taxpayer and to get the media attention on the Sheriff's nephew who will most likely run for Sheriff next term. Nevermind that he was elevated to detective in a flash while bypassing many senior officers with much more experience.

Get the BIG heroin dealers, not the USERS, the dealers! Enough with the constant patting on the back and selling of the newest chosen few!




Agents from 5 agencies to arrest 2 people??? For growing plants on THEIR property?? Meanwhile.........the pill and heroin problem all over the area gets worse and worse.


Its a bit more difficult to get the real bad guys, it wouldn't be near as much opportunity to get all the pat-yourself-on-the-back press.


That's six, five-foot high plants full of leaves that WON'T be going to market. And Juzz - that's 5 agencies on the task force that was out confiscating the plants and involved in the arrest AND possibly the search, not that it took all five. The only legal concern here that needs to be considered was the search-and-seizure, which was addressed. They saw the plants from the air, which is "plain view" (or plane view, tee hee!), which gives them probable cause to get the search warrant if the owner/resident doesn't give consent to search. They didn't just bust into the residence. What's outside in plain view is fair game. They got the search warrant, I bet, because usually where there's smoke, there's fire. Just good followup police work. In regards to the AK47, these are probably the most common rifles around, next to the AR's. Would you be less concerned if it was a .22? They can kill you just as dead in the right hands. As long as they aren't prohibited for legal reasons, gun ownership is everyone's right, but growing marijuana (in Ohio), is no one's right, as the law stands now. Any and ALL drugs can be abused, and THAT is the problem, and thus why it is illegal. These officers were just upholding the law that IS in place now. If you don't like it, get involved in the legislative process, including going out to vote. Please don't slam these officers for doing their jobs. Whether you like the people or not, this IS local news, at least.


A lot of taxpayer funds for something that is relatively harmless and will be legal in a few years anyway. I'd much prefer they spend their efforts and my tax money on busting the DEALERS of heroin/pills, etc.

Seems to me they can't go after the real threat while they have all their big, bad detectives chasing down pot.


Upstanding citizens are now those with AK's slinging dope in the streets and growing it at home, popping pills and whatever other drug of their choice.....No wonder Huron County has a problem. Its the mentality of this county who think these people are "upstanding citizens".