Intruder seen standing over two sleeping kids in Norwalk home

After being alerted about 5 a.m., wife yelled for husband, who retrieved his firearm.
Cary Ashby
Sep 4, 2013


A suspected burglar was arrested after being seen standing over two sleeping juveniles early Sunday.

The Norwalk Police Department responded to 1 Seitz Way at 5:18 a.m. for the report of an unwanted male suspect inside the residence.

"It was reported a white male had entered the residence and was standing over two juveniles sleeping in the family room. The male left prior to our arrival, but was last seen wearing a white shirt and tan pants," Officer Jared Ferris said in his report.

Police found the suspect, Kelly V. Still, 30, of 180 Whittlesey Ave., and arrested him in the front yard of 13 Oakwood Drive, an area which intersects with Seitz Way. He was charged with burglary and transported to the Huron County Jail.

"He made no other comment than his name and he said he didn't steal anything," Capt. Mike Conney said.

The victim's granddaughter woke up to find Still standing over her and she asked him who he was, Conney said.

"He ignored that and walked into the dining room. That's when the family dog started barking (unusually)," he continued.

Conney said the wife was the first family member besides the granddaughter to encounter Still.

"She yelled for her husband ... who retrieved his firearm. He yelled down from the top of the stairwell he had a gun," Conney said.

Officer Timothy Skinner, who arrested and identified Still, reported the suspect appeared to be "highly intoxicated," but his report offers no further details. Conney said the victims also suspected the man was drunk.

"It seems from this report they don't have any idea who this guy was," Conney said.

If convicted of burglary, Still faces six to 18 months behind bars.



Why would anyone defend this guy ? Blacked out drunk is ok ? The what if's out weight the whole excuse of being blacked out. Instead of defending him online how about getting him some help ? Its not normal to drink so much you black out. SMDH !!! His wedding night he is gonna drink to much and walk into some strangers hotel room and what happens next ? Oh it don't matter he didn't mean it.


For those defending him saying he drinks maybe once or twice a week.....bull! He drinks maybe 5-7 times a week! He's been arrested for disorderly conduct in the past also! He's a TERRIBLE alcoholic! And I've heard the story that he thought it was his fiancé sleeping on the if that's true, what in the world would he have done to these children had the woman not woke up??? There's NO excuse for this, he needs to go to prison and really learn a lesson! "I'm sorry" just don't cut it this time!


Maybe if the door was locked he would have tried getting in another way. Maybe the door being unlocked was a blissing for him that he is alive. Noone knows. I know at least once someone forgot to lock a door in there life time. Someone needs to tell this guy to choose better friends, because he does not have any or this would have never happen... I would have called the cops, confronted him, with the gun in hand. Remember, I don't know this stranger. Made sure he stayed or I would go after him because I don't know if that stranger would be caught or if he would come back again. Do you let the fox stalk the chicken, or do you make sure there are eggs to eat in the morning?


Exodus 22:2


I applaud the home owner/renter, the situation was accessed and did not appear life threatening to him or his family, and he showed he is a responsible gun owner, by not shooting, and using his weapon only when truly needed. I for one want to say thank you.


No matter how good of a guy this man is, the people living in that house, who were awakened in the early morning with a strange man standing over their children did not know that. He is one lucky man that the father did not shoot first, then ask questions. He is lucky the man of the house had his wits about him, especially in that situation.


Maybe switch to just beer?


All you people who say I will shoot yea ok when the time comes and I hope it never does for anyone to shoot do u really think you will pull the trigger? I have friends that are in the military who say how hard it is to pull the trigger and struggle to do so.

Everyone is fam...

Although I have never faced this situation, when it comes to my kids and their safety I would without a doubt pull the trigger. I don't care if it's the Pope himself. Do not stand in front of a mama or papa bear who fear for their offspring. However, reading the story, I don't think it was known he was in the children's room until after the fact. In that situation, I don't know if I'd pull the trigger, but if I had walked in on him with my kids I'd bet the farm I would.


If you honestly have friends that joined the military with qualms about shooting someone then I think they might have joined for the free college tuition. I've been shot at and it gets your attention very quickly. When you get shot at it's no longer about "shooting a person", it becomes about hitting a target that is trying to kill you. Would I shoot someone that broke into my house? Yes, I would. Would I kill them? No, I would shoot them in the legs, bound them with duct tape and pour salt into their wounds until the cops arrived. Is that wrong? No because its my rules my house. Sick? Maybe but no one told you to enter my house without permission. Ohio is a stand your ground state and so I can shoot them and not get charged. Just make sure to use the phrase, "I felt threatened and I thought they had a weapon."


I've always said "aim for the crotch". So if they get their nuts shot off how quick would they sober up then?

Stand your ground, Castle law. it's all the same. YOu protect what's yours because the law cannot be everywhere all the time.

That 18 year old mother/widow had no problem plugging that sob who broke into her home with a knife a few years ago ( Iowa ) her baby was only a few months.

To paraphrase her comment on world news:

"I'm not proud of it , but I would do it again I had to protect my son".

So yeah, this guy is awful lucky. Hopefully. he'll learn a lesson.

Scranton Tibbs

Im only posting this so Captain Wronghouse gets 3 digits worth of comments.


The comments on this article are more upsetting then the story. Its truly sad that someone makes a mistake in the year of 2013 and this is what it comes too. There is a complete bias article written just to be a "good read," and people like all of you that leave 100+ comments. On the other hand its great to see the few people voicing the other side of the story that unfortunately due to our media would never get out for anyone to hear. Mistakes are made.


Lol at most of these ignorant comments. Obviously he was at fault. No ones denying that. Is his mistake punishable by death? Hell no! Why do so many of you people have guns that you are happy to use so quickly? You do know you live in NORWALK OHIO right? I live in a MUCH larger and more dangerous city and I feel comfortable with nothing more than a baseball bat and LOCKED doors.

Obviously he shouldn't have been that drunk wandering alone. But I have a few questions.

1.)If you think you need a firearm to protect yourself and your Norwalk...?...then why the hell are you not locking your doors?

2.) Most of you saying you'd shoot him have never shot at anyone and, maybe I'm just a better person, but it would take a lot for me to have to make a decision to possibly take someone's life. That's a decision you'd have to live with the rest of yours.

And 3.) why the hell would you ever want to shoot a gun anywhere near a young child. Cause seeing someone shot right in front of you at that young age wouldn't do any emotional scarring, right einsteins? And god forbid you don't have as good aim as you think you do (with all your at-the-range experience in a pitch black house) and accidentally shoot the child! Seriously think before you post such nonsense!

Lastly, I'm going to assume that sadly some of you trigger happy bloggers go to church regularly. And I ask, do you think God would want you to shoot someone in a situation like this? I believe it is "Thou shall not kill" PERIOD. not thou shall not kill unless someone drunkingly stumbles into your unlocked home and stands there for a while.

No ones saying this mans actions were right, we're just saying its also not right shooting an unarmed completely intoxicated unviolent man.


You are funny. I am glad your reading a small time news paper since you live in a big city. 2 do I think your lying. Yes. 3 could I read your whole post. No.


Shutupyahilljacks, I couldn't agree with you more.


Whatwhat what??? This post was, for the most part, well written. More importantly, the content is brilliant! I for one do not let ignorant hillbillies who puff out there chests get to me, but sometimes we need to remind them that they are not in the "holler" with their boys...... If you EVER feel like you are tougher because of your gun, you should not have a gun. Unfortunately every gun owner that is posting here about how they would shoot Mr. Still, is most likely just another Huron County blowhard acting like they are bigger than they are...... I'd be willing to bet that they would piss down there leg if this happened to them!


FTR: I was born on the NORTH side of Route 20, this has nothing to do with geography.

These incidents are increasing all over.


Plus it's funny how every one that says it's the home owners fault for not locking the doors.. what a flipping joke. Its my home and if I want to keep a door open to have some nature flow throw my screen door I'll do it. (Wind/air)


The people responding here are a great example why the average idiot shouldn't have a gun. A stupid sloppy drunk, but otherwise harmless guy walks in the wrong house and those gun nuts, knowing they can legally shoot someone and get away with are encouraging people to shoot in this situation.
Actually it would be funny, if these idiots didn't actually have guns, I can only imagine they sit around and fantasize about getting a chance to shoot someone. Maybe they should implement an IQ test before selling guns.


How are people suppose to know in advance this dude is harmless? Are they suppose to have ESP?

"" Gee, we're so sorry Mr. Intruder, we should have looked into our crystal ball and seen in advance you were going to come into our home. "" .. WTF?

It's still stranger danger; no matter how you look at it.

FTR: I do not now, nor, have I ever lived in Norwalk.