Intruder seen standing over two sleeping kids in Norwalk home

After being alerted about 5 a.m., wife yelled for husband, who retrieved his firearm.
Cary Ashby
Sep 4, 2013


A suspected burglar was arrested after being seen standing over two sleeping juveniles early Sunday.

The Norwalk Police Department responded to 1 Seitz Way at 5:18 a.m. for the report of an unwanted male suspect inside the residence.

"It was reported a white male had entered the residence and was standing over two juveniles sleeping in the family room. The male left prior to our arrival, but was last seen wearing a white shirt and tan pants," Officer Jared Ferris said in his report.

Police found the suspect, Kelly V. Still, 30, of 180 Whittlesey Ave., and arrested him in the front yard of 13 Oakwood Drive, an area which intersects with Seitz Way. He was charged with burglary and transported to the Huron County Jail.

"He made no other comment than his name and he said he didn't steal anything," Capt. Mike Conney said.

The victim's granddaughter woke up to find Still standing over her and she asked him who he was, Conney said.

"He ignored that and walked into the dining room. That's when the family dog started barking (unusually)," he continued.

Conney said the wife was the first family member besides the granddaughter to encounter Still.

"She yelled for her husband ... who retrieved his firearm. He yelled down from the top of the stairwell he had a gun," Conney said.

Officer Timothy Skinner, who arrested and identified Still, reported the suspect appeared to be "highly intoxicated," but his report offers no further details. Conney said the victims also suspected the man was drunk.

"It seems from this report they don't have any idea who this guy was," Conney said.

If convicted of burglary, Still faces six to 18 months behind bars.





And ferball14, you are probably a drunk who never went into a wrong house when walking , but I can almost guess from your "lingo" you were one who done much better and drove home (wasn't that uncommon years ago) but you risk killing a family and or yourself, unlike him who at least was walking and just walked thru the wrong house instead of chancing killing someone else, only downfall here would have been he could have been hurt or killed... Sad minds of all the "perfect"


Why turn and twist the story to make me out to seem like the bad guy and fabricate ideas about me drinking and driving? You have to change the subject and the story to try and out smart me or what?


Terry's Taxi(419) 706-8294. 5 bucks would have saved him all this trouble.


Here's an idea! Lock your doors and secure your home, especially if you have little ones in the house. Yes, the guy was wrong and is very lucky but every mistake or misjudgment does not deserve the death penalty. Sounds like the guy may need AA not killed for being in a drunken stupor. I have no real idea how I would have reacted but I definitely would secure my home. Shooting and killing anyone is a serious thing justified or not!


This idiot better thank his lucky starts someone didn't shoot him. I would have.


I find it ironic that the ones who make comments about defending their home and family are the "bad guys". The drunken, blacked out fool who walked into someone else's home is the "good guy" who make a mistake. At 5 am, the still of a quiet morning over a sleeping child why is it that an INTRUDER is the "GOOD GUY" and the man defending his family is the one that would have been in the wrong? Or those of us that make the comment of defending our family are the ones that everyone is upset about? Yes, I would have probably SHOT first and asked questions later. I am sorry. I am a momma bear. (I also LOCK my doors at night) Why is everyone questioning the actions of someone defending their home, their family and making excuses for a DRUNKEN IDIOT? Why is it NEVER the responsibility of the one who made the MISTAKE??? If this person cannot handle his liquor maybe all of those who think he is such an upstanding good guy should hold an intervention and get him some help. Where were all of you when he was out getting blasted? If you all know him so well to know he meant no harm, know him so well to know he will never do this again why were you not there to cut him off? This MAN needs to take responsibility for his actions. HIS actions alone almost got him shot (maybe killed, maybe wounded). Do not blame a man for defending his home and family, blame the IDIOT who walked into someone else's home in the middle of the night.


I don't believe anybody ever said the homeowner who grabbed his gun was in the wrong or labeled him a bad guy? HE yelled out warning and weighed out the situation before just shooting now and asking questions later. Nobody is blaming him for grabbing his gun to protect his family, if it was needed. The people being criticized are YOU all who are insisting he should have been shot anyway.

And as for you saying all of us standing up for him and the people who know him should have been there to help him that night when he got too drunk... are you with every single one of your friends and family members every second of their lives? If you are bravo, you must have a lot of time on your hands. He went out and didn't have someone there who remained sober to take care of him.. and without any of us knowing that was the case, how can you expect us to have been there to help him? I'm sure had any body who knew him, known that he had too much to drink and needed a ride home they would have been there in a heartbeat. But we are not all knowing like you people seem to think you are.


once again, incredibly enabling comment. how about responsibility for his OWN actions? does he need someone to change his diaper too? HE IS 30, not 3.


Kelly is not a bad person. He made a stupid mistake he will never live down, and will regret forever. He is not blaming anyone or belittling the situation, he is dealing with his actions all while preparing for his upcoming wedding. Let's stop throwing stones.

Scranton Tibbs

Well thank you Jesus for the advice. Glory!


So everyone is supposed accept his apology, understand that he is not a bad person, know that he will regret this forever and cut him a break because he is preparing for his wedding. Well la de da....lets give him a cookie and a pat on the back too.


This dude was always a dbag and i guess now he is a chester! Who would marry this guy after this?? It probably wont be long till he drinks again and ends up at another wrong house


You are so full of bs


If he had come in my house at 5:00 am I would had shot him. I wouldn't wait to find out if he was a "good guy" !
End of story!




Just try locking your doors people!


The marine guy locked his doors and the drunken moron broke through.

Remember that?


Your point?




I'm going to have to say that while I do not condone this behaviour in ANY WAY, the Reflector has once again sensationalized this story with the headline. This paper is getting no better than the National Enquirer. And hey...Robert Downey Jr. did this same thing...twice if I remember correctly.

I also think this person needs some serious help...he obviously has a problem...I don't care if he drinks 2 times a week or 2 times a year. Anyone who gets so drunk they go into the wrong house has a drinking problem, and I think his "friend" on here is not helping him by defending his behaviour.


Actually, I couldn't agree with you more. Your comment is right on and I sincerely mean that. I'm not defending his actions or behavior, i dont condone it in the least bit, just trying to give his side a voice, and set a few misperceptions straight.


i think you are Actually poking a bees nest. best run along.


If the door was sleeping in the room he walked into...he didn't have a clue who or what was sleeping there!! This paper isn't worth being used as tp!!


"IF" the door was left unlocked?

It still is not an open invitation for someone else to come in.

Another incident happened the same night. As per the printed copy of SR.


I am not saying that he is right to get that drunk to where he has no idea what he is doing. Obviously this is a serious problem that he has to deal with. If it had been my house, I would have reacted the way that these folks did. & I'm not an "enabler." I do not condone actions such as this; Getting drunk to the point of blacking out, wandering into a strangers house at 5 am. My points are that the facts are he made a TERRIBLE TERRIBLE mistake and is extremely lucky he is alive. But, that we ALL make stupid mistakes and to chastise a person for one stupid drunken nightt is just sad. I also never brought up God, because I do not believe in God. I believe that we are all imperfect. I surely cannot judge someone because I've done things in my life that are wrong. My comments are to just point out that he is a good person. That is all. I am allowed to state my opinion without being called an idiot. If you have never done one bad thing in your life, then go ahead and keep talking about how this guy deserves to be shot!


No God? Then who created you?

Scranton Tibbs

My parents created me. What planet are you from?


@It'snotme. Exactly my point!


He look like he's thinking, "Seriously this did not just happen. I am NEVER drinking again in my life!"