Intruder seen standing over two sleeping kids in Norwalk home

After being alerted about 5 a.m., wife yelled for husband, who retrieved his firearm.
Cary Ashby
Sep 4, 2013


A suspected burglar was arrested after being seen standing over two sleeping juveniles early Sunday.

The Norwalk Police Department responded to 1 Seitz Way at 5:18 a.m. for the report of an unwanted male suspect inside the residence.

"It was reported a white male had entered the residence and was standing over two juveniles sleeping in the family room. The male left prior to our arrival, but was last seen wearing a white shirt and tan pants," Officer Jared Ferris said in his report.

Police found the suspect, Kelly V. Still, 30, of 180 Whittlesey Ave., and arrested him in the front yard of 13 Oakwood Drive, an area which intersects with Seitz Way. He was charged with burglary and transported to the Huron County Jail.

"He made no other comment than his name and he said he didn't steal anything," Capt. Mike Conney said.

The victim's granddaughter woke up to find Still standing over her and she asked him who he was, Conney said.

"He ignored that and walked into the dining room. That's when the family dog started barking (unusually)," he continued.

Conney said the wife was the first family member besides the granddaughter to encounter Still.

"She yelled for her husband ... who retrieved his firearm. He yelled down from the top of the stairwell he had a gun," Conney said.

Officer Timothy Skinner, who arrested and identified Still, reported the suspect appeared to be "highly intoxicated," but his report offers no further details. Conney said the victims also suspected the man was drunk.

"It seems from this report they don't have any idea who this guy was," Conney said.

If convicted of burglary, Still faces six to 18 months behind bars.



Evidently, you're the drunken moron in the story there, bud!!

NO evil intent my A$$! ...bud


"Good Guy" or not...if he is THAT drunk to NOT know which house is his, maybe he is too drunk to not know that it is a child and proceeds to undo his pants. Maybe he is too drunk to stop with undoing his pants. Maybe he cops a feel. Maybe he lays down. When does it stop. I do not care how "good" he is. I find you in my house, standing anywhere NEAR my kid, you will be shot. No warning, no questions, just SHOT. Oh, and just to be clear....I AM married to a Veteran, who is also a COP. He IS a "good guy" and he doesn't make mistakes. He will NOT miss.


Ladydye_5 really? Who cares who your married too ok being a COP doesn't always mean they are all "good guys" as far as shooting hey I think the way the world is going and heading we all do a little target practice , I do however respect his profession and as I said the way the world is heading definitely would not be my choice of profession but I do respect that some do enjoy and work their jobs to the fullest capacity!!! It's just a dangerous world and we all have to keep our guards up at all times...

Everyone is fam...

You ask if shooting someone is the only answer. To be completely honest: If I woke up in the middle of the night, bleary-eyed and out of it and saw a stranger standing over my child's bed, YES. It is the only answer. I don't care who or why. As a parent my only concern is to protect my child by any means necessary. It is not judgement, it is instinct. And as far as any legal repercussions, I would gladly accept any that came my way as long as I protected my child.


As I said earlier..better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6.


Quick to judge? Hmm. A man breaking into someone's home. Standing over the kids in the middle of the night? You're right. Maybe I should forgive him and say its ok no matter if you are on drugs or drunk to be in someone else's home standing over their children. Heck no! This HAS happened a few times in the past year. Either go to rehab or get blasted and I don't mean by getting drunk. Tired of enablers like you saying "he's a good guy it was an accident. " what about the next time when he's drunk and confused and tries to crawl into bed with someone? What then? Moron.


if you lean over my kids outside my house = beatdown.
if you come in my house, and get near my kids = dead.
I'm glad the dude had restraint, as it seems like a mistake.
I'm just sayin' God must have had mercy on this jerk, because he is lucky to be alive.


This happened once when I lived down south. A guy was so drunk that he seriously went into the wrong house thinking it was his. Poured a glass of OJ & everything. When the lady woke up & started screaming, he ran out & went his real house just around the corner. He meant no harm but got in a lot of trouble.


And my comment earlier did not really pertain to this in particular article cause yes I prob would have shot also so I understand this situation so I am in no way defending this action but man people come out of your shells and get with what's happening lock everything securely and close windows and lock them... Good guy or not I agree no business in ANYONE'S HOUSE


For all you punks who say you would have shot and killed Mr. Still, imagine if that was your brother or nephew who was too blacked out drunk to know where they were, would you still be hoping he was shot dead right in front of little kids?! Yeah because I'm sure their young daughters would not be traumatized from that at all. This man had no evil intent when walking through that door, and that is why God saved him.
I don't excuse his alcoholism, and I'm sure now that this has happened to him, in fact I know for sure, he will not be drinking again anytime soon. He is a good person, who can't handle drinking all night long.
I'm praying for him.


No one is saying he is a bad guy, or should have been shot...that is where you are looking dumb. All im saying is good guy or not, you enter my house uninvited, most likely u'll be going out in an ambulance with a bunch of ott buck in you and big a$$ holes. And truthfully, the homeowner should have locked the damn door. As sad as that is, there are (obviously) a bunch of junkies in that area- and u need to have common sense. My dad always said, a lock is to keep an honest man out.


No where in my comments did I say people are calling him a bad guy. I called him a good person. And yes people are on here saying they would have shot him, just read the above comments, so I'm not looking dumb, YOU ARE.
You're so confident that you'd pull the trigger, but you never really know until you're in that situation.


nice 5 year old come back. i can promise you, that if i did have the restraint, for whatever reason-like i could determine that he was just drunk- he would be at least wearing my two iron as a mouth piece to remember me by.

i meditate on protecting my family, so I know how i would react. since we are playing on the five year old level- you probably should give it some thought too, living in nor-tucky.


First of all I am not a PUNK. I am a mother. And I never said shoot him DEAD. But he would have been NEUTRALIZED. And if you are so drunk you have blacked out and cannot tell what house you are in, you need more than a wake up call. How do YOU know he had no "evil intent"? He was blacked out, remember? Maybe he was looking for a good time? Only thing that saved him was a woman screaming for her husband and a man yelling he had a GUN and to get OUT of his house. That was the "voice" he heard, NOT the voice of god. Good people do NOT drink till they are so drunk they walk into OTHER PEOPLES HOUSES. I do not know ONE person that has done that. I know people who drink, I know people who pass out, I know people who need to be drove home. I have had people sleep it off on my couch. The GOOD people I know have never blacked out and walked into someone else's house. Guess this "good person" has no friends? If you know this good person, if you know for SURE they would never do it again, why were you NOT there to lend a hand and take him home? Keep him safe? He needs a bit more than a prayer.


Hey Ladydye_5
Never called you a punk specifically, so settle down. I'm glad you're a mother, do you want a trophy? So what's more than a wake up call to you, jail time plus a shot in the leg for good measure?
I know he had no evil intent because I know him, very well in fact, for many years, I know his family, his friends and everything about him. I know the story of what happened that night from people that were with him. So yes, I do know he had no evil intent. I have all the background information that you don't.
I never said he heard God's voice (notice how I capitalize His name out of faith and respect), I thanked God that the husband did not pull the trigger. He is a good person, that is not the issue.
SO you know good people who drink, pass out, and need rides home too...well he is no different than them, other than he did not have a good/sober/coherent friend with him to look after him. I don't live in Norwalk so I was not there to get him home, I have before, many times.
I don't excuse his drinking problem, but you shouldn't be so quick to shoot someone MOM.


*insert clapping*

Thank you exiled, very well said!


Apparently he needs new friends, if his "friends" let him go off alone while he was that drunk. Also, he should check into getting some help. I think getting drunk twice a week max is too much. It sounds like you think that's something to be proud of. At some point, a person needs to grow up and stop acting like a teenager. He's 30 years old! You can have a good life and have fun without having to drink.




So he should be neutralized and never able to produce children all because ONE night after his soon-to-be brother-in-law's wedding he celebrated a little too much, got too drunk, tried to walk home and went into the wrong house? Sounds completely fair and justified. If he had evil intent he would not have WALKED AWAY from the children and into the kitchen.. which is when the dog started barking and woke the mother up if you read the article correctly. Then, when he realized he was in the wrong house he left. Not because the mother woke up and stopped him from physically harming her children, but because he realized he was in the wrong home.

I am not excusing his drunkenness. But to sit here and make up all these other false accusations about him having intentions of harming those children is ridiculous. He made a mistake and went to the wrong home. He looked at the human beings who were sleeping in the living room, that happened to be children, trying to figure out who they were/where he was. He went to the kitchen, other members of the house woke up, he realized he was in the wrong place, and he left. End of story.


Well said as well!!

Everyone is fam...

If he were my son, brother, husband, ect and was shot and killed because he was in someone's home, especially in a child's bedroom, I would mourn his loss but by no means blame anyone for protecting their family and home. I'm not asking questions if someone appears to be a threat to my children. "Excuse me kind gentleman. I do not know you or what your intentions are. Would you please explain why you are standing over my child's bed?" Nope. Not happening. The only sound will be the click of the safety button on my gun and a deafening boom.


So how were they supposed to know his intentions when he's there in the middle of the night standing over the kids? He could have been there to kill them for all they knew. That's why we have the castle doctrine.

Scranton Tibbs

We're gettin all of the excuses today folks:

"He's not a drug addict." (expert testimony)
"He was not burglarizing the place." (were you there?)
"He's not that kind of person." (are you family, or friend?)
"He is a good guy." (So was Timothy McVeigh, but you see how that went)
"People make mistakes." (Really? Groundbreaking statement there, thanks)
"He drinks twice a week max." (Do you live with this guy?)
"He has no issue with kids." (Neither did Lee Harvey Oswald, your point?)
"He was in the wrong place at the wrong time." (Worst excuse of all time)
"He had zero bad intentions." (Do you live inside of his head?)
"The door was unlocked." (So was the bank vault this am, I didn't rob it)
"He had no evil intent." (how do you know? are you God, and all knowing?)
"God saved him." (that's BEYOND ridiculous, I've heard it all now)

"This will change his life for the better." (No comment)

The crap in here is getting deep, I'm gonna go put some boots on for traction.


Hey Scranton Tibbs:
Let me run down your list:
1. He's not a drug addict...CORRECT! (He does not do drugs whatsoever, ask anyone who knows or see's him daily.)
2. He was not burglarizing the place..CORRECT! (I was not there, but even the police say he did not take or damage anything...and again I know him and I know plenty if people that know him....we would all bet our lives on the fact he was not burglarizing the idiot.)
3. He's not that kind of person...CORRECT! (I am a friend, and basically family)
4. He is a good guy...CORRECT! (I and many other good folks know him, and know this fact, so your comment is ignorant)
5. People make mistakes...CORRECT! (Your mom did)
6. He drinks twice a week max...CORRECT! (I don't live him but I talk to the person that does, and see him enough, so I know and you don't)
7. He has no issue with kids...CORRECT! (not sure about your Lee Harvey reference, but Mr. Still is the farthest thing from a pedophile you can be)
8. He was in the wrong place at the wrong time...CORRECT! (not an excuse, just a fact, he should've been at home)
9. He had zero bad intentions...CORRECT! (when you know the person as well as we (family & friends) do, then you know this to be true)
10. The door was unlocked...CORRECT! (I don't think you were blacked out drunk at the bank looking for a place to sleep, your analog is lame)
11. He had no evil intent...CORRECT! (see #9)
12. God saved him...CORRECT! (beyond ridiculous huh?, I guess you don't believe in God?...hmmm makes sense.)

This will change his life...CORRECT! You will not see his name in the paper ever again.

Scranton Tibbs

You should represent this d-bag in court since you have all the information and all of the good excuses. Love the "your mom" reference too! Nice calling me an idiot. That was a nice touch. New to forum posting? Anger issues? You're something else. You need to find more original material than "your mom" reference and calling people names. Get some more skills, then come back to visit. This is obviously your first rodeo. You probably just established your account to defend your "friend" because your feelings were hurt from all the negative posts. How about being a better friend next time when he decides to get drunk like a sailor and wander into people's homes. People like you defend people like this. A crooked pot needs a crooked lid, as they say.


I don't know this man, but I heard he is getting married soon... which means he could've been out for a bachelor party?? doesn't mean he "has a problem." getting "black out drunk" is very common. and for some people, it actually doesn't take a lot of drinking to black out. I'm not saying what he did is okay, but it could've been an honest mistake. he didn't take anything or harm anyone. he realized he was in the wrong house and was trying to leave. I found a guy on my front porch not too long ago, he was highly intoxicated. I didn't shoot him or kill him. I just called the police dept. and said come get this guy off my porch. lol he obviously didn't know where he was, so should I have shot him for it? I could understand if this man was harming the family or something. but he tried to find his way out when he realized he was in the wrong place. He made a mistake, don't ruin his life for it. I'm not saying what he did was okay, by any means, but it seems like it was an honest mistake. he probably had a little too much fun with the boys and got so drunk he blacked out. & we all know one of the points of a bachelor party is to get the groom good and drunk.


I have been DRUNK....and I mean wasted out of my gourd.....drunker than a hoot owl drunk, did I mention how drunk I have gotten in the past? Never ever not once did I not know where I was, never did I go into the wrong house, the wrong bathroom, the wrong bed, nothing like that at all. I'm only guilty of waking up next to ugly women. So is it really possible to accidentally walk into the wrong house,? Seriously.....

Scranton Tibbs

Lol! Great post!!!!


Was she ugly when you got into bed with her or just after you woke up? LOL!


I have never went to bed with an ugly woman....