Visiting relative charged with improperly touching 14-year-old girl

Third-degree misdemeanor charge filed after Norwalk police called to investigate complaint.
Cary Ashby
Sep 3, 2013


A West Virginia man accused of inappropriately touching a 14-year-old girl is out on bond.

Charles G. Fortner, 50, of Bickmore, is charged with a sexual imposition. The third-degree misdemeanor is in connection with an Aug. 27 incident, according to Norwalk Municipal Court records.

The Norwalk Police Department received a report Wednesday afternoon about a Castalia girl who accused a family member who was visiting from out of state of touching her inappropriately, according to the police report.

"It was reported to an adult. ... It's a one-time thing," Capt. Mike Conney said. "She was here with family."

It's unclear why Fortner was in Norwalk.

"He doesn't live here," Conney said. "He essentially claimed he was never left alone with her."

After being interviewed, Fortner was transported to the Huron County Jail.

"He posted bond and was released," Conney said.

When asked if there was any credibility to the girl's allegation, Conney said "there was enough to warrant his arrest."

If convicted, Fortner faces up to 60 days in jail. His first court appearance was scheduled for Monday.



This fellow was here because his wife, who was from here, just died. Perhaps the NR and/or NPD should check the obituaries before they print that they didn't know why he was here.


Why does it matter why he was here?


It matters because there are lies in the police report about why he was here. Wonder what other lies are in the report?

Yall Make Me Sick

Why does it matter why he's here? How about because he's from another state & comes to Ohio & touches a young child. A relative at that. That might be maybe just might be why.


"Young child"? Don't know many 14 year old girls - do you?


No matter what they "LOOK LIKE" or "ACT LIKE" they are still 14 year old CHILDREN. They cannot drive a car, got to a R rated movie, they cannot join the Army, they cannot buy beer, they are CHILDREN. God help any MAN that TOUCHES my 14 year old.


There is a significant difference between a "young child" and a "child". A "young child" is a prepuberty 8, 9, or sometimes 10 year old. A 14 year old may still be a legal "child" but is a biological adult. Many are proving this by becoming mothers themselves at 13, 12, and sometimes even 11. We need to protect them but being ignorant about their status only leads to failure in protecting them. Treating a 14 year old as a "young child" will almost certainly fail in this day and age.


Wow. Sounds like you have some experience in molestation and not a hint of an education. A child is a child is a child. Please immediately find a gun, put the barrel in your mouth and pull the trigger with much haste.


Wow...well I was NOT a "biological adult" at 14....I was a late bloomer...that makes NO sense what-so-ever. That has NO legal ramifications at all. So just the fact that you may or may not BLEED is the deciding factor on whether or not YOU think they are a child or not? I pray to god you do not have any YOUNG children, children or teens in your care.

Yall Make Me Sick

14 is still a young child. They are not 18. Even 18 is young. You're so defensive is this your daddy? YOU IDIOT HAVE MAJOR PROBLEMS!!


Maybe they should wait and publish articles like this after someone has gone to court. Whatever happened to innocent til proven guilty. Now if this come's back as untrue/false and he is innocent you have just put his picture and name out for the town/world to see for no reason at all. Like his burying his wife, and taking care of her for so long as she was very ill wasn't enough stress on this man.


You are exactly right ridermom, no as soon as someone is charged they throw this crap
Out in the papers and what's more sad is people believe ALL of it, but some you never see a reprint of oh wait this person actually didn't do what they were charged with it was all a mistake and I the reporter publish articles way to soon, I do understand how children are these days and very sad if this man hasn't done anything and its a young girl looking for attention, but I also understand the laws side they are doing what's best and that's why this reporter needs to wait until facts are proven on ALOT of her stories , she's pathetic


Exactly, I hope and am gonna push that when this is done and if he is innocent to have a article published to state so... it's not fair for them to publish stories without all the facts and proof that is needed.


He was arrested. It's news. Of course they should report it.

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A third-degree misdemeanor is not noteworthy information.

God Of Thunder

Ok....First of all..It's been 24 hours since this article was posted.. How about some other headlining news...If the Reflector can come up with anything.

Secondly, @ Sarrak.. Sounds like you are emotionally involved with this nitwit.. Who gives a rat's a(( why he's in town... If his wife died, I'm sorry for that but if there's evidence that he touched a minor inappropriately, then he deserves the violating he will get in 'jail'....

Jail...huh...imagine that....misdemeanor for touching/molesting a minor child... Tell me where the justice is... Get over yourself...

Yall Make Me Sick



I also believe this fella went to school here, so his family ties are right here in Norwalk,,Just saying seeing how the paper states, they dont know why he's here


ON the flip side , a 14 , 15 or 16 year old should not be touching anyone else either, whether it's a younger one or older one ; it happens more than we think.

Just sayin'.


Still being investigated. Way too early to hang the man by his you know whats.