Man who killed intruder will not face criminal charges

Resident was stabbed multiple times during a robbery attempt.
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Aug 30, 2013


A Hamilton man who shot and killed an intruder last week at his Parrish Avenue home will not face criminal charges, according to Butler County Prosecutor Michael Gmoser.

Robert Shoemaker, 38, who was stabbed multiple times on the night of Aug. 22, was justified in the shooting of his attacker Chad Gabbard, according to officials.

The incident was investigated by Hamilton police and presented to a Butler County grand jury this morning.

“The grand jury reported that no criminal charges would result against Robert Shoemaker and is finding that the death of Chad Gabbard was justified,” Gmoser said.

Last week, Hamilton detectives said they were investigating the incident as an act of self defense.

Shoemaker was stabbed by Gabbard three times in the neck during a robbery attempt, according to Hamilton officials. He was transported by paramedics to West Chester Hospital, but has been released from the hospital.

Police received a 911 call from a woman who identified herself as Loretta Shoemaker, Robert’s mother.

“I need an ambulance and police and stuff,” she said. “My son just hollered and told me he had been stabbed. He shot someone … yeah, he needs help. He’s got blood all over him.”

Officers found Robert Shoemaker on the front porch of the residence, and inside, they located Gabbard, 44, of Hamilton, suffering from what appeared to be gunshot wounds.

Gabbard had a criminal history — with 63 cases in Hamilton Municipal Court, many of those for theft-related charges, including burglary, receiving stolen property, breaking and entering, robbery and grand theft auto.

In 2009, he was sent to prison for nine months for breaking and entering, according to court records.

It is the second justifiable homicide in Hamilton in the past two months.

In April, Smail Gueddari was clear of any wrongdoing in the fatal shooing of 26-year-old Jeremy Scott Irvin at his Main Street shop, Mazagan Urban Ware. That robbery, which was caught on tape, showed Irvin coming into the store, pulling out a gun and making a beeline for the cash register.


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Why did something like this EVEN HAVE to go before the grand jury?


They took it to the grand jury to prevent anyone in the public for trashing them because nothin was done and there is a big cover up like the fremont story , when a young man was shot and it wasnt investigated properly .
I think what they did with gathering evidence and presenting it to the Gand Jury was the right thing to do .Cause it takes it out of the hands of law inforcement and places it in the hands of everyday people like us to decide .


I don't have a clue....... you have the right to defend your persons and property. If you come into my house, you r going to die. Plain and simple


Perfect example of gun control...Hold your breath, aim true, squeeze the trigger...


Finally a story with some true justice.


I am glad to see he had the courage to act to defend himself and his mother , other wise there could have been two victims and a thug lose on the streets to repeat it again


One less repeat offender


Exodus 22:2