About 300 people to lose their jobs

UPDATED with full story: Janesville to close Norwalk facility
Scott Seitz2
Aug 29, 2013


The Janesville Acoustics facility will close its doors in Norwalk.

Corporate officials were at Plant 60 on Wednesday morning and announced the company will begin phasing out workers through the end of 2014.

The plant presently employs about 296 people, including hourly and salaried.

(NOTE - Local officials and residents lament the loss of Janesville in a pair of stories published exclusively in Thursday's Norwalk Reflector.)

Janesville officials talked about the phase-out plans.

"These plans come in response to market pressures, including increased demand from customers to manufacture in closer proximity to their operations," the company said in a prepared statement.

"The company intends to establish a new plant in Kansas, Missouri or Nebraska before the close of 2013, a location within reach of the assembly plants of many current Janesville Acoustics customers," officials said.

The Norwalk plant is scheduled to permanently close by the end of 2014, with the earliest signs of the phase-out period commencing this fall, officials added.

"We've worked around the challenges associated with supplying customers long-distance from Norwalk," said David Cataldi, president of Janesville Acoustics.

"However, given the rising costs of logistics and the benefits of improved flexibility and efficiency that come from working nearby our business partners, we've reached a point where proximity has become essential to our continued growth," Cataldi added.

"Decisions that affect the lives of our employees and their families are extremely difficult to make," he said. "We greatly value the contributions each of our employees have made during our more than 20 years in Norwalk and are committed to supporting them during this difficult transition."

Janesville is headquartered in Southfield, Mich.

"Janesville Acoustics will immediately enter negotiations with the Chicago and Midwest Regional Joint Board, the union representatives of its employees, and is committed to working with them to assist employees throughout the extended phase-out of the plant," Janesville officials added.

Founded in 1875, Janesville also has plants and satellite offices in Mississippi, North Carolina, Germany and Mexico.

Doug Warren, local union representative at Janesville (Workers United), said officials pulled workers off first shift Wednesday and made the announcement at the Norwalk plant.

Warren said employees were stunned.

"Just like anybody, you go through a wide range of emotions," Warren said. "There was shock. People were visibly upset. It's an emotional time when you hear the company you know is closing the facility. You're talking about people's livelihoods."

The announcement appeared to catch Norwalk officials flat-footed.

"We just received the information this morning," said Ellen Heinz, executive director of the Norwalk Economic Development Corp.

"This is terrible news and we will work to see if there is any way we can keep the company here. Janesville has been one of our largest employers and a corporate partner for many years and the jobs it has provided to Norwalk and Huron County have been very important to our community," Heinz added.

"Although we have worked with the company on many issues and communicate with their representatives on a regular basis, more information is still coming in. According to their corporate leadership, they came to this decision because our local plant doesn't meet their logistical needs in regards to the proximity to the clients they serve," Heinz said.

"We have reached out to our area partners, regional leadership and the state to coordinate efforts to do everything possible and to support the workforce and the community," she added.


David Deerest.

You can thank your POTUS for that...and it's only going to get worse.
Anybody is "better than Bush."
Careful what you wish for...


So, no plants ever closed when Bush, Clinton or Reagan were president? Dumb statement!

Now The Rest of...

We didn't spend the largest amount of money in our history on a stimulus under the other under presidents only to lose good full time jobs and increase part low paying jobs to make the stats look better.


Get a clue! This is about big business.

Now The Rest of...

The clue is you messiah is destroying small and medium business with his taxes and obozocare.


Agreed. Some people have to insert their political opinions everyplace, even when they are irrelevant to the topic.


Can I thank the POTUS for the meat loaf my wife fixed for super last night? I hate meat loaf. Let me see what else can I blame on the POTUS....seems like just about everything and anything!!!


" Starving people would be happy to have that" ... Mrs. Parker in A Christmas Story.


Didn't say I didn't eat it, just that I don't like it. But I am not blaming anyone, not even my wife, lol Point was it is not the POTUS fault either. We as people have to quit making everything that goes wrong his fault, never heard this much negativism about other presidents, and I have been around for quite a few..


How about the air strikes coming up in support of his Muslim Brotherhood ?


Ignorance is a willful neglect or refusal to acquire knowledge.


Seems a little odd that the union contract is about to expire in December and 2 of the three states where they may relocate are right to work states doesn't it? What does that tell us boys and girls. This decision is not logistics/proximity driven.


Well pilgram? Like the WV. and KY coal miners did in the 60's when coal mines slowed down and auto plants boomed up north. They relocated for a job. Nothing is an absolute, except ya gotta put food on the table.


The sole existance of a company is to make earnings for its shareholder, It is not a civil service to employ people. If the company cannot make profit, or can increase profit by moving somewhere else that is the company's right to do so. I feel bad for those who wil lose their jobs, but unfortunately these unskilled labor positions are vulnerable. They always have been and they always wil be.




One other note, they will be celebrating in Kansas, Misouri, or Nebraska with the announcement of a new plant being built there.

Now The Rest of...

Another success story for Mayor Duncan's jobs, jobs, policy, the only thing we didn't realize he meant losing jobs, jobs. Where is Kat now?


You're blaming the mayor for this? Ugh! Get a clue!

Estrella Damm

No but...that was his platform that he ran on and promised the citizens that voted him in.


"We are committed to supporting them during this transition " how? Are you giving us a fat Severince pkg? Are you going to pay my bills? Then how are you helping out. Just because you say you are committed to help, does not mean that is help. More plants closed during Bush 's 8 yrs in sandusky then I have ever seen in my life. During the eight yrs that drove us into two wars based on lies and cover ups, with booming increases in gas and electric prices and a real estate and banking collapse like only expierenced during the great depretion. Open your eyes America. You are so quick to support one major party or the other then all you do is shift the blame back and forth, and in the mean while no one takes responsibility for the big corparations and bank scandals that are devestating our economy. We as a country are being broken down piece by piece, at least in once was formally known as the middle class hard working people that are getting fu#$ed out of there retirement, and social security. Thanks a lot big brother, boy am I proud to be an american


If you are not proud to be an American then I suggest you get the *&#@ out and shut the *&#@ up.


@Verbalkint, If that's all you got out of e
Eversole's post then you need to WAKE UP!


With hundreds of thousands of U.S. soldiers dead and over a million seriously injured I am awake, wide awake, I don't care what the excuse is, I will always, always call someone out who cuts down my country and minimizes the sacrifice of our U.S. veterans.


Great points!


AEversole...I can feel your pain. I was in the same position several years ago. My attitude wasn't much different than yours. Allow yourself this moment of anger, fear, frustration and all the emotions that come with this type of announcement. Then, after some time, take a deep breath, lick your wounds get on your feet and a move forward. Remember your family is watching you and how you cope. Let them know it's ok to have these emotions but let your children, young and old know you don't give up. They need your strength more now than ever. Your first responsibilities are to family. You will get through this, it's hard to see now but give it time. This is life. You can make it.


Straight from the DNC websites to this blog from Eversoles computer.Reading eversoles rants makes me believe I've been reading from George Soros websites


More unions, less jobs. One follows the other.


Bozo will be heading for Syria soon and the Defense Plants will gear up !


@Jackel..If you think it is ok to gas innocent children, women and men ,and we should sit back and say sorry about you situation, God have mercy on you. And the fact that you refer to the President of the United States Of America as Bozo speaks volumes on your character. We are not the only country who thinks this is an atrocity on humanity.


I agree that something has to be done , but I also believe that we should have the world support .And money should be donated to the united states like we have done in some many countries all over this world .And the truth of the matter this might lead into another war that We can not really afford .We are tring to clean up the mess from the wars from the last several years and try and recover from
If the U.S Goverment worked as hard at defending the U.Ss fiancial mess aa they do policing the world we would have the perfact country