Woman who OD'd on heroin has bond revoked for opiate usage, new felony

Defendant was topless as she ran around restaurant parking lot and later bit a paramedic.
Cary Ashby
Aug 30, 2013


A former Norwalk woman convicted of attacking a paramedic after a heroin overdose had her bond revoked Wednesday in connection with a probation violation.

In December, Lisa M. Barnett, 20, now of Sandusky, pleaded guilty to one felony count each of assaulting a paramedic and receiving stolen property.

"She is not a resident of Huron County. She does not have any employment," Huron County Assistant Prosecutor Daivia Kasper said.

"She continues to use opiates. ... She has been charged with a new felony while she is on probation," Kasper added.

Barnett is charged with theft through Sandusky Municipal Court. The fifth-degree felony, investigated by the Sandusky Police Department, is in connection with an Aug. 18 incident.

Huron County Public Defender David Longo said the charge is a felony only because it deals with a money order, which he said doesn't have a "high value."

Barnett's local convictions are for two incidents.

She stole a relative's credit card Sept. 11.

The assault happened Sept. 27 at Brian Buffet, a Plank Road restaurant where Barnett had a heroin overdose.

"This was a heckuva scene at the Brian Buffet. The young lady was in great distress, doing more heroin than she should," Prosecutor Russell Leffler said in February. "The people who were there reported it was worse than what was in the police report."

Barnett yelled about having Hepatitis C, went into the bathroom, "shot herself full of heroin" and then threw up "all over herself," prosecutors said. A witness who works near the restaurant had said Barnett was topless as she ran around the parking lot before North Central EMS arrived.

While paramedics attempted to treat her, Barnett scratched and bit a female medical worker, but the bite apparently didn't penetrate the victim's skin.

Barnett was placed on three years of intense probation in February. A new mom at the time who once reportedly had a 10 heroin balloons-per-day habit told the court she was "happy" to be clean and sober.

She didn't receive any jail time, but Huron County Common Pleas Judge Jim Conway ordered her to undergo substance abuse counseling. Barnett also is subject to random drug screens.

Also, Barnett must work toward her GED and pay almost $278 in restitution to the receiving stolen property victim. She's also prohibited from having any association with her one-time boyfriend.


swiss family

3 years on "INTENSE PROBATION"????? Seriously??? is this JUSTICE????


Shocker.....so she is stealing credit cards and money orders, probably to continue to use DRUGS? AWESOME. That probation is working out great! Guess it wasn't INTENSE enough!


Yeah, but she's so damn cute...


Do you think they are really sending people to prison for a 300. $ theft, or a minor amt on a money order and if the report says minor its probally 50 or less... so a junkie with a drug habbitt should get exacally how long in prison for stealing 300. $... there would be no room to put a molested or rapist, a armed robber, or a murderer then, so lets put every addict and alcoholic in the joint so we as tax payers can pay for them and on top of it for the new facalities that we are going to have to build.. its sucks but it is kind of pick and choose who you can send away and who stays.


For example in Erie county they are releasing felons from the county jail daily, because of the lack of room. Felons that committed violent crimes, robberies and thefts in the thousands. They even accidentally released a men that was already sentenced to prison, that was just waiting to get shipped out and he is no where to be found. Over crowding is a real serious problom that I do not think most of the public is aware of. What do you do? You try to give the less serious offenders cbcf and probation, community service, and counciling. I know I know, I read the articles to that see the same faces of the people needing up again and again. It does work for some and we don't ever here about it again, but it is a hard job to be the one that has to play this pick n choose game with the lives of people who do have families and that might actually get it together.


You have commented very well on this, and you are correct at what you said, some do get the help that has been needed and has been something they wanted and just needed that push into it, so your right, I had rather see rapest murderers and robbers locked up and the ones hurting there selves try to help them by making them go into a rehab! Very well said AEversole!!


This is a complete JOKE!!!!!!!!! Everyone when going to counsel meetings uses someone elses urine...When you have to go to your P.O. all they do is get off the stuff for three days n alls good.It's not rocket science here...Is the probation office that lame or are you telling me the money just isnt there to not give two chits!!!!! Have a system that works,,,it's called random drug testing to your probies...Seriously, Huron County Probate is nothing but some joke people make fun of and the Citizens pay for it all..This is BS!!!!


"This was a heckuva scene at the Brian Buffet. The young lady was in great distress, doing more heroin than she should,"

I go back to my question back when this happened. Is there a normal amount of heroin, and if so how much is it so she can stay below that amount. :)


Overcrowding is a problem??? Really? How about you quit whining about overcrowding and just put 20 of them to a room and not give a rats a@@ about it. I do not care if they are uncomfortable. I do not care if they are only eating rice and beans. I do not care if they have no tv or cablevision. I do not care if they sleep on a 1/2 inch foam mat on the floor. I do not care if they have no windows. I do not care if they have no formal education or lack of library access. I DO NOT CARE. You steal from your family, your friends, your neighbors to support your DRUG ADDICTION, oh I'm sorry your disease, I DO NOT CARE. You are a criminal. Until the laws change you are a criminal. You belong in JAIL. Most of these people are REPEAT offenders. They get a second, third, sometimes FOURTH chance and do NOT appreciate it. In what other country can you lie, steal, and sell drugs and get a second, or third chance to start over? Heck most countries you DIE in prison! On a dirt floor! If you do not want to live in jail do NOT DO DRUGS! Plain and simple.


I always wonder why we don't do like the sheriff in Arizona. The one that puts them in tents and makes them wear pink underwear, etc. Why can't other towns do that!?


Too many bleeding hearts. There are people who think Sheriff Arpaio is too strict and should be removed. I think he does an AWESOME job!


When I was working on my Masters in Criminal Justice, this was one of the discussions we had. Not too many agreed with his tactics but I will say it was pretty interesting what others had to say. Bottom line is we have too many Liberals fighting for the rights of criminals and not enough people fighting for the victims. This country no longer holds people accountable for their actions. Instead, our justice system blames video games, TV, society, family life, etc. It has become the blame game. Until we hold people accountable for their actions and stop slapping their hands, then we are going to keep seeing the same faces in the paper. I still laugh when I think of the sheriff doing that....ha


Why don't we have a similar person like Sherriff Joe? Cuz he's an a**! Obviously,neither one of you know what he's been doing, and have only read the crap he put out. He's being investigated for policies in his Dept. for not investigating molestation and rape cases as priority,as well as unexplained deaths of inmates while in custody.Sorry,not worth the pink undies to me.


I think this sleaze bag is lame. Your babydad is in a cbcf bc he is a junkie and you're running around topless and biteing paramedics because you're a junkie. You're showing your daughter how to be a woman... and that its ok to date men old enough to be your father... priceless...


i say put all these junkies in jail long enough to get clean and make sure they have a full needle full when they get out so they all o.d. i am so sick of seeing what it is doing to these kids and their familys are the ones that get hurt more than the the junkies.