Drug dealer gets prison time for selling Xanax to her 'best friend'

Defendant tells judge: "I could be doing a lot worse; I could be shooting up."
Cary Ashby
Aug 30, 2013


Defense attorney Curtis Koch wanted the judge to consider "county jail time" of one year for his client's drug-dealing conviction and a probation violation from a 2008 felony case.

"It's something Roberta can live with," Koch said about Roberta D. Bisel.

The 36-year-old Norwalk woman pleaded guilty in early June to one count of trafficking in alprazolam. In exchange, the state dismissed two similar charges.

"I'd like to see her go to prison (and) get shocked into a CBCF," Huron County Prosecutor Russell Leffler said in Huron County Common Pleas Court on Wednesday morning. "I think she needs a prison term to wake her up."

A CBCF is a prison-like substance abuse treatment center, where defendants spend four to six months.

Judge Jim Conway gave Bisel the option of considering a "risk reduction" sentence, which would reduce her time in prison by 20 percent if she agreed to undergo and successfully completed an in-house substance abuse program.

Bisel didn't appear to be sold on the idea. She said she didn't want to go to prison, where there's more drug activity than in Norwalk.

"I sold some of Xanax to my best friend to support my family," she told the judge. "I could be doing a lot worse; I could be shooting up."

Earlier in the hearing, Leffler said it's obvious Bisel has a long-term drug problem.

The prosecutor also mentioned how the defendant only managed to pay $660 out of her $30,000 restitution from her previous case. Bisel pleaded guilty to theft from the elderly in mid-June 2008.

"I don't think that's a great performance on five years of probation," Leffler said.

Koch said his client has been off drugs for more than four years and isn't a "major player" in the local drug scene.

"We're not dealing with heroin here," said the defense attorney, who said a year in the Huron County Jail wouldn't demean the seriousness of Bisel's trafficking offense.

"I understand selling my Xanax was stupid. I made a poor choice," Bisel said.

Crying slightly, she said she "wasn't doing it to support my habit."

"I was doing it to support my family," added the mother of two.

Ultimately, the judge sentence Bisel to one year in prison and had her probation revoked in the 2008 case. She wasn't fined, but she must pay $105 in restitution to the Ohio Bureau of Investigation to cover the cost of drug testing.



You could be shooting up??? Hold on a second... that's why you sold the pills is to buy heroin bc the guy who you were blowing in terras bathroom decided bjs weren't paying for him to reup and he needed cash... get a grip and get a life... get some help and stop with the
pitty party oh poor me I'm a heroin junkie blah blah blah you put that needle in your arm no one forced you


Here's an idea, Get a JOB. Selling a pill or two...heck even a BOTTLE of Xanax only will get ya a weeks worth of groceries? maybe a tank of gas? Get a JOB!!!


... not to sound like I'm advocating drug dealing.... but you should try learning about what you're talking about... some RX pills go for quite a bit of money... 1 perscription of a variety of different types of pills could set someone for a month or two. Only idiots settle for the lower perscriptions... the risk isn't worth it...

Either way its not a good choice to make a living out of it.


Pretty sure Xanax are available in generic aka, alprazolam, meaning you get them for cheap. And they are actually pretty common prescription. Being that they are pretty easy to get, you are not going to sell them for THAT much. I understand that SOME pills will fetch a pretty penny, but I don't think Xanax is one of them. (just found on google....$1-$10 @ pill....that isn't even a bag of groceries or a tank of gas) And you are right....that is NOT worth trying to make a living off of, or going to jail for. Not to mention LOSING your children over.

All taken

Get a job!!! I don't recall you ever having a job!!! She stole from your grandmother,she is a heroin addict and so is her 25ish year old boyfriend. He never has a job either. Glad to see another loser off the street for a little while. Take the boyfriend off the streets also.


You don't "sell" something to your "best friend" you share....


Her "best friend" would help if she needed to support her family. My best friend needed help when her husband kicked her out...I bought 6 bags of groceries and left them in the kitchen where she was staying! Food and toiletries.




i would love to know why all these people get these pills ? what happen to when you have something happened u just dealt with it you didnt run to a doc and get a pill.where is the day that the most you did was get drunk and smoked a little weed?than you had kids and it was time to grow up.oh thats right you now get a pill for you and the kids.


She has been and always will be TRASH! It's sad to say but her poor girls are growing up just like her. They both are extremely over weight, have tattoos and piercings everywhere. Not saying tatts are bad, but a bit inappropriate for a 13 and 16 yr old! They cuss like sailors and are very disrespectful!

Scranton Tibbs

This sounds like a reality show in the making!


Roberta, Terra, 25ish year old boyfriend.... all sound like trash to me! Some people just don't get it. I feel sorry for any children involved with these people. I guess they're the ones who have to deal with the fact that they failed in life and no one is ever going to show them any respect. Get off your a**es, get a job, and try to be respectable human beings for your children!! So sick of seeing this stuff in the paper.


She looks so doped up in that picture. Likes shes been embalmed and they have not glued her eye lids shut. Get a job and teach your children to be respectable and not live off the system. Tired of stories like this!


Yeah there's alot of OLDER women out there selling their Xanax and pulling in these younger generations makes me sick , everyone of them need PRISON


funky junky, 36? time to grow up, teach your children manners, show them , then earn their respect. How you gonna feel when they are strung out on drugs? If you get convicted of a drug crime, take the kids away, no gov. assistance ever again, no metro, no food card etc.....ever.

All taken

I don't understand how she has been able to keep her kids. That is just sad!

ben castin

what a good friend..lol

Scranton Tibbs

Nasty stank


xanax are awesome they should legalize then and sell them over the counter

swiss family

Please read this story a couple of times... it sounds to me, like they are concerned about how to charge her and how to punish her, looking to find a punishment that "she can live with"???? is that what our Judicial system in Huron county has become?? we try to accommodate our criminals to what "they can live with???

Judge Jim Conway gave Bisel the option of considering a "risk reduction" sentence, which would reduce her time in prison by 20 percent if she agreed to undergo and successfully completed an in-house substance abuse program. Bisel didn't appear to be sold on the idea. She said she didn't want to go to prison,

And young lady.. would you like a ride to jail in one of our Sheriff's cars"???? NO I can't live with that... I really don't want to go to jail like that.. could I get a limo with a police escort????COME ON JUDICIAL SYSTEM>>> It is your job as representative of ours to PUNISH them for their crimes... STOP Plea bargaining...STOP trying to save them from their addictions... PUNISH THEM>>>>> In my opinion