Don King wants to name Ohio road in honor of late wife

World renowned boxing promoter files petition with county commissioners.
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Aug 28, 2013


World renowned boxing promoter Don King is looking to change the name of a street to honor his late wife.

King filed a petition with the Ashtabula County commissioners several months ago, requesting Chub Road, where he has been a long-time resident, be changed to Henrietta King Road, as a permanent tribute to his late wife.

Commissioners forwarded the request to Windsor Township trustees and left it in their hands. There are nine residents living on Chub Road.

Trustees circulated letters to the residents of Chub Road stating it should be a unanimous decision of the residents whether the road name be changed. Six of the nine residents have agreed to the name change, but three have not agreed.

Commissioner Dan Claypool said the request to change the road name should be recommended by the township board of trustees. As soon as the township reaches a consensus and makes a recommendation, Claypool said the county will act on it.

The county will be required to hold a public hearing on the matter. Lisa Hawkins, clerk of the board, said she will run a notice for the public hearing in the newspaper and it will be held 30 days later.

Commissioner Peggy Carlo said it has been her experience that people tend to get upset when the name of their road changes as it affects their address.


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Scranton Tibbs

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Scranton Tibbs

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swiss cheese kat

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