Janesville Acoustics to close Norwalk facility

296 employees to lose jobs
Scott Seitz
Aug 28, 2013


The Janesville Acoustics facility will close its doors in Norwalk.

Corporate officials were at Plant 60 this morning and announced the company will begin phasing out workers through the end of 2014.

The plant presently employs about 296 people, including hourly and salaried.

Janesville officials talked about the phase-out plans.

"These plans come in response to market pressures, including increased demand from customers to manufacture in closer proximity to their operations," the company said in a prepared statement. 

"The company intends to establish a new plant in Kansas, Missouri or Nebraska before the close of 2013, a location within reach of the assembly plants of many current Janesville Acoustics customers," officials said.

The Norwalk plant is scheduled to permanently close by the end of 2014, with the earliest signs of the phase-out period commencing this fall, officials added.

Keep checking back for more details.


swiss family

JOBS??? JOBS???? JOBS??????????????

Really are you ...

O' great! Any new news on the vacant Mayflower building? Eh?


Same on you greedy corporate slugs! This is ALL about money! They want more money and they are going to take it at the expense of their employees! I really hope these workers are able to get WIA or some other type of assistance to get back to the workforce! My husband and I worked at Sandusky Athol International for 11/8 years respectively and they did the same thing except to North Carolina..... guess what..... they went bankrupt! I hope the people running Janesville Acoustics smarten up and leave a good running, money making plant and its
employees alone!


Of course businesses are about money, what else would they be about? Owners are allowed to make corporate decisions for financial health, if we don't like it we should open our own company and run it as we wish.


Not good news at all!

Fibber Mcgee

Thankfully we have the Norwalk Economic Development Corp. to help bring in businesses and jobs...:)( thanks for your help)


Can you say "Ghost Town" ?? All Norwalk is going to have is Norwalk Custom Furniture and the Hospital. Jobs??? for those loosing theirs...sure if they want to work part time for peanuts....it's a shame what America has come too.

believe it

Ghost town? What? Norwalk has been growing like crazy in recent years, the high school is one of the biggest in this whole area. Definitely not so bad that it's going to turn into a "ghost town".


Agreed. Over re-action from vgoble. Never bother listening to a post from someone that spells 'losing' with more o's than one of Ric Flair's Whoooooooooooo's.

Really are you ...

I thought they would stay relatively close to their customer base, Michigan. They just bought that mega building in Battle Creek, Michigan. Proximity to operations? Hogwash! They have a sign painted on the side of the building in downtown Norwalk's main square, Rt.250 side of where the jewelers store use to be, for so many years of community service. I think it says 150 years, so didn't operations start here?


"These plans come in response to market pressures, including increased demand from customers to manufacture in closer proximity to their operations,"

I am calling BS on this statement. Why didn't they just say "We are trying to phase out unionized locations and cut costs by lowering the wages of our employees."

To Really are you... the operation actually started in Janesville, WI, they closed this location years ago.

Really are you ...

Was blogging frustrations. Didn't do any research, but they supply sound deadening material to the auto industry, pretty much Detroit. It is sickening. Janesville had multiple plants, IPC had multiple plants, Mayflower, EPIC, a cornerstone gas station, not to mention a bowling alley/ multiple grocery store building in Norwalk, Ohio. GONE!

Some type of employment opportunities needs to replace these places rather quickly. Can the City of Norwalk declare a State of Emergency?


Maybe they can declare bankruptcy like Detroit.


Epic? Thought they picked up.


Battle Creek was mentioned the other night from a former Janesville man. Mich. bound. Tax abatements too?


This makes me physically ill. 300 people out of work in a county that is fifth in the state for unemployment. Doesn't seem very encouraging with that $#@@! in the White House


These jobs aren't leaving the US, why blame this President? Janesville is doing well. They are leaving Ohio, blame our high taxes and high cost of doing business. They are leaving Norwalk, blame our union workfore and the culture of entitlement and blame the inability to find enough new hires who can pass a drug test.

Scranton Tibbs

@Whoopball EXACTLY. That comment is right on the money. Why don't more people understand that? Easier to blame the "Obozo" or "Bozo" or whatever he is referred to nowadays. Ohio ranks 33rd in Forbes list of Best States for Business.


I know blaming "Bozo" for all the ills of the world is easier, but there's more to it than that. Turn off the Rush Limbaugh for a few minutes and read something, think for yourself.


Keep in mind under Ted Strickland, a Democrat, Ohio was 49th ----- yes 49th---- in job creation

Scranton Tibbs

That was 2011...this is 2013. I ran out of fuel for my time machine, so I'm stuck here in the present day. I know, I know, EVERYTHING is the fault of the Democratic party. Blaming someone based on their political affiliation, and voting along party lines is ignorant and is part of the root cause of our problems today. Gone are the days of the informed voter who takes time to research things for themselves. Easier to let Rush, or CNN, or some other mainstream media outlet (left or right) tell you how to think.


I'm informed, just find it funny how the Spendocrats want it both ways. They clearly had no problem playing the blame game when they came aboard. Now the D's want to blame Kasich for what ails us. Those are the uninformed ones. Both sides of the aisles stink


I should have been more specific, No, it's not his fault, but the future for these people doesn't seem "encouraging", meaning finding new employment looks grim and not to expect help with this administration's economy.

Otherwise I agree with both your posts, with the exception of Rush Limbaugh, I view left and right news, and he is one of a few resources that will report what NBC, ABC, and the like will not.


It is amazing to me that the non thinking, 10 sandwich eating, hand out crowd continues to blame unions. I personally am not a HUGE union supporter, but the facts are the facts. Here are the TOP 4 employers in the US...in 1955 and Today:

1955 2013
GM Wal-Mart
US Steel Kelly Temps
GE McDonalds
Chrysler Taco Bell

When were the jobs better...? and were THOSE employees ABLE to buy a car, house, new refrigerator? What about the employees of 2013? How many of them are buying and therefore creating more jobs.


Them businesses were bled dry over the past 50 yrs by your beloved more More MORE unions..took some years and time till they just decided to uproot and move to other countries, all them companies have more "employees" as ever, just not Americans.. Surely you don't feel the same as i, but facts are facts


Its a cute stat but has more to do with machinery doing the jobs of people, america getting fat on bad food and the rise in good stamps/welfare cash cow walmart. Nothing to do with unions either way. Theres way more cars produced now than 1955


right on! no one ever thinks of the "convenience" of a machine doing the work. and how that has affected things. and the ponsy scheme that is built in the pensions. not to mention medical has increased age life well beyond the 60 mark. so retirements have been bled dry. Not saying right, not saying wrong, just people hate to hear the truth and somehow you are heartless for EVEN looking at things differently. People have moved to greener pastures through generations, for food. Jobs or buffalo? didn't matter. Stinks but relocation is ALWAYS a possibility. Or take the easy way out and sit around and boo hoo with the masses.




Whoopball.... you say Janesville is doing well.... so why are they closing up shop and moving then? Oh its because what I said in my previous comment.... corporate bigwigs want more money in their pocket and they want to get it by taking away from everyone else.

And inability to find enough new hires to pass a drug test??? What kind of people do you know? I can name 20 people off the top of my head that I know can pass a drug test and are looking for work.

And blame our UNIONS????? These unions you speak of have changed the United States workforce for the better! Unions help with better pay... better insurance... better working standards.... more safety!

If you don’t like unions and what they do for the American worker, you are more than welcome to move to China/Mexico/India/Indonesia. You can work 18 hour days for $2.00 an hour with no breaks or insurance.

(personally I think you may be one of those "corporate bigwigs" I was speaking of).


Your comments are as quaint as oil lamps and buggy whips. Hear that whoosh? That's history passing you by.


Again....(personally I think you may be one of those "corporate bigwigs" I was speaking of).