Janesville Acoustics to close Norwalk facility

296 employees to lose jobs
Scott Seitz
Aug 28, 2013


The Janesville Acoustics facility will close its doors in Norwalk.

Corporate officials were at Plant 60 this morning and announced the company will begin phasing out workers through the end of 2014.

The plant presently employs about 296 people, including hourly and salaried.

Janesville officials talked about the phase-out plans.

"These plans come in response to market pressures, including increased demand from customers to manufacture in closer proximity to their operations," the company said in a prepared statement. 

"The company intends to establish a new plant in Kansas, Missouri or Nebraska before the close of 2013, a location within reach of the assembly plants of many current Janesville Acoustics customers," officials said.

The Norwalk plant is scheduled to permanently close by the end of 2014, with the earliest signs of the phase-out period commencing this fall, officials added.

Keep checking back for more details.



Unions are running businesses away to areas that don't have to deal with them. Congrats Ohio, instead of a bit less you'll get nothing. Amazing I thought after SB5 was repealed things like this wouldn't happen? Lol move to China, nah I'll stay right here making a nice living at my non union job thank ya very much.

Really are you ...

Thought that was jobs leaving.


I make a six figure salary and the only job I ever had that was union was making minimum wage stocking shelves at a grocery store. They took 65 cents of my $4.35 hourly pay to "protect" me.


All while our Mayor and city council sit around discussing how to get more money for park improvements.....how about this administration start discussing how to keep JOBS in this town?


Don't blame them, nothing they can do. Just like our rising cable bill there's nothing they can do there either. Mayor & council are just figure heads that have little power besides yelling at people to mow their lawns or fix their sidewalks.


So sorry former co-workers! SAD!

Really are you ...

Is there still negotiations for the new contract in December?


Your kidding Right?...LOL

Really are you ...

No I am not kidding. Negotiate severance packages, and try to get everything they can to help the soon to be unemployed workers there, Janesville is not going bankrupt, the company is still making money. Why wait to see what the company will offer when the doors close? Janesville will be like all of the other big factories that have been leaving from around here. The long term worker who put a good portion of their life into making that plant what it was, will receive next to nothing when the doors close.

Case in point. When CVG bought Mayflower. In a meeting, the new plant manager came in and said, "Wow you guys have a lot of people that are here with over 20 years, some with 30 years, and there is a person here with over 40 years. That is amazing." Doors close, gone to Mexico, no severance package or buy out... Just a whole bunch of people looking for a new job, it was harder for the people who were close to retirement, but not quite at the retirement age yet.


Hey Whoopball, so you are saying that those few bad apples ruin the whole bunch? My husband has worked there for 16 years, has not done drugs and worked his tail off to get us where we are today. I worked there for 12 years and then was frightened when we were both laid off so I went to school and now I have a wonderful job. Why are you generalizing when referring to the union employees?


For everybody blaming Obama, I have one question. Where is Gov. Kasich ?


Standing a few feet ahead of Strickland


Better yet where's the great Sherrod Brown? There he is.... chasing Obama's tail

Scranton Tibbs

Where is James Madison? Gotta be some way to pin this on him.

Cliff Cannon

@ Scranton Tibbs : When do the insult's end ?,Is it not enough, that the 'father of our Constitution " James Madison was short enough ( 5'4") to be called " Little Madison " by his contemporary's ?

Nor is it enough, that his beloved Dolly was not only not a 'maiden ' ( she was a widow )when she married him, then she gained greater fame than him as well.

Despite battling through these challenges. Despite being one of Thomas Jefferson's ( The father of the Declaration of Independence ) best friends. ( He even had a room at Jefferson's 'Monticello' titled " Mr. Madison's room " )

He still get's blamed for ' Janesville's ' closing ? Well, I'll be, some men never can catch a break, can they ? :)


Unions kill jobs....Kasich was trying to reduce unions and save jobs. Its a sad reality but its a companies choice where to manufacture and unions cost themselves out of markets.


It comes to no surprise, I just been waiting to hear the news. I lost my 18yr job at IPC and lost everything I own,home,cars,401K,Insurance,all my animals. I had rethink on how to live, Factory life was all I knew. I was thrown to wolfs, I have been living on $8.00 + HR for 6yrs. At 50 + yrs old and try to fine a job, Yup life sucks..Good luck J workers it's a long haul when your Unemployment runs out.

Really are you ...

Fifty years ago today, MLK's "I have a dream where all men are created equal." Today, can't we all get along? Retirement hopes being crushed. Years ago, I thought about starting up a business so I would not have to rely on what has been happening to this town of Norwalk. IPC, Mayflower, Janesville... This complex generator I am working on will save this town with much needed jobs. Sorry big oil, this will eat at your record profits. But will lessen the need for the fossil fuels to propel our transportation into the future. Small enough to fit in a closet, but powerful enough to power a house. From when I talked about this on other blogs, I am not a snake oil salesman, and it is not an additive to water or oil. I am ready for change, if no one else will do it, I will lead the way.


All you've done is talk. If it's so d&*m great just do it. As they say-BUL^$H*T walks. Either do it, keep walking, but definately stop talking. And I for one believe the union had a lot to do with this. My opinion.


Agree and it's a *&^% shame!


Hmmmm I remember when Norwalk City Schools convinced us to pay more taxes for a new High School on the premise that it would bring more industry and jobs to Norwalk. Guess that didn't pan out and in a few months NCS will ask for more of our tax dollars. I bet I can guess how 300 former employees will vote.




I have to laugh at idiots who blame politicians, for a company's greed.


companies have a right to greed. They are in business for a profit PERIOD. Not to save a town. Would you work for free? just so people can buy the product you make at a cheaper price?

stop the fighting

when i left there many years ago they had to pay anyone layed off to get retrained in a new area of work. they paid for my nursing school. my husband still works there, are they going to have to pay all 300 people to retrain in a new area of work now?


If not mistaken.. Batesville casket is the next to be gone. "consolidating". I believe most employees have been saved thru transfer.. But the cash cow business and employees county/city tax is gone

swiss cheese kat's picture
swiss cheese kat

Battle Creek's willingness to press forward with economic activity has put both the city and the state in a good position for sustained and continued growth.
Janesville Acoustics invested $10 million in the project. Michigan Business Development Program incentive contributed $1.5 million. The City of Battle Creek approved a 10-year tax abatement on personal property installed at the facility. And Battle Creek Unlimited, the area's economic development organization, offered $140,000 in incentives for training, relocation and residency.


Truckin is a misinformed idiot. Unions didn't bleed anybody dry, that didn't allow themselves be bled.


I bet your house was built by all union labor? Lol yeah right. Do you hire only union work to fix up things? Probably not. Why? Because its unaffordable! All these pro-union people are just hypocrits

Cliff Cannon

One of the 'heard on the street' things, I personally was told, by a person in the 'know'. Was that, Janesville officials were very disgruntled by the lack of suitable applicants for their job opening's. ( they had tow motor jobs with out people capable of filling them, for example )

Not knowing the 'real ' truth, I will testify to this; Our welfare system makes it very hard to have incentive to work. Here's hoping the loss of our last big manufacturer, will help change that system. Then pray that people awaken to this simple fact: Your 'job' is to make your employer money. No more, no less. So why not give your best to insure your own job?