Defendant spoils 'second chance' on probation

Woman covicted of heroin-related crime gets 15-month prison term
Cary Ashby
Aug 28, 2013


So much for that "second chance" and "wake-up call" she got earlier this month.

Justina M. Hall, 26, of Willard, was sentenced to 15 months in prison Tuesday for violating her probation.

The former Norwalk resident admitted to several violations. Those offenses included a July 23 positive drug test for opiates, failing to report for probation office visits in late June and early July and failing to report to Firelands Counseling & Recovery Services as part of her post-residential program June 6.

In late July, Huron County Common Pleas Judge Jim Conway revoked Hall's bond when she admitted there was probable cause for violating her probation. She remained in custody at the Huron County Jail until an Aug. 19 hearing when the judge released her on "a second chance" and said he thought her time behind bars would be a sufficient "wake-up call."

"This is a second chance. You're not off the hook," Conway told her.

During Tuesday's hearing, probation officer Andrea Cooke gave the judge a brief update on what happened to Hall after she was released on a personal recognizance bond.

"She totaled her vehicle," Cooke said about an Aug. 22 incident that happened about 12:30 a.m.

Hall also had been associating with a known felon, the probation officer added.

A heroin-related case is why Hall was on three years of intensely supervised probation.

In October, she pleaded guilty to attempted tampering with evidence. A passing driver reported seeing Hall sitting on the steps of a Milan Avenue office with a syringe to her arm Sept. 1. Prosecutors said Norwalk police later found Hall intoxicated and she attempted to swallow some pills when an officer discovered her purse.

On May 21, Hall successfully completed the program at the Worth Center, a substance abuse treatment center.

Huron County Assistant Prosecutor Daivia Kasper said Tuesday there are "no further community control (sanctions) available" for Hall, so she recommended the prison term and revoking Hall's probation.





HAHAHAHAHA!! Shes a good person that just needs help though right? Shes headed right where she belongs.


"You don't know her". "Don't talk about her".

Scranton Tibbs

"You don't understand her disease."

Yall Make Me Sick

"Somebody made her do it" & "You don't know the whole story" & "She was hanging around the wrong crowed" & oh don't forget... "She fell on hard times" really we all fall on hard times but it don't consist of falling & landing with a needle in our arm.

Scranton Tibbs

I'm sure she is sorry. Probably find out in a few months she is knocked up and milky. Conway will let her out and send her to Teen Challenge to get right with Jesus.


Don't forget SHE HAD A ROUGH CHILDHOOD! Yea, a lot of others did too. Boo friggen Hoo.


what's that on her lip

Scranton Tibbs



I think she's going where she belongs...she might want to find a b*#@h though so she doesn't get beaten up


I cant say I am surprised her three months for another hearing turned into three days. Yes everyone has problems and addiction is a deadly disease. It seems this yound woman was offered a variety of service that could have helped her fight her addiction and she didnt take advantage of them. The real victim here is this young womans son who will now be without his mother longer. Everyone has choices and you make the bed you lay in. Maybe this will be her wake up call apparently the overdose on herion and ativan didnt do it, CBCF twice didnt do it and the whole two months in total she spent in jail between sentencing and violation didnt do it. We can only pray this will. This young woman needs prayers and she will definetly be in mine.


A "deadly disease" is CANCER. A "deadly disease" is Lou Gehrig's. A "deadly disease" is Malaria. DRUGS are NOT a is a CHOICE.


You are very uneducated and misinformed. I said addiction is a deadly disease first off and second off yes it is a disease. Instead of trying to sound smart educate yourself on what a disease actually is.


No I am educated. I CHOOSE NOT to do drugs. I CHOOSE not to be an addict. I have family who have diseases. I have loved ones who have died of diseases. It SICKENS me to have people compare the two. I do not understand how someone who made a CHOICE to stick a needle in their arm to get HIGH is compared to a child dying of cancer. I have NO sympathies for ANYONE with an addictions. SO take your bleeding heart and your boohoos for your addictions and cry to someone else. She made her choices and she CHOSE to get high, MORE than once. It is more important to her than life, her child or anything else. Why should ANYONE else care.

Karma Watcher

Wow. Ladydye. this statement DOES prove just how uneducated you are. I am not an addict but AM EDUCATED to know it is a disease.


Oh I is a "disease" by definition...just like they have now given OBESITY the same definition. Oh joy. So pretty soon NOTHING will be anyone's fault. You can just blame it on someone or something else. I had a bad childhood, I was a latchkey kid, my mom did make me brownies, I did get to play t'ball, I flunked math. I ate too many twinkies. I can't handle stress. I over eat. Well boo freaking hoo. Deal with it. Everyone has stress. Everyone has issues. Just because someone has a bad childhood does not mean you get a free pass to be a pot head and call it a disease or an addiction. So kids picked on you for having pimples and acne, you ate too many you are fat and have diabetes??? So you are obese and it is a disease. Everyone gets to blame someone else. Congratulations.

swiss cheese kat's picture
swiss cheese kat

drug-using is labeled as an addiction miss-know-it-all.

Karma Watcher

Drug uses causes addiction, which is a disease!


Why is it that those of us who choose to stay drug free and do not believe that addiction is a disease. We are always in the "wrong" or "Uneducated" ? Really?

Point of Fact: Unless someone tied these people down and tied the tourniquet on their arm and injected the horse in their arm by FORCE Then It IS by choice. It's not as though , there isn't information out there to Stay away from the crap. There has been for more than 45 years.

And if you think about this how many enemies of this country are just thrilled that one more American chooses to do that it's more profit in their little coffers overseas now ain't it?


You are obviously not as educated as you say or think. Noone asked you to have sympathy for addicts. People choose to smoke so because they get cancer its not a disease because it was their choice. People choose to not wear protection and end up with HIV/AIDS so thats not a disease to you either because that was their choice. What you have posted is ridiculous. Addiction range from over eating to drug use. People choice to over eat and diet poorly and end up with diseases like thyroid and diabetes but thats their choice right. Thank goodness you or a loved one hasnt ever struggled with addiction since you have no compassion for people who choose their fate, which by the way I said you make your own bed you lay in it in my first post. Why Dont you go read a book instead of attacking someone for a post on the local paper website.


You can get cancer withOUT smoking. You can get HIV/AIDS withOUT having sex. You can have thyroid and/or diabetes withOUT overeating. So all of your examples do not hold much water either. YOU are not as educated as you say or think. The point is ADDICTION is a choice. I guess you could say I DO have an addiction...I like to attack people on the local paper's website.


@ ms. NOT So smarty

If you were really educated you would know that NO ONE is TWO words.

BTW: If you want to know how the first cases of HIV was spread I suggest YOU check out the late Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation website.

I guarantee there's a story you'll never forget.

FYI: Also many of the gay population back then were drug users with dirty needles, then they went and sold their blood when they needed a fix. NO ONE knew they had tainted blood at the time. All the while, before the virus was discovered in this country.

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swiss cheese kat

If "no one" is two words, then why is "everyone" only one word?


Ask my old English teacher :)

"noone" is pronounced like high noon or 12 noon or Peter Noone.

Back on topic.

Karma Watcher

Agree with smarttypants. At least you speak the truth and are educating those who are reading this. The "uneducated" just have pride and refuse to learn and listen. Unfortunately Drug Abuse/Addiction is a sad thing and makes the addict a very bad person, one who makes poor choices. But the fact is most cases are much deeper than making a choice to do drugs. But Hey like you said, so someone who gets lung cancer and smokes 2 packs of smokes a day, lets just call them a loser and tell them we don't help losers who make bad choices. Or the person who has Diabetes from being over weight. Lets just give them a quarter and tell them to call someone who cares because they made the choice to over eat and become over weight.


I said educated not perfect.... Clearly, we both are firm in our post. However, mine is fact and yours is opinion. Any medical professional will say the same, oh wait I am one. Ive proven my point so Im done here!!!!! Hahaha


You're nothing but hot air.

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swiss cheese kat

Amen to that hot air.


I just have to say a few things about this conversation about addiction. Addiction IS A DISEASE!!!! Perhaps someone chose to pick that needle or pipe up in the first place but there was a reason for that to happen. We don't know these people's story or reasoning. Not everyone come's from a good stable home. Often times people come from abusive situations and turn to drugs to escape. Sometimes they do not have a serious understanding of what they are doing.Maybe they grew up seeing this behavior and honestly think it is "the norm". But while it is very wrong to start using to begin with, they can't stop. It only takes one time to get hooked. We all have choices to make and unfortunately, way too many times, people make the wrong ones. But that doesn't ecscape the fact, addiction is a disease! No matter how they got to where they are, they can't control it. Perhaps you should educate yourself on the very clear facts of addiction. Your personal opinion and the facts are two very different things!

Karma Watcher

Well said Areyoukiddingme99!!!!!