Council candidate convicted of having junky yard - for 13th time

A Norwalk city council candidate was found guilty on two counts of violating the city's yard maintenance laws at municipal court Thursday.
Scott Seitz2
Sep 9, 2011


A Norwalk city council candidate was found guilty on two counts of violating the city's yard maintenance laws at municipal court Thursday.

After the bench trial in which he represented himself, William Hood, 69, of 66 1/2 Christie Ave., said the proceedings went as he expected.

"I knew that was coming," he said about Judge John Ridge fining him $150 and court costs on the minor misdemeanor charges.

Ridge also noted it was Hood's 13th offense.

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This makes me sad.. leave the poor man alone :(


Maybe the city should start a real task force to drive around town making a list of all the unkempt properties. It's a fact that Mr. Hood is being unfairly singled out. If the city were to be fair, that court room would be packed with neglegent property owners.


People HAVE helped him. Although I don't agree with people picking on him, I will say there have been numerous members of the community that have helped clean his yard. An entire family was recruited to clean up by his house and I also know that one of the ladies on Christie sometimes mows his yard when she mows her own. There are people out there that were willing to help him...


While I do agree that it does seem like he is being singled out, I also believe that he has brought this upon himself. So far I have gathered that he HAS been helped by others that have cleaned up his property. I also have noticed that his home is at the front entrance to a school and is very busy during the school season with out of town visitors do to the the sporting events held there. Just from viewing his own personal hygene, it seems that he is uncapable of managing anything in a tidy appearance. I sincerely hope that this nuisance property is taken care of, it is quite a disgusting way to represent our city to the many out of towners visiting the school.


If this man cannot take care of himself appearance wise, I can now see why his property is neglected. I think he has no shot at being elected and with due cause.

6079 Smith W

In a community, a responsible neighbor takes care of and keeps his/her property and home in good-looking shape. One disheveled on unkempt property can help drive down the value of everyone else's property. Can you imagine attempting to sell your home for a reasonable price with this selfish piece of sh*t living near you? Sadly, Mr. Hood and similar ilk are becoming the norm in Norwalk.



mister wizard

Bill is a Master feel-gooders are being HOOD-winked by this varmint. His idea of "recycling" is throwing his trash into the street so neighbors will clean it up. All you Guilty Liberals who have painted his house, mowed his lawn and given him food and trinkets are SUCKERS. If you want to help someone, help the other residents on Christie Ave. and help Billy MOVE over to Stoutenberg....!

swiss family

I will admit that the condition of his property is not the way that I would have it... but on the other hand I have seen worse.. IN TOWN and I never see anyone complaining about those is also a "lame" statement to say that it is more important to keep that property looking nice, because it is next to a school.... you can see properties that are bad.. "On the route to the hospital" or "on the main routes, Milan ave, Benedict , Norwood" I have a hard time thinking that location makes a property more notacible............ also I have to comment.. when watching the video, with Judge Ridge up there in his robe, doesn't it kind of remind you of the portrait of the "Last supper"??? with only "God" at the table, in his flowing robes????I think that Mr. Ridge has a "God" complex,.. and maybe his setting confirms that fact for him...maybe it is time to redesign his "stage" in my opinion

chicken noodle

The City should make the blue house across the street from Mr. Hood clean up their place too. After all it's just as bad of an eyesore as Mr. Hoods and everyone can see it when they leave the school.


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