Woman pleads guilty to heroin possession, gets no jail time

Judge says defendant wasn't considered a good candidate for the drug court program.
Cary Ashby
Aug 27, 2013


A judge ruled Monday a rural Greenwich woman wasn't eligible for the court's substance abuse program and sentenced her to "straight probation."

Holly A. Goines, 48, of 975 Plymouth East Road, pleaded guilty Monday to possession of heroin. She was arrested Jan. 10 during an Ohio 61 traffic stop just south of Ohio 598 near New Haven.

Authorities found 0.10 grams of heroin in the woman's purse, Huron County Assistant Prosecutor Richard Woodruff said. The Ohio Bureau of Investigation later tested the drug and confirmed it was heroin.

Huron County Public Defender David Longo said he agreed to dismiss his motion for Goines to be considered for intervention in lieu of conviction since the state agreed to recommend "straight probation" for his client.

Citing a 1988 felony conviction, Huron County Common Pleas Judge Jim Conway said Goines wasn't considered a good candidate for the drug court program. Goines told him she didn't remember the conviction and no court officials indicated what the charge was during Monday's hearing.

As part of her three years of probation, Goines must undergo random drug screens. She also was fined $250 and had her driver's license suspended for six months. However, the judge ruled Goines could drive for the purpose of medical appointments, probation office visits, substance abuse counseling/treatment and employment.

In early June, Goines failed to appear for her final pre-trial hearing and Conway issued a warrant for her arrest. She had served two days in the Huron County Jail and posted a $5,000 bond.

If Goines violates the terms of her community control sanctions, she faces one year in prison.


swiss family

can we IMPEACH a sitting Judge???


it is my understanding that the judge is following the law.


Judge is like she's not a good candidate for anything so we'll just let her go


mikeylikesit,I find it hard to believe the laws says if you have heroin the judge does nothing.Seems like jail time,loss of driving privileges(completely)drug programs,just a little more than NOTHING. If she does heroin do you really think she's going to follow the terms of her release?


Not this pic again! Id hate to wake up to that every morning lol.. saggy sags ewwww!


All judges are Bound by state laws and guidelines..In state of ohio since Sept 2012 First time convicted felons on felony 5 and 4 can not be sent to prison.They can be giving local county jail time or treatment.Now if they violate there probation then can be sent to prison.


It doesn't look like she's been on heroin long...unless she started out at 800 pounds.


My thought too Betherella..lol

believe it

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Attorney General Eric Holder....wants to make non violent drug offenders serve no jail time also. This would be coming down from the FEDERAL level. Soon it will be the law of the WHOLE land. Not just Ohio and Huron county. Better grab your guns , chains, locks, 2x4's, lock boxes, safes, etc....protect your own. The law will do nothing to druggies that lie, steal, cheat their way thru society. I am sure though that if you are defending yourself from these nonviolent druggies YOU will be the one that is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. What is WRONG with this country? Law abiding citizens work hard, support a family, live the American dream, have a home, a garage with a couple of cars. Find a druggie in your house stealing your stuff and either beat the crap out of them or shoot them and YOU end up in jail/prison. Yeah that seems fair. Drugs are a CHOICE. Why must those who CHOOSE not to do them deal with the consequences of those who CHOOSE do them?


I agree with you 100%. Our founding fathers must be rolling over in their graves to see where our country has gone. I shudder to think where it is going to go next.

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