Pregnant woman released from jail

Judge orders defendant must undergo weekly, random drug screens until her child is born.
Cary Ashby
Aug 26, 2013


A pregnant woman has been granted substance abuse treatment instead of a conviction on an allegation she helped steal some pickup trucks and a four-wheeler.

Sammie Jo Shaarda, 28, formerly of Willard, will be on three years of intensive probation for one count each of grand theft of a motor vehicle and theft. As part of a plea deal Monday, the state agreed to dismiss one charge of tampering with evidence.

Huron County Common Pleas Judge Jim Conway ordered Shaarda to be released from the Huron County Jail, but said she must undergo weekly, random drug screens until her child is born. The judge said he doesn't want her to "fall off the wagon" and endanger the life of the child she is carrying.

Shaarda, whose probation supervision will be transferred to Richland County, is due Oct. 21. She won't have a conviction on her record if she successfully completes court-ordered substance abuse treatment and counseling.

On Nov. 16, Shaarda and two accomplices went to a home outside of Plymouth and stole "a couple pickup trucks," a four-wheeler, a space heater and some chainsaws, Huron County Assistant Prosecutor Daivia Kasper said. The items were in and around the victim's garage.

Kasper credited the Huron County Sheriff's Office with "doing a lot of good detective work" in tracking down the stolen items. She said deputies recovered a pickup truck, but not its tires.

"Some of the items were never recovered," Kasper said.

Prosecutor Russell Leffler told the judge in May it's believed Shaarda fled to Michigan with one of her suspected accomplices, Randy Ruff. The 40-year-old former Willard resident was indicted locally Friday on one count each of failure to appear, theft of a motor vehicle, theft and tampering with evidence.

Ruff and two male suspects were arrested without incident April 29 by the U.S. Border Patrol after reportedly attempting to remove tires from a stolen vehicle. Ruff was booked at Detroit's 2nd Precinct. He remains in custody at the Gus Harrison Correctional Facility in the Detroit area.

Deputies worked with the Border Patrol, U.S. Marshal's Service and Detroit Police Department in locating Ruff.



Loser, brother Cody is a loser, Mom Cindy, step dad Randy Tuttle loser, No hope for her unborn child it's best option would have been to run down its mom's leg.

Scranton Tibbs

Possibly the most honest and true comment I have ever read on here. You hit the nail on the head with that one.


With the track record of the druggies who get out early, the judge should've just made her stay in the jail. It was the only chance that baby had. Now she'll go and do more drugs, and someone else will end up taking care of her baby. It disgusts me how people are anymore. Too many people put their kids last. They just care about getting high.


Although you may be right, Perfect, that comment should have been kept to yourself.

funky.not a junkie

The system is built so that once you're in it, there is no getting out. Maybe if this country actually CARED about people then we could set up a LEGITIMATE rehab facility that works and is filled with people whose passion is to help. I'm disgusted by the way our city shakes their head and wags their finger and basically says "ok, go ahead and do it again. See ya soon! Can't wait for you to pay more fines, means more money for the city. Plus once we re-arrest you, we can look like we're actually doing our jobs as protectors and enforcers." Absolutely disgustingly pathetic.


....and this is what is wrong with America....its always someone elses fault.


No it's not someone else's fault the ones actually wanting the help are blaming theirselves for starting but as any addict even one who chooses to smoke cigarettes and or drink alcohol sometimes cannot stop their addictions without help, we just are in a time that there needs to be a local place with the credentials to help the ones wanting it! Doctors can prescribe cigarette smokers a pill to take but to a addict of drugs there's nothing for them except trash talk from ignorant a such as yourself....


First off, if you are going to attempt to sling mud, at least get someone to grammar check your mess of a post. Secondly, there are quite a few drugs that can be prescribed to kick the heroin habit. Here is a link:
If you need anymore info try google, it might help you clear up your rants.

funky.not a junkie

@ arnmcrmn..Do you have any education past high school?


You are absolutely correct on every opinion ,maybe if all the fine money Norwalk courts are making they should help contribute to a facility to help what our world is coming to if not , whether perfect people believe it or not our world is gonna be taken over by "good and bad" people some who have been caught and some who are a little more street smart with the drug issues, I feel some honestly good people get caught up in all of this drug crap and want help and want to live a normal life but can't get the proper help!! Huron county is bad with this and someone needs to step up and offer the ones wanting help a place for this! Jail what is jail? Locked doors where some good people go for there addiction and find some "bad" ones meaning repeat ones who have never been or had a chance or even wanted a chance for that matter and the good ones see from them that jail isn't so bad I agree with starting with punishment but these people with this illness need help and it's the younger generation who are setting this path for our grandchildren and that scares me!!


The point of your comment is severely weakened by the fact that the city plays no role in Felony prosecutions past bindover and makes absolutely no money off of felonies. You need to get your facts right.


So what your saying is: that when these felonies go into the courtroom for conviction everyone on duty during these trials are doing it for free?? And that the person committing the crime and giving these courts jobs are not paying a dime to use this courtroom???? Please explain "court costs"


Post bindover all felonies are handled by Common Pleas Courts. Common pleas Courts are county agencies and have nothing to do with the city. Court costs in Common
pleas courts are charges mandated by the state of ohio and again have nothing to do with the city either. Getting your facts right would help here.


Sorry the truth hurts, I'm tired of keeping my mouth shut while garbage like this ruins our neighborhoods, if I can mention someones name and it puts people on alert to watch out so they don't get victimized by these scum I feel I've done my civic duty.


Don't worry. People still are stuck in the "if you don't have nothing nice to say, don't say nothing" thought. I for one feel that has been what weakened our society. Sometimes reality stinks but it does make one want to better themselves as to not be called a loser. CATCH.. if they want to??? Some are just fine with the "loser" lifestyle. and for that, call it how it is.

swiss family

@"funky" firs of all.. get a mop and a bucket.. your heart is bleeding all over the place, and no one else seems to care.... it is NOT the community's duty to help clean up every addicts problem.. and if you feel the need for a legitimate clean up facility in our backyard.. why do n't you get your license and build one???Secondly.. I think our courts are watching too much "Dr Phil" it might be his job, and it might make for some good television to try to rehabilitate these addicts back to being normal, productive citizens, BUT it is NOT our courts system... A Judge and Prosecutor's job is to try a case and dole out PUNISHMENT for their actions..NOT coddle them and put them on "Intense" probation ( by the way.. what exactly is that?? is that like saying it goes on your Permanent record?) I say, come on Justice system, or at least that is what you call yourselves, do your actual job and punish criminals.. and stop trying to "Dr. Phil", the criminals that stand before you


Swiss - if you really want to know what intense probation why don't you just call the probation office and ask them - the phone numbers in the book.

funky.not a junkie

I'm actually currently in my fourth year going toward my doctorate in psychology. But thanks for the advice :) I have my life together. And I do feel for people who made a mistake because of the wrong education. My heart does bleed for those who want to get better. I know I am a good person and I will help someday. Again, thanks for the encouragement!! :)

Scranton Tibbs

And if she fails a drug test? Obviously not gonna put her in jail. Another stern warning? Steal some trucks, ATV's, flee the state with a known felon....No problem. No punishment for you. Just another day in the Huron county court system. Huron county should be EMBARRASSED of this system that doesn't believe in punishment. This who'er will be future mom of the year.


I am getting sick and tired of all of this. I am fed up with the people who want to coddle and pass off the persons addiction as a disease or that its not their fault. I am also over all these tough guys and gals on the internet "telling it how it is" or saying "I don't hold anything back and I tell it like it is". We get it you have anonymity and can sound tough.
These people have problems yes but arguing about here is not going to fix it.
One last thing Mr. Perfect why not put your name up here so we can plaster rude or negative comments about you and spread filth across your name.


And your name is really....

Scranton Tibbs

I find it ironic that you want people to put their name up, yet you didn't. You're trying to sound "tough", and YOU'RE anonymous. You must be new to this. Don't blame MR PERFECT because some nasty ho chose the drug/criminal life and ended up knocked up and milky on the front page of the paper. Not HIS fault. I'm sorry you're "fed up" and "over all these tough guys"...better get used to it, not gonna get any better. Better learn some coping skills.


@Mr. Perfect sadly you are correct her whole family is pretty much worthless. I grew up with Cody and he has been in and out of jail his whole life for drugs and theft hope they learn someday.


I would put my name up, but there is no "filth, or negative" comments you could find about me. I do not do ILLLEGAL drugs, I have never committed a crime. I do not steal from others or my family. I have never been arrested. I have been on the FRONT page of the paper. But, it was in Jacksonville, NC. My husband had just returned from serving his country.
The sad part is, the attorney general Mr Holder wants to change the laws to ALLOW most "non violent" drug offenders to NOT serve any jail time. This is only going to get worse. The problem here in Huron county is a problem the STATE of Ohio allows and now if Mr Holder has his way the government will allow to continue. Call it what you want. But the bottom line is these people made a CHOICE. A choice no different than paper or plastic. Drugs or NO drugs. YES or NO. A CHOICE. Live with it. But do NOT expect me to feel bad for you or YOUR choice. Do not get mad at me or others when we call you or your family LOSERS or DRUGGIES that is what you are. It is not a disease it is a CHOICE.


I like that ILLEGAL part! LOL!


I knew you would be watching Deer!


I know Mr. Touchdown personally. He has a good job, some awesome children, a wife that would help anybody. He doesn't do drugs because to have a "real job" requires to be drug free. He's had hoodlums break into his property. He lives in a place where this lovely pregnant thief steals from to support her drug habit. Call him what you want, but he's definitely part of the solution, unlike this soon-to-be druggie mother


I admit I do not have the answer but it is really expensive to incarcerate criminals especially non-violent ones. It just doesn't seem to work so why spend the money! If knowing you are pregnant does not make you want to stop, I doubt incarceration will.


it seems we could cut the cost to incarcerate if we stopped coddling these criminals in our prisons..


I am not sure what you mean by "coddling" in relation to costs. I have never been in prison!