New dining option opens in Norwalk

Mess Hall is under direction of Blue Ribbon Catering/Chef’s Market's former cook.
Joe Centers
Aug 23, 2013


Time to belly up to the mess table.

The Mess Hall has opened at the VFW Post 2743 in Norwalk under the direction of Tim Conner, manager and cook.

Conner, 44, is an Army Veteran of Desert Storm serving in Kuwait and Iraq. He comes to the VFW from Blue Ribbon Catering/Chef’s Market.

To learn more details about the Mess Hall, including hours of operation and non-member restrictions, read the story in Saturday's Norwalk Reflector.



A little dig on blue ribbon . So they are saying it will be like blue ribbon from the story. Free ad for them. must know someone


Don't read anything in this paper, facts are wrong, I know this guy he was the Delivery man for them! He never cooked anything except for the french fries, I always seen him making the deliveries, hahaha how mis-informed can you get.