Assistant principal hired for Norwalk High School

School board meets today to approve hiring.
Cary Ashby
Aug 22, 2013


Norwalk High School (NHS) has found its new assistant principal.

Patrick Kania, most recently the technology director for Perkins Local Schools, starts his new job Friday. He was hired this morning by the school board.

Look for story about Kania and his qualifications in Friday's Norwalk Reflector.



They need to get a new principal!


What does a assistant principal do again. oh yea everything the regular one should. Da me


That is usually true with all assistants.Ya think they would be smart enough to wait after vote.



swiss family

now are we going to hire someone to be his assistant too??and how much will we be paying that person

swiss family

I really wish someone on the school board would announce that the "buck stops here" because from where I am looking.. the bucks never seem to stop, as long as the taxpayers are willing to fork out more..