Edison 8th-grade girl vying for starting tight end job

Tiffany Slagle loves her first year of playing organized football.
Scott Seitz2
Aug 22, 2013


Edison Middle School eighth-grader Tiffany Slagle is having the time of her life.

"This is my first year and I love it," the 13-year-old said.

What Slagle was referring to was her participation on the middle school football team. Slagle didn't just go out for football for something to do; she's competing for a starting position at tight end and defensive end.

A front-page feature story about Slagle was published in Thursday's Norwalk Reflector.




Good for her! I know of her parents and if she is anything like them she can definately hold her own!!!!

swiss family

sorry, But I think this is terribly wrong... I admire her fighting spirit, and her dedication and sacrifices, but in reality, how is any boy going to go all in and block her and tackle her and rough her up the way that the now male teams do to each other.

I think at this stage in children s development, we are sending the wrong message out that boys and girls are not only allowed to but encouraged to be as aggressive to each other as possible on the field, while at the same time , during that same stage of their development, we are telling boys that "real men NEVER hit a woman" it sounds like confusing and illogical information on our part.

I see nothing wrong with younger kids playing "coed" football in their neighborhoods or even on the playground.. at that stage it is NOT all about winning, they are not nearly as aggressive as they are as they get older, and to them it is just a way to have some fun.. in my opinio0n


swiss stop being so negative she is 13 and is doing what she wants to do.. i am so proud and happy to see her accomplish what she is doing.. and as far as your comment goes not only do i think its rude but also negative.. i think its uncalled for.. i think you should post negative posts on ones that deserve it.. this one how ever does not need the negativity.. keep up the great work ms. tiffany.. never let anyone bring you down.. i know this girl will make it far.. xoxoxo best of wishes