Local man who pistol-whipped captive gets sent to slammer

Prosecutor: 'We think it was a drug deal gone bad'
Cary Ashby
Aug 23, 2013


A Willard man who pistol-whipped one of two victims he held captive was sentenced to 4 1/2 years in prison Tuesday.

Ryan Branham, 26, formerly of 313B Woodland Ave., pleaded guilty Tuesday to one count of abduction, a third-degree felony, with a firearm specification . The defendant also agreed to forfeit the .45 caliber handgun and $550 seized by the Willard Police Department during its investigation of the April 4 incident.

   “We think it was a drug deal gone bad,” Huron County Prosecutor Russell Leffler said after the hearing.

   Officers arrested Branham when he was hiding in a South Main Street attic.

   “Willard police pulled him out of an attic area,” Leffler said. “It was good police work. Willard police did a good job.”

   The incident started when two men came to Branham’s house April 4.

   “He (Branham) ended up pulling a gun and holding them for 10 to 12 hours. One of the guys tried to leave and he pistolwhipped him,” Chief Mark Holden said soon afterward.

   The Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation processed the crime scene and recovered blood, .45-caliber ACP ammunition and a pistol holster.

   The victims were treated at Mercy Willard Hospital. One man was transferred to Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center in Toledo with a fractured eye socket.

   “He wasn’t hurt particularly badly — treated and released,” Leffler said Tuesday. “It scared the hell out of him.”

   Leffler said the state doesn’t “like helping people who deal drugs,” but he said assaulting someone with a gun is a dangerous situation.

   In exchange for Branham’s guilty plea Tuesday, prosecutors agreed to dismiss one count each of abduction and felonious assault. If the defendant had been convicted of all three charges, he could have faced up to 29 years in prison.

   Huron County Common Pleas Judge Jim Conway followed the joint recommendation between Leffler and defense attorney James Joel Sitterly. The judge imposed 18 months in prison on the abduction conviction and a mandatory three years for the firearm specification.

   Branham has a prior felony conviction through Richland County.

   “It was a drug case. … He may have to deal with some time out of there,” Leffler said, referring to Branham being on probation.



Local man who's uncle is Todd Corbin purchases drugs and gets no charges? Ironic, to say the least! An item(s) (whatever it may have been jewelry, drugs, etc) came up missing and Ryan said the two local men (related to each other) could not leave until they produced the stolen item(s). Needless to say a fight eventually ensued and Andy Corbin 'Orgando' was beat. I have to laugh at Willard resident's stupidity.


Lucky the one only got hit with the pistol, coming into another mans house and getting caught steeling is a no no where I'm from. Drugs or no drugs. I feel for u Ryan. If it was 40 years ago you could have done this and if drugs were not involed you probally would have got papers. Keep your head up

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the unsilent ma...

He doesnt look very tough without that .45.


All I can say is That he will be back in the news in 5 years , you can count on it .People like this never learn , untill they either kill someone or they get a long prison term or they get killed .You can bet one thing or the other will happen . The time he recieved is not nearly long enough to teach him that he needs to stay clear of sitituation like this .And the time Judge Conway gave him is not rearly enough for him to use common sense in avoiding these things

Scranton Tibbs

@AEversole: Your complete sympathy for EVERY criminal in the paper is disgusting. "getting caught stealing is a no no where I'm from." Which planet might that be? Getting caught stealing is a no no EVERYWHERE. My dad always says "it takes all kinds", and after reading your bleeding heart posts day after day I now know what he meant.


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