Lark running for 57th District

Norwalk teacher to making another bid at unseating Terry Boose.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Aug 22, 2013


Matt Lark will again seek the Democratic nomination for the 57th District seat in the Ohio House of Representatives in the May 6, 2014 primary election.

A story about the Norwalk teacher and his second bid to unseat Terry Boose (R-Norwalk Township) was published in Thursday's Norwalk Reflector.



Give up!! Spend time in the classroom, that is what you get paid to do...teach... He was not in his classroom half the time last year during his failed run!!! But the school forked out a lot of money for subs to "sit" in and do nothing while my kid did not learn on those days. So, who paid his salary...I know, the tax payers did yet again!! Wake up NHS, he if wants to run and "skip" classes, then dock his pay...period.


Let him go.When he runs after retirement,then he is on his own !