Judge revokes bond after woman shows up high for court hearing

Woman was asking to have court OK her request motion for intervention in lieu of conviction.
Cary Ashby
Aug 22, 2013


A Willard woman's positive drug test before a hearing Monday led to her bond being revoked.

Ashley Henry, 22, of 50 Crestwood Drive, was out on bond before her hearing in Huron County Common Pleas Court about a motion for intervention in lieu of conviction. Judge Jim Conway said the defendant "appeared to be inebriated" and then tested positive for opiate use; probation officer Dexter Chandler later confirmed Henry had a dirty drug screen for opiates and oxycodone.

Huron County Prosecutor Russell Leffler said his office had received information that Henry was "having some issues."

"This obviously isn't positive," added Leffler, who said he hopes Henry's time in jail will help her get sober.

Upon reviewing the defendant's file, Huron County Public Defender David Longo said Henry appeared to be a good candidate for intervention. If granted and Henry successfully completes the substance abuse treatment, there would be no felony conviction on her record.

Once out of jail, Henry received "minimal support" and had been doing the best she could about her substance abuse issues, Longo said. She also told her attorney she didn't want to be jailed for having a relapse.

Henry faces one count each of theft of a credit card and identity fraud, both in connection with a Jan. 21 incident. She also is charged with aggravated possession of oxycodone stemming from a Jan. 31 offense.

Her next hearing is scheduled for Sept. 16 with a trial date of Sept. 24.




...let's be more succinct, sweet lips, ...Pills - "Oh... the places you'll go."

Scranton Tibbs

BILLIES ---- give them free internet access and they will copy and paste things that they think makes a difference. They live on a different planet than you and I. Accept them, they are not going anywhere. They reproduce faster than rabbits. They sell more pharmaceuticals than the local CVS. Money spent on drugs, half finished tattoos, and more drugs. Money more than likely gotten from stealing your things, because working would take up too much drug time. On the front page every day. One after another. Same story, same crimes, same punishment. Dealing, theft, stealing credit cards, using, anything to get their fix to get a handle on their "disease". Unable to follow the rules of society, just another day in the CBCF reading silly poems about drugs. All on the taxpayer dollar. Your welcome, I'm happy to go to work everyday to help you get the help you need.


Well said!


Is there something in the water in Willard? I don't understand how the Judge "thinks" he is helping these addicts or society for that matter. To me, he isan enabler. Obviously the justice systems tactic are failing! How about we go back to the Retributive way! Make people accountable for their actions and decisions! Stop wasting tax payers dollars on people that chose this lifestyle.

Scranton Tibbs

Accountability is a thing of the past unfortunately. This is 2013. We need to "understand their disease" and "support them in their rehabilitation".


Yes, unfortunately you are right Scranton. I find it very sad tho. I think this country needs to figure out what "disease" really means. Putting drugs into your body is not a disease to me but more a choice. But then again what do I know, I'm just a law abiding drug free tax payer.


This woman used to pay for clean urine for job interviews, and her PO. That was 3-4 years ago... I see she hasn't changed any.


Maybe those records of her criminal past were lost. ;)

Kottage Kat

Please Re read your post. And make necessary corrections.

Thanks. Kat

hit the road jack

Look at them eyes,they look like 2 pizz holes in a snowbank!


"billy tards". Hahaha


I agree that it is up to her to have to want to change but were we put here to judge what she does or anybody else for that matter. I think she will have to answer for that. I bet if most people looked in their own closets they would have skeltons. Some you hear about and some you don't. As for the judges and lawyers I believe the problem goes higher up than local courts. Their hands are tied to some degree as to what can be done and how far they can go with the punishment. We could make all people accountable for their actions, drug abusers, alcoholics, vandalizers,extramarital affairs,and so on. That cuts the towns population down.


There are some state and federal criminal laws that proscribe "mandatory sentences" or "mandatory minimum sentences." If a criminal defendant is found guilty of one of these crimes, the judge is restricted by law to impose a mandatory sentence, or a mandatory minimum sentence. The laws that set out mandatory sentences are put in place by state legislatures and the U.S. Congress.

However, there are only a few laws on the books that have mandatory sentences. In most situations, judges are allowed to take in a number of considerations when determining a sentence for a convicted criminal defendant. For example, judges are often allowed to consider a defendant's criminal history, the circumstances under which the crime was committed (did the defendant steal for the fun of it, or did he steal because he needed to put food on the table for his kids?), and whether the defendant genuinely feels remorse about his or her actions.

What factors do judges take into account when considering punishments?
If the judge is not limited by a mandatory minimum sentence, or some other law or laws that limit his or her discretion, the defense is normally allowed to bring a plethora of factors to the judge's attention. Here are some examples of factors that judges often take into consideration when determining punishment:

The criminal history of the defendant (for example, the defendant is a first time offender),
Whether the criminal defendant was the principal actor in the crime (the person that held the gun during the robbery), or if the defendant was only an accessory to the crime (the person that told the principal about an unlocked cash register).
The mental state that the criminal defendant was in before committing the crime (perhaps the defendant had recently lost his job and thought he had no other way of putting food on the table).
Whether anyone was hurt during the commission of the crime (did the criminal defendant plan the crime in a way that minimized risk to the health and safety of others).
However, these factors can be turned around by the judge as well. Just as one factor could be a "mitigating" factor (one that lessens a criminal punishment), that same factor could be an "aggravating" factor (one that increases a criminal punishment) under different circumstances.

For example, if a criminal defendant has a criminal record of committing the same types of crimes over and over, it may appear to a judge that the previous criminal punishments have not been adequate and could sway the judge to impose a harsher punishment. As another example, if a criminal defendant was particularly malicious in the commission of his crime, a harsher punishment may be in order (examples include using a weapon during a crime, or inflicting physical or mental harm on a victim).

Judges hands aren't tied. He makes the choice of what punishment is given. I'm not saying his job is easy by any means but come on! His tactics are by no means rehabilitating these drug dealers and abusers. Apparently he isn't scary enough to even make her worried about showing up to court high! People need to be held accountable for their actions. The slap on the hand isn't working becauseif rrehabilitation was working we wouldn't see these peoples names in the paper repeatedly! Wake up!


I am not sticking up for her or any others in any way. She is one of the small guppies in the pool of sharks. I also agree that the judge can be and is to lenient. You read articles of big drug busts and then what happens. Not much or nothing.

The United States has clear, explicit drug abuse laws at the federal, state, and local levels. Sometimes, just being around drugs can justify an arrest and conviction, even if you’re not using drugs and the drugs aren’t yours. And depending on the laws in your area, even drug paraphernalia may be cause for arrest.

Although there are differences among the states, every state has specific laws and penalties in relation to drugs. These laws deal with manufacture, possession, distribution, use, related behavior (like driving), and advertising and labeling.

Like I said before lets make all people accountable for their actions whether drug abusers, alcoholics, vandalizers,extramarital affairs,and so on.


Anything you put in your body has the potential to be abused. Eat to much, you become obese and have serious risk factors. Drink to much, you become an alcoholic. Smoke to much, you take minutes off your life with each cigarette. Take to many narcotics, you can become addicted.

While there are always a few Dr.s in every city that prescribe medication without second thought, many however, are very conscious as to what they are prescribing.

The major underlying problem lies withing our government. Medicaid reimbursements for example are decided on several things with one major one being the patient review. A person could get the best care possible and if a Dr says "no" to more narcotic medications and makes this patient mad, all it takes is this patient to fill out the medicaid review in a negative light (and yes, every medicaid patient gets one after nearly every visit) and funding to that hospital or Dr.'s office risks and quite often DOES see a nick in their reimbursement funding.

Welfare is in the same boat. Why would anyone go out and get a job when they can make more sitting at home collecting a government check? That is what our government has created. Its real and its killing this nation in several ways.


Or thank your local government for getting handouts to Jerry Stackhouse's places (Metro). You paid for it. It still keeps giving also.


We are talking about drugs...not rentals. Try staying on topic.


I know her and her baby's father and they are both junkies both need to be locked up worthless scum bags!


"Dr" it was you who spoke about government. It is you who lives in that area that you paid for i.e. Stackhouse. Embrace the truth - don't run from it. Make a difference by action; not just opinions. Willard stinks because of government handouts.


Wiil a rd