Man assaulted and robbed by three friends he was visiting in Willard

Mobile home where the incident happened "burned to the ground."
Cary Ashby
Aug 19, 2013


A robbery victim went to the hospital after reportedly being assaulted with a "blunt force object" this weekend.

Authorities said the mobile home where the incident happened "burned to the ground."

The 24-year-old Plymouth victim first was treated at Fisher-Titus Medical Center after the incident Saturday morning in the 4200 block of Pleasant Street in Willard. A LifeFlight helicopter later transported him to Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center in Toledo.

"The victim doesn't live on Pleasant Street. It happened there," said Huron County Sheriff's Detective Kayla Zander, who is handling the investigation.

The Plymouth man was visiting three friends -- who were arrested later -- when a fight broke out, Zander said. Those suspects are Christopher Stevens, 31, of 109 Motson St., Willard, and Ashland residents James Fisher Jr., 34, Jeremy Fisher, 33.

"He was assaulted. They allegedly stole money. They got in their car and took off," Zander said.

Sheriff's dispatchers received a 9-1-1 call at 6:05 a.m. from the victim. According to the initial report, the man reported "he was following the suspects toward Bellevue."

Sgt. Todd Corbin and Deputy Scott Plew responded to the scene. The deputies pulled over the suspects at the intersection of U.S. 20 and Sheffield Street in Bellevue.

The suspects were charged with one count each of robbery and felonious assault and transported to the Huron County Jail.

Zander said the victim, who had been assaulted with a "blunt force object," followed the trio from Willard to Bellevue.

"We believe we may have recovered the object, but it's not been confirmed," said Zander, who declined to say what the weapon is or how much money was stolen.

"I believe he took himself to the hospital and from Fisher-Titus, he was LifeFlighted to Toledo," she added.

The victim's condition was unavailable at press time.

At 8:30 a.m., the Willard Police Department reported there was a fire at a mobile home on Pleasant Street. Willard Fire & Rescue handled the blaze.

"It was burned to the ground. ... The fire marshal was contacted," Zander said.

Nobody was home at the time of the fire. It's unknown if the incident is related to the robbery and assault.

"We brought the state in on that one. It is under investigation at this time," said fire Chief Joe Reiderman, who wasn't at the scene.

Anyone with any information about the fire is encouraged to call the Huron County Sheriff's Office at (419) 663-2828.


Scranton Tibbs

Wow, some "friends". By the looks of these 3 yokels it's probably drug related.


maybe between the three of them, that crack pipe got so hot it burned the place to the ground..

Scranton Tibbs

That's a good explanation! Hands burned so bad they never left fingerprints.




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It has been all over Facebook. Use it if you want.


I am getting tired of seeing it...they post it on any story that has even a remote chance of being drug related. After the first 5 times it got old.

Scranton Tibbs

I agree. This is getting old, and let's be honest, these pillbillies will pay no attention to it. Cutesy poems don't cure addiction.

swiss family

good one..."pillbillies"...I like it


im sick of it too. in the afternoon I like to kick back, shoot up & read the news and all I see is this nonsense..

Scranton Tibbs

Killin my buzz with this silly talking pill nonsense. Making me hallucinate.


im old enough now that the pills I take are not the good kind anymore..

sunshine 0604

Like I predicted before Todd and Scott had to call someone in to complete the work they are not capable of doing. Nice job finding the car, oh wait that wasn't real difficult seeings how the victim was following them!


What did they arrest you for?


Sunshine must be on the BUS, or a member of New Kids on the BUS! as why would he disrespect Deputies doing what they are dispatched to, and oh yeah I'm sure this arrest was taken out of their hands and assigned to the new girl on the BUS! Why all the new detectives, when there are many deputies with years of experience passed over for the promotions with in the BUS organization!


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With friends like that, who needs enemies?


If we had a "addict's Island" we could put people like this on the island and fly over to a dump a bucket of pills on the beach once a week and let nature take it's course. They are not able to stop and the families are already suffering then the rest of the public would not be exposed to people who choose to maintain this lifestyle. If they are not strong enough or "ready" to quit give them a permanent island vacation. Harsh? You bet! so are the behaviors and habits of addicts without regard for the rest of us. I am my brother's keeper but should not have to be his victim!

swiss family

@ Cooper...............I like the idea of an "Island" where we send these criminals and drug dealers to to keep them separated from the good people in a community...sounds like an impossible dream, though, trying to find such a n "island" now if only we had places that had walls and cages to keep these convicts in .. where they are with other criminals, and can only hurt each other... OH wait.. we DO have those places, they are called PRISONS.. the problem is though , getting the Judges, especially our local Judge to actually send them there... let's fast forward this case in our minds... their lawyers will clean them up, and put them in suits, and have them cover any tattoos that they might have and get rid of their facial hair, and look really really sad and remorseful, and the Lawyer will tell the Judge what a sad childhood they might have had, or how their Mom was working 3 jobs and never had time to teach them right from wrong..oh and how their Dad was absent from their lives... and how they never got to enjoy the name brands of cereal , like their friends did, how they were raised on "generic" brands....wwwwaaaaaa you know, all of the sad sorry excuses that takes all of the responsibility OFF of them and clearly places it on every other single person or influence that they might have encountered... and them they will tell the Judge how "deeply sorry" they are.... and with all of the wisdom and insight that our Judge has he will , give them a stern look, and maybe even a lecture, put them on "INTENSE " probation and send them off to the drug house to try to get them off drugs.... where is their accountability, where is their punishment?? it is NO wonder this area is becoming so riddled with such awful crimes... there is NO accountability, and NO punishment here... than you Judge, thank you Prosecutor.. for nothing

swiss cheese kat's picture
swiss cheese kat

Your comments are the some of the most ridiculous ones on here.

swiss family

you say "they are the some of the most ridiculous ones on here?????lololol

swiss family



really? Cuz I typed s.h.1.t


Guess you never truly know who someone is. Prayer for the families of all involved


245 admend: Bingo your right /w your posting!!!!


It's like everytime I'm embarassed to be from Norwalk, Willard turns around and does something to remind me it's not all that bad.


How about the judicial system quits being the babysitter of Huron County and starts making these people embarrassed and held accountable for what they do. There are plenty of parking lots and streets that need cleaned up, plenty of elderly people that need their yards mowed. Bottom line, there is plenty of work to be done around this county that could be done for free by these people whom decide to be nothing but scumbags and decay of our county. Time to buck up Huron County Judicial system.


ladydye_5 & Scranton Tibbs if you are tired of seeing the poem then don't read it every time you see it. Maybe some young teen will see it and not get started with the pills!!

Scranton Tibbs

I don't read it. It's copy and paste chain mail crap. If you think some silly poem is going to turn some young teen away from pills you're obviously posting from somewhere not on planet Earth. If it was that easy, nobody would be an addict.