Ohio Gov. Kasich fuels presidential speculation

Could GOP put up Ohio's governor against Hillary Clinton in 2016?
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Aug 17, 2013


Gov. John Kasich awoke to a front-page story in the Wall Street Journal yesterday that not only mentioned him as a possible White House contender for 2016, but as someone who could "rebrand the Republican Party."

After that piece, Kasich's press office announced by 11:30 a.m. that Kasich would lead a national push to produce a federal balanced-budget amendment.

And about an hour after that, in a speech to the Franklin County Republican Party, he said the Affordable Care Act is "not Obama's plan; it's Hillarycare."

It was quite a sequence ... but for a governor seeking re-election next year or of someone thinking bigger?

"Always in politics people are trying to assume what your ulterior motive is. I have no ulterior motive," Kasich said when asked about his day. "My motive is to get the federal government in a place where my daughters can have a good life, and secondly I do want to see health-care reform, just not the health-care reform we have."

Kasich has been asked about his presidential aspirations numerous times as national news outlets and pundits continue to mention him as a possible 2016 participant, and he always says he's just focused on being governor.

But it was hard to see where Democrat Ed FitzGerald, Kasich's likely challenger for governor next year, fit onto Kasich's radar yesterday -- even though it was also the day a complaint filed by FitzGerald against Kasich and JobsOhio was dismissed by the Ohio Ethics Commission.

Ohio Democratic spokesman Matt McGrath said, "With the state ranked 47th in job creation (from June 2012 to June 2013) and his signature program, JobsOhio, mired in scandal, I'd say John Kasich is having a rough few weeks in the crucial swing state of Ohio."

The Wall Street Journal wrote that "more than any other leading Republican, Gov. Kasich is using his perch to promote a blend of conservative orthodoxy leavened with liberal policies meant to help the poor, the mentally ill and the uninsured" through items such as his proposed Medicaid expansion.

Should Kasich win re-election next year, he could "provide his party with its most extensive model for a softer brand of conservatism," the Journal wrote.

"This is a very important thing for our party to demonstrate," former national GOP chairman and Romney for President adviser Ed Gillespie told the Journal.

Kasich seemed to channel those thoughts in his remarks to Franklin County Republicans, when, in a speech packed with new material, he said that "our job as a party is to repair the world in which we live."

He used a portion of that speech to explain his push to force Congress to balance the federal budget.

He will work with the GOP-controlled Ohio legislature to pass a resolution for a national constitutional convention. If 34 states call for a constitutional convention, it would take 38 states to ratify a balanced-budget amendment, according to Kasich's office.

Last year, the federal government sent $18.4 billion to Ohio -- money that surely would be affected if Congress balanced the federal budget.

Kasich, who was U.S. House Budget Committee chairman when the federal budget last was balanced in the late 1990s, said the country's $17 trillion debt is why he is seeking action.

"It threatens to swallow us up," Kasich said in his speech. "America has become a debtor nation. The Chinese have become a lending nation."

Kasich already had presented a mixed front on health care before yesterday. For most of this year, he has pushed for a federally funded expansion of Ohio's Medicaid program, with billions provided under Obamacare.

He also has been generally critical of President Barack Obama's law, and Kasich's campaign recently circulated an online petition to "Stand Up Against Obamacare."

But tying Obamacare to Hillary Clinton, who is a favorite to win the Democratic nomination in 2016 if she runs, was a new one for Kasich.

Clinton's failed attempt at a health-care overhaul as first lady in the early 1990s did have an employer mandate with similarities to Obama's law.

But it did not include an individual mandate for insurance coverage, which is the signature piece of the Affordable Care Act.

"What I have said about Obamacare is right, but I am the guy pushing Medicaid expansion, so try to figure me out," Kasich said.


By Joe Vardon - The Columbus Dispatch, Ohio

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Hahahahahahahahaha! OMG! lol!!! Sure.


I don't think the GOP has a traitor that can beat her.Our country has sunk so far it is ruled like the guy above.Whoops,might be a female.

Cliff Cannon

Was there ever a doubt Mr. Kasich was angling towards a '16 Presidential run ?


He's welcome to make the attempt, but I'd rather Mr. Kasich stay governor and continue to work to eliminate the business and individual state income tax.

As for Ms. Clinton - been there, done that and the Dems threw her overboard.

2016 for the Dems?

IMO: Soon to be freshman Senator of the State of NJ, Cory Booker or the current gov. of NY, Mr. Cuomo.

Cliff Cannon

@ Contango : I see this early peek at the '16 election has you in mid season form already. I too can not wait for our next presidential election, they are always such fun. ( Way to long,still...)

Got one for you regarding Gov. Cuomo's dad. When Mario Cuomo ran for Gov. of N.Y. it had to be about 1982 because I was delivering N.Y. states " Southern Tier " on a weekly basis. So I got into the election.

Cuomo was running against NYC mayor Ed Koch, who was rumored to be a homosexual. So believe it or not I saw bumper stickers ( I can not believe they were authorized by Mario Cuomo ) that said " Vote for Cuomo, not the homo" Can you imagine the uproar today if someone even thought of printing such a thing ? One thing never changes though in politics and that is the dirt that gets tossed about.


The GOP is hurting themselves if they do it; but it is their choice.


OH Please, Kasich should just go back to the O'Rielly show and guest appear. He has done nothing for Ohio. His JobsOhio is under so much scandal, and ranking 47th out of 50 states and you would rather see him run again? I thought the rep party thought Obama stole his health care Idea's from Mitt's program in Massachusetts? Now he's calling it Hillary Care..Make up a story and stick to it. I would rather see Clarence the Clown run than Kasich for anything.


With Ohio in the shape they are in as far as the so called Jobs Ohio program , I would say Go ahead and Gov. Kasich so the Dem will win the whitehouse for another 4 years at least .Maybe we can clean up more of the Bush mess that he left for us to clean up. Not to mention with Mrs Clinton in office ,we will also have Bill back in the office and lets face it , with the two of them , we might just do some good for this country like we did back when Bill was in Office ,One thing everyone has to remember is that during the Clinton tenur people were getting off welfare and back to work and the econanmy was better then in the last 16 years .Not to mention the federal goverment as I recall had a surplus of funds that could have done a lot of good here in the united states and not over in Iraq .
I know a lot of folks want to believe in Pres Bush , But I dont , and it dont matter what party I belong too , Cause the facts and history speaks for itself See I dont think of me as either party , I dont look at the party I look at the Guy running for office and I let my common sense tell me who would be better suited to run this country .
And I am one that has to believe in a person strongly enough to cast a vote . Cause lets face it , we really havent had anyone in my book to vote for sense Clinton , And I am a firm believer that if they were to get back in office I believe they will not only get the people back to work , but will also do something about the deficet if we can get congress and the house of there egos and back to work
I believe we need a big change not only as president but we also need to shake up The house as well as congress and remind these people that they work for us and for the best intrest of this country and if they can not work together they can be replaced just as fast as they were voted in , and yes that applies to Govenors too


How many yrs can the dems keep blaming Bush... lol.... Obama has only done more damage, scandal, and completely ignore the constitution. Hillary would be an upgrade to Obama, but Im hoping for a strong Republican candidate for the next term.

Good 2 B Me

HA!! Strong Republican Candidate is an oxymoron!


Every reputable economist who is not a politician knows that our economy began a long term slide under Reagan when we turned towards supply side economics, trickle down economics, or Reaganomics - call it whatever you want. Bush just super sized the problem by instituting trickle down economics on steroids. The GOP continues to want more of the same including the elimination of business taxes and inheritance taxes. Until they change their tune, of course the Dems are going to blame Bush for our economic mess and rightfully so.


You must be too young to remember Carter,he was the beginning of the end.Next to this Bozo he was the worst.Even Nixon did something finally,stopped the Vietnam War and opened China's check book for This Bozo !


I'm not quite sure your old enough to remember he ended our presents in the war not the war itself. During Nixon’s years the war was brought into Cambodia and Lao to try to find pockets of communist along the Ho Chi Minh Trail. Peace talks emerged but South Vietnam would not settle. Leaving the North Vietnam to intensify its
position, this was retaliated by the December 25th 1972 “Christmas Bombing”. American pilots flew nearly 4,000 sorties, including more than 700 by high-flying B-52s. Those ''area bombers,'' incapable of precision, had never been used against cities before. That they were used now was a sure sign that this was terror bombing pure and simple.

Washington said its air campaign was necessary because Hanoi had balked at the peace talks, but most of the balking was obviously coming from Washington's Saigon ally. Everyone could see that the bombing was a final venting of frustration and rage by a superpower faced with humiliating defeat.

In January 1973 a peace treaty was signed ending the war for Americans but not for South Vietnam. North Vietnam took over the south after the American troops left putting an end to the Vietnam War. NOT NIXON!


Re: "American troops left"

The Democrat Party controlled Congress cut off funding.


In my opinon

Yes, after 12 in Vietnam, 12 in Afganistan and 10 or so in Iraq. Someone has to say enough. We can't pay for these un-winable wars To many young men and women died or severly injured for naught.

Cliff Cannon

@ In my opinion : Amen


Jackel, you must have forgotten Nixon's price controls and economic mess Carter inherited from him and Ford. Remember the WIN buttons (Whip Inflation Now)? That's all we usually get from the GOP. Cute slogans and policies that only benefit the wealthiest.

Trickle down economics has been a disaster for America. Canada has not succumbed to the same ignorant policies the last 30 years like we have in America and they don't have all the poverty we do. Not a single sector of the economy that has been deregulated has benefitted the tax payers or consumers - only the Wall Street investors have won. The rich are richer and the poor are poorer which means they can't buy the goods and services needed to stimulate the economy. The tax cuts for the wealthy has not resulted in more investment in industries that actually create jobs. Why aren't we asking why the "job creators" we hear about from the GOP have failed in creating jobs? We're constantly told the government can't create jobs but it's the government's fault that jobs aren't created. That makes no sense. Shouldn't we be blaming those that are capable of creating jobs, the so called job creators, for failing to create jobs?


Re: "Nixon's price controls,"

Oops! You're slipping further back into the past.

You might be caught in some kind of singularity.

Do you need us to attempt to send you back a re-built flux capacitor?

News Flash: The topic is STILL Gov. Kasich.


Re: "long term slide under Reagan when we turned towards supply side economics,"

Yea, Pres. Jimmy "Malaise" Carter was SO much better. :)

Funny, the stock market went on a tear for 25 yrs. and Pres. Clinton continued most of his policies and then some.

Regardless, set the dial on your time machine to 2013 and join us.


We have long term economic problems that developed over a long time - not just the last 10 years. If you're too short sighted to see that, then you know absolutely nothing about economics - just like most of our politicians.

The Stock Market "went on a tear" as you call it as a result of ridiculous deregulation of various sectors of the economy. Money shifted from one sector to another as deregulation occurred in order to maximize profit. That did absolutely nothing to grow the economy or create jobs. It only created various temporary "bubbles" in the economy as one sector grew and several others shrunk.

For the most part, Clinton did nothing to reverse the trickle down policies begun by Reagan. He's no better than the rest of them. However, he didn't push the economy over the cliff like Bush by pushing trickle down policies into overdrive with huge tax cuts for the wealthy and even more deregulation along with increasing government spending with two unfunded wars. No President in the history of the United States has ever cut taxes during wartime except the idiot Bush because it makes no sense to do it but he did it any way.


Re: "Money shifted from one sector to another,"
"...he (Clinton) didn't push the economy over the cliff"

Capital and hot money moves - THAT'S what it does.

Yea, let's just CONVENIENTLY forget the beginnings of the housing boom in '95 and the 2000 Tech Wreck.

Still stuck in the past eh? Reagan, Reagan, Reagan, Bush, Bush, Bush.

You CAN read the headline can't you?

In my opinon

Not stuck there it's still part of our future. Rebubs want war, Dems don't


Re: "Rebubs want war,"

Holy @#$%!

So which state is Gov. Kasich going to war against? MI, IN, KY, PA, WV????

We already had the "Toledo War." Does MI want it back?


Cliff Cannon

@ In my opinion : Personally, given the weight of the evidence. Both parties, use the " military industrial complex " that Pres. Eisenhower warned us against---way to much. Sadly, it help's keep them in power.

To wit : Harry Truman feeling the pain of " who lost China ?" got us into Korea. JFK not wanting to fall victim to the " domino effect " of lost nations in his term. Greatly upped our involvement in Vietnam.

Obviously, both were democrats. Pres. Reagan put who knows how many Marines into harms way in Lebanon ? What we do know is some 283 died in a suicide raid. That ultimately led to ,well nothing other than a lot homes missing their sons & daughters. Then should I mention the waste of American lives in Somalia under Pres. Clinton ?

The first Iraq war accomplished what, nothing ? The second one,sadly the same. Obviously, both were reactions from Republican presidents to the news of the day.

Bottom line for me is this : Bring all our servicemen and women home from the some 130 country's they are now stationed in. We should not be the worlds policemen,should we ?.

No matter your viewpoint. It is in my view neither a democrat nor republican issue. For both are as guilty as sin at sticking our brave young warriors into places they do not belong. Pray they all come home soon to protect, what they are supposed to protect----America


@ CC:

Respectfully, I'm STILL 'loosely' focused on the TOPIC.

Which is WHY I want to move to E. TX.

I think THAT state will protect my economic interests to the best of its ability.

If ANY politician suggests an individual state income tax, there will NOT be a shortage of rope contributed by the citizens.

I 'sincerely' wish OH the best, but I'm not hopeful.

I’m rather saddened, that my former state of residence IL is in SERIOUS sh*t fiscally and financially!


Please hurry up and go!


Re: "Please..."

Thanks. When my work here is done.


Complain to jas, he doesn't live here. :)

Cliff Cannon

@ Contango : Never forget, 'money ain't everything ' and Dorothy had it right: There's no place like home ": Good luck with your decision as to where you will live.

Illinois, like New York state is made up of 2 entity's. Chicago ( or N.Y.C.) and the rest of the state. Having a mega city in your state is extremely costly in good times or bad as you well know.

On behalf, of all American's everywhere who understand what is happening there. Here's hoping they can get the genie back in the bottle.


Re: "'money ain't everything '"

A philosophy perpetuated by those wealthy who don't want any competition. :)


There used to be a lot of wealthy people and families in Norwalk.

While lookin' around, it would appear that in the battle of capital fight or flight that the latter is winning.

I don't seem to see my money being rejected around town when I buy stuff while helping add to the local GDP.

Cliff Cannon

@ Contango : Try these two quotes . First from Stienbeck " There is never the right amount of money. There is either too little or too much of it " ( some paraphrasing ) and my favorite from a lot of people's great grand parents " Alle das glitzern est nicht gult " ( All that glitters is not gold )

Can not speak intelligently to capital flight from our fair city. So won't try. I'll just say, that the more 'Contango" like customers we have buying locally the better I like it