Ohio Gov. Kasich fuels presidential speculation

Could GOP put up Ohio's governor against Hillary Clinton in 2016?
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Aug 17, 2013


Gov. John Kasich awoke to a front-page story in the Wall Street Journal yesterday that not only mentioned him as a possible White House contender for 2016, but as someone who could "rebrand the Republican Party."

After that piece, Kasich's press office announced by 11:30 a.m. that Kasich would lead a national push to produce a federal balanced-budget amendment.

And about an hour after that, in a speech to the Franklin County Republican Party, he said the Affordable Care Act is "not Obama's plan; it's Hillarycare."

It was quite a sequence ... but for a governor seeking re-election next year or of someone thinking bigger?

"Always in politics people are trying to assume what your ulterior motive is. I have no ulterior motive," Kasich said when asked about his day. "My motive is to get the federal government in a place where my daughters can have a good life, and secondly I do want to see health-care reform, just not the health-care reform we have."

Kasich has been asked about his presidential aspirations numerous times as national news outlets and pundits continue to mention him as a possible 2016 participant, and he always says he's just focused on being governor.

But it was hard to see where Democrat Ed FitzGerald, Kasich's likely challenger for governor next year, fit onto Kasich's radar yesterday -- even though it was also the day a complaint filed by FitzGerald against Kasich and JobsOhio was dismissed by the Ohio Ethics Commission.

Ohio Democratic spokesman Matt McGrath said, "With the state ranked 47th in job creation (from June 2012 to June 2013) and his signature program, JobsOhio, mired in scandal, I'd say John Kasich is having a rough few weeks in the crucial swing state of Ohio."

The Wall Street Journal wrote that "more than any other leading Republican, Gov. Kasich is using his perch to promote a blend of conservative orthodoxy leavened with liberal policies meant to help the poor, the mentally ill and the uninsured" through items such as his proposed Medicaid expansion.

Should Kasich win re-election next year, he could "provide his party with its most extensive model for a softer brand of conservatism," the Journal wrote.

"This is a very important thing for our party to demonstrate," former national GOP chairman and Romney for President adviser Ed Gillespie told the Journal.

Kasich seemed to channel those thoughts in his remarks to Franklin County Republicans, when, in a speech packed with new material, he said that "our job as a party is to repair the world in which we live."

He used a portion of that speech to explain his push to force Congress to balance the federal budget.

He will work with the GOP-controlled Ohio legislature to pass a resolution for a national constitutional convention. If 34 states call for a constitutional convention, it would take 38 states to ratify a balanced-budget amendment, according to Kasich's office.

Last year, the federal government sent $18.4 billion to Ohio -- money that surely would be affected if Congress balanced the federal budget.

Kasich, who was U.S. House Budget Committee chairman when the federal budget last was balanced in the late 1990s, said the country's $17 trillion debt is why he is seeking action.

"It threatens to swallow us up," Kasich said in his speech. "America has become a debtor nation. The Chinese have become a lending nation."

Kasich already had presented a mixed front on health care before yesterday. For most of this year, he has pushed for a federally funded expansion of Ohio's Medicaid program, with billions provided under Obamacare.

He also has been generally critical of President Barack Obama's law, and Kasich's campaign recently circulated an online petition to "Stand Up Against Obamacare."

But tying Obamacare to Hillary Clinton, who is a favorite to win the Democratic nomination in 2016 if she runs, was a new one for Kasich.

Clinton's failed attempt at a health-care overhaul as first lady in the early 1990s did have an employer mandate with similarities to Obama's law.

But it did not include an individual mandate for insurance coverage, which is the signature piece of the Affordable Care Act.

"What I have said about Obamacare is right, but I am the guy pushing Medicaid expansion, so try to figure me out," Kasich said.


By Joe Vardon - The Columbus Dispatch, Ohio

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@ CC:

Here's two for you:

"Nem de gelt" (Take the money) - Henny Youngman.

"Nothing says you love me quite like cash." - Original with me.

Capital flight? The fact that there are fewer banks on Main st. and the shuttered factories are IMO clear signs.

Cliff Cannon

@jas: As usual, I've been enjoying your comments here. May I add these tidbits ? Nixon's shocking to decision to take us off the gold standard in Aug.1971 has to rank extremely high, I think in any economic disaster discussion.

Obviously, he wanted to inflate his way out of the cost of the Vietnam war. The Federal Reserve even taught us to think: " inflation is good " So borrow today, inflation will make you money on those loans, even better you'll pay back those loans, with money that has LOST value due to again our new buddy--inflation.

Of course,this mantra worked until it didn't. Even worse in my view are the effects of " Nafta " & " Cafta " because these laws legislating away American jobs, are down right treasonous in my view.

Naturally, they accomplished there purpose. Because as you note Wall St. seems to benefit every time Washington does anything. So instead of having one billionaire to stare at ( Howard Hughes ) like we had when I was a kid. We've got almost as many billionaire's as we do empty factory's. ( I wonder if there is a correlation ? )

Bottom line for me: It matters not which party holds the White House, because it took both to make the economic mess we have and I sure as hades won't hold my breath counting on either one to straighten it up


Re: "It matters not which party holds the White House,"

"Let me issue and control a nation’s money and I care not who writes the laws.” - Mayer Amschel Rothschild


Congress gave up it's Constitutional power to "coin" money and ceded it to the Federal Reserve.

Therein lies your answer on where the REAL power in the U.S. lies.

Within your wallet (hopefully) will be found "Federal Reserve Notes" backed by the full faith and credit of the U.S. govt.

The Govt. does not issue money, the Federal Reserve does - they are NOT one and the same.

Cliff Cannon

@ Contango : If a Rothschild doesn't know who controls a nations money,who does ?

P.S. Your preaching to choir here, my friend regarding the Federal Reserve


Re: "Your preaching to choir here,"


Interesting piece by Martin Armstrong that you may enjoy:


Have a GREAT DAY!!!

Cliff Cannon

@ Contango: I read a few of Mr.Armstrong's essay's and found them amazing ! I added his page to my 'favorites ' and will not only read his comments often. I will urge others to do so as well.

Here is one very interesting thought from him : " When we set aside the nonsense of Democrat & Republican (Left v Right) politics and we look at this issue through the unbiased eye of facts, what emerges is the demonstration of how stupid society really is. About 70% of the total outstanding national debt did not go to help the poor, but it goes to pay interest on the borrowing "

Say's it all,doesn't it ? Great day to you my friend


How about we get to the crux of the problem shall we? The President doesn't control the purse strings, Congress does. It is a duty deligated to them in the Constitution. This leads us to the one common denominator in all this deficit spending, Democrats. Here is the list of who has controlled Congress and the deficit spending since Lyndon Johnson.
Johnson- Democrat Congress
Nixon- Democrat Congress
Ford- Democrat Congress 2 out of 3 years
Carter-Democrat Congress
Reagan- Senate 6 out of 8 yrs Democrat, House Democrat
Bush Sr- Democrat Congress
Clinton- 6 out of 8 years Republican Congress (note only time budget was balanced since Johnson was when Repubs controlled both chambers)
Bush Jr.- 2 out of 8 yrs House controlled by Democrats. 4 out of 8 yrs Democrat Senate (note Dems were in control of both chambers when the economy took a nose dive).

The common denomonator is Dem controlled Congress=Deficit spending.

Kottage Kat

Trying to stay on topic
Thoughts on Taft and Strickland? ??
I equate them to the mess that was inherited by the current gov.
Contango know I can count on you


She will make Monica Chief of The Staff and that will keep Willy the liar busy.I wonder if she will give nuclear data to Iran for campaign funds like Slick did to China !If I were all of you I would be more concerned with Syria, Russia,China and Bozo.He will have us involved to draw attention from his lack of leadership.Rumor has Russian Warships and Chinese have permission to go thru the canal.


I never have relied on RUMORS!


Kasich is the best the GOP can do? Heaven help us all!


Ask the families of the over 6000 young men and women who died, and the 40 thousand or more amputees and other injured soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq how long we can blame Bush..Putting two wars on a credit card and leaving trillions for Obama to try to pay WITHOUT any help from congress. Why, I am sure because he is biracial. My only hope is one day this country will stand together as Americans and think and do what is best for all people, but I am sure it won't be in my life time. Remember we are not born knowing prejudices, we are taught.


It is not the color of his skin,it has nothing to do with race.It is is black heart and hatred for the Constitution he swore to protect.Do some study on his background and who he really represents.


Yea heck let's keep talking about Johnson,Kennedy and Nixon for over,what 58,000 casualties.How about,Korea,let's blame Harry.Where are the Japanese and Italian Americans running around screaming racism.They put them in camps.No matter what you say about this Bozo someone has to bring up race.I think he is a nice looking black person half white and could have been our greatest pres.if he had been a real American as you want !


Why not just a good looking man? Why the black and white? Think about it. I think your afraid to have a women come in who could possiable clean house.

Good 2 B Me

Kasich would insure the Dem's win in 2016. He has hurt Ohio so bad. I have lived here my entire life and I am sad to see what has become of a once proud state. We have a huge mess in our state that is no where near fixed. So if Governor Kasich wants to run away from the State instead of taking care of it, feel free! It just kills me how people like him get into this positiion to begin with! Seems like the Politicians just get worse and worse. Sad.


..."he has hurt Ohio so bad."

How so?

We went from an 8 billion deficit to back in the black, I think he's done what he said he would do. Depending upon who is in the running, he is one of several I'd vote for the nominee.


I think you need to go back t school and learn more history and math.


You better move because you must have been asleep the last administration.


47th out of 50 states in job creation? I lost respect for Kasich when he wanted to close Wright Patterson Air Force Base when I was stationed there in the 90s.


Re: "he wanted to close Wright Patterson Air Force Base,"

Reads absurd.

Got any proof?


"Where's my BJ".....Hillary's 2016 slogan.


Re: "Hillary's 2016"

And VP Biden is just supposed to roll over for the Queen? LOL.



Until you people realize that no matter whom you vote for from any party from any "picked" candidates, all you are doing is adding gas to the fire.

These people do not care about you and I. Hillary Clinton is out to ensure her legacy and make more money. Period. You people on the left that cry out about 1%er.....well what the hell do you think Congress is filled with......ELITE 1%ers. No matter what side, or what affiliation, THEY DO NOT CARE ABOUT AMERICA. They all have agendas and will do anything and everything to achieve it.

There are a lot of smart people who cannot lead by example and Congress and this white house is FILLED to the roof with them.

America is a fried and is starting to blacken at the edges. Its only a matter of time until we are a burnt piece of trash that nobody wants anymore.

Worry about your family, your friends and helping in your local community. The rest simply does not matter anymore.