Child care center leader concerned about sexual predators

Local administrator speaks with council about three individuals and asks for legislation.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Aug 19, 2013


Sherry Edwards, administrator of the New London Community Child Care Center, spoke to council recently about sexual predators.

Edwards said there are three such people in the community and she is concerned for children. She gave council information about the topic and asked for legislation on the matter.

 "Protecting our children is a priority," Police Chief Mike Marko said. The police department is "aware and watching," he added.

A story about New London's council meeting was published recently in the Norwalk Reflector.



swiss family

good for you , Sherry Edwards.... it is too bad that other communities do not fight this like you are doing... I know in Norwalk , someone went to the school Superintendent and even told him to look up the sexual predators map, (listed through the Sheriffs dept website) and told him how many sexual predictors are living along the main arteries going to and coming from the local schools... This person told the "Super" that if we really are adamant to protect the children, as we say we do, then why not have the Sheriffs dept make a map, marked where the predators live, along with pictures of the predators, after all if we do not give them this information, how can they protect themselves...the Super told him he would check with the Police Chief, and see what they can do... and you know what has been done.???? NOTHING... so Parents Please do NOT let your kids go to school with their names, either first or last, stitched onto any of the clothes... children are innocent, Predators are devious.. they will call the child by name, and confuse the child, they will think if they know their names.. they are really NOT a stranger... this is dangerous...of the person was also told that they might put that kind of bulletin board in the teachers lounge?????? is it the teachers we are trying to protect?? or is it the students???