Sue Goodsite rehired by Norwalk City Schools

Norwalk administrator will collect her retirement plus a "reduced rate" of $99,900 to serve as assistant superintendent for one more year.
Joe Centers
Aug 15, 2013


After 35 years of service, Sue Goodsite isn't quite ready to call it quits.

Goodsite, who recently retired, was re-hired as assistant superintendent at Tuesday's Norwalk City Schools meeting.

Goodsite was re-hired at a reduced rate of $99,900 on a one-year, 240-day contract effective Sept. 1 through Aug. 31, 2014.

"There are a lot of things happening this year with curriculum so she is going to come back and help us for one year," Superintendent Dennis Doughty said.

Doughty said along with getting ready for a new school year, it's time to start thinking about passing a 1.25 percent earned income tax on the November ballot.

"We've had so many special meetings," he said. "It was a very interesting summer, and then some.

"We'll be pulling our levy committee together and hit it hard. 1991 was the last operating levy passed in the city of Norwalk. There is just a need for some added revenue for the schools.

"When people see their taxes go up and up, it's not because of new levies by the schools."



You hired her back for $99,900 AND she will collect retirement (which she is entitled to), BUT you then want to raise my taxes? Someone tell me how this works.


Reminds me of Pelosi and her ilk, they apparently think we're too stupid to see this waste of money for ourselves


And you want us to approve more taxes in November? What world are you people living in? Do we really, really need an assistant superintendent? Do we need a super at each school district when we used to manage well with one county super? Just what is a principal for anyway if you need all these supers? Do we need assistant principals?
Seriously! You want more of my money, even though you receive federal, state, local, and lottery funds in addition to my taxes and yet it still isn't enough?

Scranton Tibbs

$99,000 "reduced" 240 day contract. Schools are broke from gross MISMANAGEMENT. And the school boards wonder why levies won't pass...


I remember this chic from when my kids went to pleasant...yikes! Thank God my kids don't go there anymore.


OMG how will they live ?Probably not a good article to run !


Good for her and NCS.

Sue has always been a great leader and left a postive impact in all her doings.


If you are going to retire...then retire. Let someone else have a job! I'm tired of all the double dipping in the public sector which keeps others from moving up and still others from even getting into the workforce after college. And I still want to know who came up with the crazy idea that those who get paid from the public tax rolls are entitled to retire after only 30 years of work while the rest of us have to work another 15+ just to keep their sorry butts and all the while hoping that social security is going to still be there when we retire. This is what really needs to change!


And how much do the actual EDUCATORS make? Priorities are so out of whack in the educational system. Shameful.


For salaries of all Ohio public teachers and other employees.


$416.25 per day. $52.03 p/ hour on 8 hour day.


Deny working people a decent wage......this is wrong.


Ok, she retired and collects a pension, great. Now she is double dipping and getting paid $99,000.00 for a year. Please tell me Norwalk School Board, how do you sleep at night? And you want to increase my taxes......screw off. It is time to remove all of you out of your positions. Norwalk School Administration, did you ever wonder why the State tried to pass Senate Bill 5? You are your own worst enemy. It is time to rethink Senate Bill 5. The same thing is going on at the HCSO. The sheriff has rehired all of the guys who retired so they could double dip. This is complete bull........

swiss family

thank you "cooker" for the eye opening breakdown... seriously does the school board believe that we will support anyone in any "vice" position when they are making OVER $50.00 an hour???? Like I have said before. I think that TEACHERS have a really tough job.. and they deserve every penny that they make... Now on the other hand I believe that the "Super" deserves the money he makes ONLY if he does NOT have a highly paid (by our tax dollars)Vice to help him do his job

I really think that there are very few positions where a "vice" position is needed..I also hope that everyone noticed and read in today's paper , all of the teachers who were laid off who were called back... I have to believe it is in anticipation of the Levy passing... I would warn the School Board, NOT to count your chickens just yet...


She should be ashamed of herself.


Why should she be ashamed of herself?? If you were offered this contract would you decline it and say "Oh no, that is too much money...." Let me guess, Liberal? Yeah, I thought so, you can't stand it that someone has become more successful than you and you think they should be "ashamed" of themselves, HA!

With that being said, I am sensing something fishy here. Like a cover-up of some sort..... I do not know for sure, and I'm just thinking out loud.... Either way, not a good idea at all, terrible mismanagement of the budget!!!


That's the most ignorant post I've seen on here in months. Congrats on this month's Darwin Award.

be for real

Wonder why they dont have money to run the schools, Boo hoo when they have to lay off some of the help because people wont vote to pay more taxes


Vote no on school taxes!this is just one reason why!


Thank you Norwalk City School Board, you've made up my mind in regards to the levy request.


So, She has 35 years of service, and likely a Master's Degree. And everyone thinks she should be making minimum wage. SMH.


I have over 25 years with a Master's too, but I never made over 100k a year, took retirement funds, then back for another 100k a year, so what is your point? I (we) are still taxpayers who not only contributed to her retirement fund but are now contributing AGAIN to her employment, all the while NCS are asking me (us) for more money! Get it now?

betrump're jealous that someone is doing better than you? That's what it sounds like. Perhaps she's more qualified for the job than you are. Get it now?


Not jealous, ticked off is more like it. Tired of you and your union bleeding me dry of my hard earned tax money. It is never enough. We pay in full/part for your salary, health benefits, retirement, and so forth while you keep asking for more. And now double-dipping. You can kiss my behind before I willingly give you people any more.


Your taxes are lower now than they've ever been in your lifetime. You want decent teachers? You want nice roads? You want fire and police protection? Pay your darned taxes and quit whining.


That's it? That's why we should say OK TAX ME MORE? That is all you got?
I don't mind paying taxes for those services, what I do mind is paying too much for UNNECESSARY services and/or for a system that will not live within its means. How about YOU pay for my share since you think this assistant position is so worthwhile?


Sue Goodsite, You go girl, take the money and laugh all da way to da bank!! Now NCS is stupid enough to pay this retired women $99,000 more of our money, NCS just cut there own throats, now that cat out of the bag, tax payers will watching you like a hawk and forget any future taxes increase's.


Totally unnecessary position....yet we keep it, at the expense of the taxpayers, while they cut the lower employees on the pay scale in order to say the budget has been reduced.

swiss family

@ Thomas Jefferson... I totally 100% agree with you... instead of the school board actually approving a couple of job cuts at the top heavy top... they pretend to get rid of part time employees... only to rehire them soon after, so they can boast that they Have made cuts and they can't cut any more.... ad they still can't make ends meet so, Please, Please taxpayers give us more of your money that You don't have so that we can waste it by padding the top level with high salaries... Come on School Board.. I hope you can see the writing on the wall... and get real, and make some serious cuts at the TOP level...I mean really... between the Super, and the assistant Super we are spending close to a QUARTER OF A MILLION DOLLARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! how about addressing that issue before you spend our own money to beg us for more of our money....


Or better yet, how about we get rid of all the educators, and teach our kids at home? Lets see how you brainiacs can manage THAT. Our country is already one of the dumbest first world countries in the world. Lets make it worse by refusing to pay a decent salary to anyone willing to dedicate their life to it. Instead, lets let CEO's of the new corporate Charter Schools, Inc make 15 million a year, because, well, that's the free market!