Sue Goodsite rehired by Norwalk City Schools

Norwalk administrator will collect her retirement plus a "reduced rate" of $99,900 to serve as assistant superintendent for one more year.
Joe Centers
Aug 15, 2013


After 35 years of service, Sue Goodsite isn't quite ready to call it quits.

Goodsite, who recently retired, was re-hired as assistant superintendent at Tuesday's Norwalk City Schools meeting.

Goodsite was re-hired at a reduced rate of $99,900 on a one-year, 240-day contract effective Sept. 1 through Aug. 31, 2014.

"There are a lot of things happening this year with curriculum so she is going to come back and help us for one year," Superintendent Dennis Doughty said.

Doughty said along with getting ready for a new school year, it's time to start thinking about passing a 1.25 percent earned income tax on the November ballot.

"We've had so many special meetings," he said. "It was a very interesting summer, and then some.

"We'll be pulling our levy committee together and hit it hard. 1991 was the last operating levy passed in the city of Norwalk. There is just a need for some added revenue for the schools.

"When people see their taxes go up and up, it's not because of new levies by the schools."



Decent salary? LMAO, have you checked out the website yet? 60, 70 80, 100 grand for about 9 months work, including a big fat retirement pension and full health care. Get over yourself, you and your union can shove it sister.


Big fat retirement pension? Full health care? Where are you getting your "facts"? As for their salary, teachers earn every penny of it. If you think it's such an easy job, why don't YOU try it?


Didn't say it was easy, but neither was my job or anyone else's. But they are paid well for annual hours worked and the bennies cannot be beat (most of us could only dream of those bennies).

Point is: don't ask for more of my tax money for programs and positions I feel are not necessary.

Don't ask me for more money when I feel you don't live within your means.

Don't ask me for more money when you could drop several high paying assistant and vice jobs. Keep it in perspective!


I'm curious how the Norwalk School Board voted on this? Anyway, I can't wait to vote NO on the levy now. We need to get rid of all 5 of them and start fresh.


I remember this woman when I was in school. I remember her being a very cold hearted mean teacher who stood around in the halls talking about whose mom or dad was who. I bet the kids she taught were happy to see her go. I hate that someone as cold hearted as her is still in the school system.